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TechIgniter,technology startup accelerator


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About Us

At TechIgniter, we passionately help (provide seed-fund and sensible advice) technology focussed startups (that create products and intellectual properties). Our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you create technology products that can potentially change the world.We are focused on helping startups in sectors of internet, mobile, e-commerce.

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TechIgniter,technology startup accelerator

  1. 1. About UsAt TechIgniter, we passionately help (provide seed-fund and sensible advice) technologyfocussed startups (that create products and intellectual properties). Our mission is to helpentrepreneurs like you create technology products that can potentially change the world.We arefocused on helping startups in sectors of internet, mobile, e-commerce.Get startup cashWe fund your initial costs. Get upto $12,000 per IDEAGet adviceWe help you with the necessary technology and programming infrastructure and lots of sensibletechnology, product placement, marketing and branding advice.Get acceleratedWe provide you all the necessary resources to build a good prototype and help you acquire yourfirst few customers. Successful technology startups should always be lean and efficient. Ouraim is to help you achieve profitability early without raising multiple rounds of funding. 1. Applications: Web/Enterprise 2.0, BI/data/analytics, mobile 2. Technology: internet, mobile 3. Customers: SMB through Fortune 500 4. Location: remote / mysore 5. Founders: well-rounded founder teams >1 person, demonstrated understanding of entrepreneurship, relevant technical and business knowledge 6. Capital: needing seed capital to support living expenses while bootstrapping, can make efficient use of limited capital, would generally be planning on self/angel/customer financing as a next step coming out of the programWe LoveLean startups - We love startups that bootstrapOpen Source - We believe in creating great technologies using open source tools like php,MySQL, ruby-on-rails, perl, python etcLAMP platform - We have special love for the lamp platformSocial Media - We believe that social media is the single greatest revolution after the television
  2. 2. PeopleSaikat Ghosh, Co – FounderSaikat is a Technology Entrepreneur for last 10 years. Currently he is the CEO of ValleySpeakInc. He is a Technology product enthusiast. His technology experience revolves around buildingLinux “soft-appliances”. An unique way to spread Linux in the Small and Medium businessmarket is to make “soft-appliances”.In the past he has worked at Sun Microsystems, IBM, Ipsilion Networks / Nokia, Make Systems,Case Central.SpecialtiesSoftware, Open Source, Strong interest in Linux, Extreme Programming, Technology Startups,Disruptive Technologies, Offshore DevelopmentDeboprio Ghosh, Co – FounderDeboprio has been an Internet Entrepreneur from an early age of 18. He dropped out of collegeand started his first company; Spicea Technologies Pvt Ltd. A software consulting firm thatimplemented Open source technology solutions like CRM and Project Management for multipleclients in India and abroad.He has immense experience creating Marketing and Product placement strategies forTechnology and Internet Start-ups. Deboprio has directed several software product launches,new version releases. He is a firm believer in Technology companies that create products and
  3. 3. has been involved in the development and placement of technology products like Tracknet,ValleySpeak Project Server and Taskera. He has also been actively involved with several otherInternet startups, advising them on technology and go-to-market.Technically, Dave is a LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl/PHP) programmer with keeninterest in Lexical Parsing and Graphic Analysis.SpecialtiesInternet Marketing, Go-to-Market startegies, Channel Marketing, Social Media Marketing, BuzzMarketing, Internet Brand Creation, Internet reputation Management, Competitor Tracking,Product Management, Business Intelligence The Program1. Funding, typically at the seed level2. Company founders are small teams with technical backgrounds3. Each team/plan is supported for a 3-6 months4. Education programme focusing on ● business advice ● product advice ● technology advice5. Networking programme to meet and/or contact other investors and advisors6. Office space, whether free or subsidised ApplyApplication processStep 1: Email us your IDEA ( 1-2 page summary) :Step 2: if you are selected for the next round, we’re going to want to meet you.we seek ?We seek passionate entrepreneurs with technology driven ideas. We DO NOT care aboutproven team, business model or past experience. We care and respect ethics, integrity and
  4. 4. entrepreneurial passion.