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Mytimeguru.com Providing Training for Time Management,Team Building,Presentation Skills,Personality Development, Spoken English,Leadership Skills,Communication Goals Setting,Execution by Tushar Vakil Mytimeguru.com Providing best training for Time Management,Getting Things Done,Getting Things Done GTD,HR Training,Time Management Skill,Time Management Training,Time Management Quotes,Time Management Seminar,Time Management Tools,Time Management Techniques.

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Time Management Training

  1. 1. HYPERLINK " http://www.mytimeguru.com/" Time Management, Time Management Techniques, Time Management Tools, Time Management Seminar, Time Management Quotes, Time Management Training, Time Management Skill, HR Training, Getting Things Done GTD,HR Training<br />Read this and let it really sink in...then choose how to start your day tomorrow...Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in agood mood and always has something positive to say. Whensomeone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, " If Iwere any better, I would be twins!" He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a badday, Michael was there telling the employee how to look on thepositive side of the situation.Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up toMichael and asked him, " I don't get it! You can't be a positiveperson all of the time. How do you do it?" Michael replied, " Each morning I wake up and say to myself,'Mike, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in agood mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood.' I choose tobe in a good mood." Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victimor I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it." Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose toaccept their complaining or I can point out the positive side oflife. I choose the positive side of life." " Yeah, right, it isn't that easy," I protested." Yes, it is," Michael said. Life is all about choices. When youcut away all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choosehow you react to situations. You choose how people will affectyour mood. You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. " Thebottom line is: It's your choice how you live life." I reflected on what Michael said. Soon thereafter, I left the tower industry to start my own business. We lost touch, but I often thought about him when I made a choice about life instead of reacting to it.Several years later, I heard that Michael was involved in aserious accident, falling some 60 feet from a communicationstower. After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care,Michael was released from the hospital with rods placed in hisback.I saw Michael about six months after the accident. When I askedhim how he was, he replied, " If I were any better, I'd be twins.Wanna see my scars?" I declined to see his wounds, but did ask him what had gonethrough his mind as the accident took place. " The first thing that went through my mind was the well being of my soon-to-be-born daughter," Michael replied. " Then, as I lay on the ground, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live or I could choose to die. I chose to live." " Weren't you scared? Did you lose consciousness?" I asked.Michael continued, " The paramedics were great.They kepttelling me I was going to be fine. But when they wheeled meinto the ER and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctorsand nurses, I got really scared. In their eyes, I read 'He's a dead man.' I knew I needed to take action." " What did you do?" I asked. " Well, there was a big burly nurseshouting questions at me," said Michael. " She asked if I wasallergic to anything. 'Yes,' I replied. The doctors and nursesstopped working as they waited for my reply. I took a deepbreath and yelled, 'Gravity.' Over their laughter, I told them, 'I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead'." Michael lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude. I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything!-- <br />Tushar Vakil<br />Our Misssion Our mission is to assist individuals and organizations in enhancing their productivity while reducing stress, by creating lasting change through intensive hands on training workshops on time management and personal organization. LIFE CHANGING TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS GUARANTEED !Dear HR Manager / Senior Manager / Business OwnerToday, in a globally competitive business environment, companies are under constant pressure to do things cheaper, better and faster. The fast pace of change - new products, new markets, new customers, new technology, make it necessary for employees to constantly upgrade their skills. Let us give your employees world class tools, techniques and training to not only survive but thrive in today's competitive and global business environment. Well trained and motivated employees are your best assets.What does 20% more efficient and motivated workers translate into financial terms? If you have 10 employees or senior staff members with a salary of 5 lacs or more, 20% more efficiency will turn into Rs 10 lacs in increased productivity, in just the first year!Salary20% more efficiency 10 employees50 employees1 lac per yearRs 20,000Rs 2 lacsRs 10 lacs2 lacs per yearRs 40,000Rs 4 lacsRs 20 lacs5 lacsper yearRs 1 lacRs 10 lacsRs 50 lacsAnd that is just the first year! Think about the lifetime benefits of 20% more efficient and highly motivated workers. Plus the benefit of increased morale and less employee turnover. The return on investment in training is many fold.BEST THINKING AND PRACTICES USED WORLDWIDE BY MANY OF THE FORTUNE 500 COMPANIESWe at MyTimeGuru.com, conduct 2 day workshop titled " Best Practices in Time Management & Personal Organization" This includes the best thinking and practices in Time Management and Personal Organization, used by many of the Fortune 500 companies to manage multi billion dollar enterprises. It is hands on training that can be conducted at your premises or at any conference facility. We will arrange everything for you.OUR TRAINING COMES WITH TOTAL SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!if you are tired of training that doesn't get you results - relax! Our workshops come with a money back guarantee! Yes you read it right. After the first day of our 2-Day workshop, if you are not delighted with it, we will refund all fees charged except forfacilities cost or incidentals like travel etc. No questions asked.PERFECTLY DESIGNED PLANNER PAGES -3 MONTHS SUPPLY IN AATTRACTIVE TAB DIVIDED BINDERWe provide 3 months supply of perfectly designed planner pages and review of the principles learned, in an attractive tab divided binder. You can start using and customizing YOUR planner to suit YOUR work DURING the workshop itself. A Rs 2000 value21 DAY FOLLOW UP BY EMAIL TO ENSURE HABITS THAT HOPEFULLY WILL LAST A LIFETIMEAnd that is not all. We want our training to become a lifelong habit. As research has shown, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Even after the workshop is over our commitment doesn't end. We want you to use your planner and learn new ways of thinking on a daily basis, till the time they become a habit. That is why we will follow up with you via email, for 21 working days after the workshop is over. You will get tools, tips and motivation daily via email for 21 working days. We will work with you till you form habits that will last a lifetime. Value of this in Rs. is priceless!CONTINUE LEARNING WITH 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP TO MEMBERS ONLY AREA OF OUR WEBSITEAgain that is not all. We will give you 1 year membership to our website's exclusive members only area. You can brush up on the skills learned during the workshop anytime during the year. You will get more tools, tips and articles to continue learning and mastering yourtime management and personal organization skills. Rs 2000 value. For more details, download the brochure in PDF format, attached to this email, or visit our website today at MyTimeGuru.com or call us for a no cost or obligation consultation of how ourworkshop can benefit your organization.<br />Salary Increase<br />One day an employee sends a letter to his boss to increase his salary!!!Dear Bo$$In thi$ life, we all need $ome thing mo$t de$perately. I think you $hould be under$tanding of the need$ of u$ worker$ who have given $o much $upport including $weat and $ervice to your company.I am $ure you will gue$$ what I mean and re$pond $oon Your$ $incerely, Norman $oh  The next day, the employee received this letter of reply:Dear NOrman,I kNOw you have been working very hard. NOwadays, NOthing much has changed. You must have NOticed that our company is NOt doing NOticeably well as yet.NOw the newspaper are saying the world`s leading ecoNOmists are NOt sure if the United States may go into aNOther recession. After the NOvember presidential elections things may turn bad.I have NOthing more to add NOw. You kNOw what I mean. Yours truly,Manager<br />==================<br />Easy is to get a place in someone's address bookDifficult is to get a place in someone's heart<br />Easy is to judge the mistakes of someoneDifficult is to recognize our own mistakesEasy is to talk without thinkingDifficult is to refrain the tongueEasy is to hurt someone who loves usDifficult is to heal the wound...Easy is to forgive othersDifficult is to ask for forgivenessEasy is to set rulesDifficult is to follow them...Easy is to dream every nightDifficult is to fight for a dream.....Easy is to show victoryDifficult is to assume defeat with dignity...Easy is to admire a full moonDifficult to see the other side....Easy is to stumble with a stoneDifficult is to get up...Easy is to enjoy life every day.Difficult is to give its real value..Easy is to promise something to someoneDifficult is to fulfill that promise...Easy is to say we loveDifficult is to show it every day...Easy is to criticize othersDifficult is to improve oneself...Easy is to make mistakesDifficult is to learn from them...Easy is to weep for a lost loveDifficult is to take care of it so you wont lose it.Easy is to think about improvingDifficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action....Easy is to think bad of someoneDifficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt...Easy is to receiveDifficult is to giveEasy is to keep friendship with wordsDifficult is to keep it with meanings<br />20 Rules in any office1. Rule 1. - The Boss is always right.2. Rule 2. - If the Boss is wrong, see rule 1.3. Those who work get more work. Others get pay, perks, and promotions. 4. Ph.D. stands for " Pull Him Down" . The more intelligent a person, the more hardworking a person, the more committed a person; the more number of persons are engaged in pulling that person down.5. If you are good, you will get all the work. If you are really good, you will get out of it.6.. When the Bosses talk about improving productivity, they are never talking about themselves.7. It doesn't matter what you do, it only matters what you say you've done and what you are going to do.8. A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the butt.9. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.10. The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get.11. If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it...12. When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.13.. Following the rules will not get the job done.14. If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.15. Everything can be filed under " Miscellaneous" .16. No matter how much you do, you never do enough.17. You can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work you are supposed to be doing.18. In order to get a promotion, you need not necessarily know your job.19. In order to get a promotion, you only need to pretend that you know your job.<br />20. The last person that quit or was fired will be held responsible for everything that goes wrong.<br /> HYPERLINK " http://www.mytimeguru.com/" Manage Your Time or Manage Your Energy?<br />One of the most overlooked aspect of managing time is managing your energy level during the work day. A perfectly prioritized plan for your day, will not do you any good if you don’t <br />have the energy to execute your plan. Do you have problem waking up to go to work on a Monday morning? Do you feel tired and sleepy in the afternoon especially after lunch? Do you <br />just drag yourself through the end of the day and then go home and just sit in front of the TV for a couple of hours? Most people usually work at only half the efficiency in the afternoon <br />as they do in the morning. We gulp on coffee or tea, or sugary sodas to give us an energy boost. They do provide temporary energy boost but it wears off really fast. There is a better <br />way to keep your energy level at the max throughout the day and work at your peak performance. Professional athletes have to train and perform at their peak level on a regular basis. <br />They follow a strict regimen to achieve that. Here are some of the things that you can do to maintain your energy level for peak performance –<br /> 1. Get Enough & Regular Sleep<br /> The right amount of sleep required differs from person to person. But for most people, between six to eight hours of sleep is sufficient. Sleeping less hours than what is the right <br />amount of sleep for you, will make you tired and less productive during the day. It also helps to sleep and wake up at regular times daily, including weekends. Staying up too late and <br />waking up late on weekends will disturb your sleep cycle and make you tired during the day. <br /> 2. Deep diaphragmatic breathing & Stretching<br /> Three to four times a day, stand up and do simple stretching exercises. Stretch your arms, legs, neck and back. After that, do some deep diaphragmatic (belly) breathing. Our <br />normal breathing is too shallow and doesn’t deliver enough oxygen to all the cells of the body. Consequently you feel tired. Deep belly breathing uses your diaphragm, the muscle <br />separating your abdomen from your lungs. You direct your breath to lower abdomen, and your stomach goes in and out as you breathe. Deep belly breathing gives you a boost of energy <br />and calms your nerves both at the same time. Get into the habit of stretching and deep breathing at least three to four times per day, preferably six times daily. <br /> 3. Exercise Regularly<br /> Regular exercise has immense benefits. It improves blood and oxygen circulation, improves cardiovascular health, improves mood by release of endorphins etc. Athletes have only one <br />third the rate of cancer as compared to the general population. So have a regular exercise plan of at least 20 minutes a day of aerobic activity. In addition, find opportunities to get a <br />quick exercise during your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, par the car a block away and walk to the office, stand up and walk around in your office, have a stand up <br />meeting instead of regular sit down meeting, and even take the meeting to a nearby park on a beautiful winter day. <br /> 4. Eat Six Small Meals a Day consisting of high<br /> Foods have different glycemic index, which is the measurement of how fast they get digested and converted into blood sugar. Simple carbohydrates like sugar get digested very fast <br />(low glycemic index), give us a quick energy boost and then an energy crash and we feel hungry again. On the other hand foods rich in fibre, complex carbohydrates, & protein have a low <br />glycemic index and take a while to get digested. So you get hungry less often. There is no food you can eat that will provide you energy for more than four hours. Our traditional eating <br />habits emphasize on three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the perspective of managing your energy well, this is not a good plan. You will be full after meals and probably <br />drowsy. Later you will be too hungry and may end up eating a large meal. It is better to eat six small meals a day consisting of fibre rich foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), protein <br />rich foods (lean chicken, lentils, low fat dairy products) and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, oats). The quantity of each meal should be accordingly reduced. So you will eat same <br />amount of food that you would normally eat if you ate three meals a day. The type of foods you eat will have to be changed also to include low glycemic complex carbohydrates and <br />fibre and protein rich foods. However it worth making these small changes as it will do wonders to your energy level throughout the day. <br />Making these small and inexpensive changes will help you work at your peak level throughout the day. Your productivity will increase as you will have more energy and be able to work <br />more efficiently. In order to manage your time well, you will have to manage your energy level so that you can perform at your best. <br />