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Entertainment celebrity news


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Entertainment celebrity news

  1. 1. News Page 1 of 38 August 2, 2011- Anand Bhatt Mobile App! Anand Bhatt Offers Free Smartphone App For Hit Song "Kitna Pyar." Following the success of the songs "Kitna Pyar" and "World Keeps Turning" in . clubs worldwide, and being named on the Desh Videsh list of the most successful Indian-American celebrities, Anand Bhatt has released a new "Kitna Pyar" FEATURED application for everyones smartphones and tablets. The application will work on . any smart mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android etc. and can also be used via any HTML5 browser (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari). The best part, Sonic Wave International the application is FREE for everyone. Entertainment The app is hosted by Songpier, a German service from the startup Pierlane, and centers around the Anand Bhatt song "Kitna Pyar" which has both English & Hindi lyrics and was engineered by a Bollywood music producer - the first of its kind to get aired & requested on U.S. radio. The new app allows Anand Bhatt fans to not only stream the song anytime, but Sex Poetry #1 Doctor Palmer also read lyrics, biographies, news and more. Other features allow fans to New $15.99 download Anand Bhatt’s single on iTunes & Nokias Ovi, assign the song as Best $15.99 their ringtone, and share via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, Xing, Email, and Addthis. Quick 1-2 in Austin Ryba Anand Bhatt, ... New $16.99 The new Anand Bhatt "Kitna Pyar" app can be found directly at: Best $16.99 The Underground Hog B Strong Celebrity music star Anand Bhatt has recently been busy with the opportunities New $15.99 Best $15.99 from a successful year which include endorsements, an animated music video premiere, hitting international radio charts, around the globe travel, getting Neighborhood Hustler... inducted as a voting member for the Latin Grammy Awards, supporting the Simply Mr. Marvelous Smiles Charity, and doing song collaborations with stars worldwide including New $15.99 Spanish pop idol Veronica Romeo and Vietnamese rap star Ha Okio. Best $15.99 The Second Coming Songpier is the ideal provider to be chosen for the exciting new Anand Bhatt Various Artists-Th... "Kitna Pyar" application due to their support of music and their universal mobile New $15.99 Best $15.99 WebApp running on Smartphones and Web-Tablets out of the box. . August 1, 2011- SWI Itunes Widgets! Introducing iTunes Widgets for your favorite Sonic Wave International music! iTunes is now offering a widget builder tool that allows you to customize and Privacy Information easily integrate into your blogs or websites. Multiple widgets are available with differing functionality, including Album Discovery which showcases a single album from any Sonic Wave International artist you choose, and iTunes Search which allows users to search the iTunes store without leaving the page. More information and instructions can be found on the Apple website: HERE 8/5/2011
  2. 2. News Page 2 of 38 5 6 3 4 . July 7, 2011- Animated Anand Bhatt Premiere! Anand Bhatts new club and radio hit "World Keeps Turning" premieres its video in animated form. 8/5/2011
  3. 3. News Page 3 of 38 YouTube and Myspace Music Host Online Premiere of Anand Bhatt’s "World Keeps Turning" Music Video. to Follow. From the moment Anand Bhatt’s “World Keeps Turning†danced through the radio airwaves and the club scene, his fans worldwide have been eagerly and anxiously waiting for the music video debut of the hit single. The wait is finally over and YouTube ( WORLD KEEPS TURNING VIDEO) and Myspace Music premiere the epic video, which features the pop star in full HD animated form. “World Keeps Turning†is the second single from Anand Bhatt this year since he earned both the Gold and Platinum record awards. The video will also air on, iTunes, and other networks so fans can view it over and over again right away. Both singles "World Keeps Turning" and its 8/5/2011
  4. 4. News Page 4 of 38 predecessor "Kitna Pyar" will continue to be heard on dancefloors and radio around the world. “Seeing myself in animated form is pretty exciting,†Anand Bhatt said about the “World Keeps Turning†video in an interview about the song’s submission for Paul Van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions. “Cartoon Anand can do all sorts of cool things that I’d like to learn, like teleport from The Eiffel Tower to Staples Center in a flash.†Catchy, cute and wildly entertaining, this visually stunning animation masterpiece features real dance moves choreographed for the characters. Anand Bhatt also designed his own iconic outfit featuring a gold shirt that matches his new Dragonfly Guitar, a gift from the Parker Guitars Company. This is far from your typical music video. Since debuting onto the music scene, walking the GRAMMY Red Carpet, and breaking platinum record sales, Anand Bhatt has consistently entertained and inspired. This year alone he has been blessed with a book deal, awards, and several endorsements. Released on May 30, 2011, "World Keeps Turning" is the follow-up to the popular Anand Bhatt song "Kitna Pyar" Anand Bhatt has said that the video for “World Keeps Turning†captures the message of the song ideally in that it helps solidify the notion that no matter what goes on in the world, we can keep on keeping on with a smile on our faces. In the new video, Bhatt’s on-screen chemistry is exemplified by his ultra cute animated self and transforms the song from a popular dance floor gem to a raw and explosive piece of art to be reckoned with. Anand Bhatt’s music and videos are available at all major retail locations such as iTunes, Myxer, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Audio Jelly, and Myspace. Anand Bhatt keeps in touch with his fans via twitter and on his Facebook Fan Page (ANAND BHATT FAN PAGE). Youtube and Myspace’s rich histories of providing audiences with the latest breaks in entertainment and pop culture make them the perfect venues for this incredible, jaw-dropping premiere. . July 6, 2011- Disc On Demand! Sonic Wave & Amazon. Sonic Wave International is pleased to announce our expanded relationship with the Amazon Disc On Demand service in the US. If you are not aware of Amazon DOD, in a nutshell, it takes the digital album files we already deliver and offers customers the option of purchasing a CD. All of the research shows that the results do NOT cannibalize digital sales, but instead are incremental sales for labels and artists because of the sizable consumer base that has yet to convert to “digital†. . June 2, 2011- Kitna Pyar #25! Platinum selling rock star Anand Bhatts new single "Kitna Pyar" debuted at #25 on the radio charts. The song was produced in Bollywood and is available worldwide at your favorite digital retailer. 8/5/2011
  5. 5. News Page 5 of 38 . June 1, 2011- Monkeysoop Nation! Monkeysoop works it. Sonic Wave International recording artists Monkeysoop get featured this month in Rocknation Magazine. Monkeysoop also recently did a stellar performance with Japans legendary rockers Loudness. Fans can keep a lookout this fall for the upcoming new album! 8/5/2011
  6. 6. News Page 6 of 38 . May 3, 2011- Spanish Idol Veronica Romeo & Anand Bhatt! Platinum selling stars Anand Bhatt & Veronica Romeo aid Japan relief with new single. The awaited duo song "Contigo O Sin Ti" was released in april to great acclaim. Fans all over the world have shown their love and support. This week Veronica & Anand are raising money for the British Red Cross with the sales of the new single. Feel free to give your 99 cents @ 8/5/2011
  7. 7. News Page 7 of 38 . May 2, 2011- Sonic Wave Comedy! Sonic Wave International launches new COMEDY division. As a rival to Roadrunners DOUG STANHOPE, Sonic Wave makes a bold move and signs the new Netflix star RAJIV SATYAL! Satyal (like Russell Peters, Arj Barker, Vidur Kapur, Ahmed Ahmed and others) is one of the rapidly rising comedy superstars seen on TV, Live worldwide, and heard on the radio. SWI plans to release over 40 episodes of Rajivs audio show off the bat, with a DVD and Live CD production under works. Welcome to the team, Rajiv. Sonic Wave International Comedy can be viewed here: . April 8, 2011- Season 2 of Middle of Reality begins! Anand Bhatt & Rich Schrader soon to wrap another season. Season 2 of the crazed comedy TV show "Middle of Reality" starring Anand Bhatt & Rich Schrader has been under production and is soon to air. Keep your eyes out, because this season involves marriages with inanimate objects, mistaken identity, ghost hunting and more! . April 7, 2011- SWI Goes to the CLOUD! 8/5/2011
  8. 8. News Page 8 of 38 Sonic Wave International titles are well positioned in the Amazon Cloud. Amazon is the first of the high profile music services to launch a cloud solution. Amazon announced their Cloud Player & media locker service last week, and officially took the lead in the race to the cloud. In short, Cloud Player is a web-based music service that lets people upload and store music from their personal collection as well as music purchased from AmazonMP3, and listen to it through a web browser or Android phone. Sonic Wave International titles are available from and compatible with the Cloud Player and they will soon be available and playable through Googles and Apples (iTunes) upcoming services. . March 7, 2011- Anand Bhatt Sets Out To Save Mexico! Anand Bhatt Teams up with Simply Smiles. This month Sonic Wave International Recording Artist and platinum selling star Anand Bhatt started an endorsement deal with Simply Smiles coffee in an effort to help impoverished children in Mexico. Anyone can help Anand and Simply Smiles by spreading the word at this link: . March 6, 2011- GRAMMY Block Party during SXSW ! Catch Sonic Wave Celebrities and Other Stars in Austin. . February 3, 2011- 8/5/2011
  9. 9. News Page 9 of 38 Happy Chinese New Year From Anand Bhatt! Anand Bhatt Finishes Successful Asia Tour. After months of music & fun, Anand Bhatt is soon to return home to the U.S. to being work with Ryba from Anand Clique on their new duo acoustic album in Austin, TX. They hope to wrap up in time for SXSW. . February 2, 2011- Digital Sales Kick Ass in Europe! BPI recently reported on digital sales in the U.K. The reports show notable success of digital downloads over other media. With respect to all companies, Here are the percentages of digital sales in each genre: Dance 20.3% Rock 18.3% Urban 17.9% Pop 14.1% New Age 13.7% Folk 13.4% World 12.0% Spoken Word 11.5% Reggae 11.1% Soul 11.1% Country 11.0% Blues 10.9% Jazz 10.3% Classical 8.7% MOR / Easy Listening 7.8% Children’s Audio 6.1% Misc 1.0% . January 2, 2011- SWI Streaming! Streaming services and partnerships from around the globe have shot up to provide a record number of sales and promotion already. Now set to soon replace 8/5/2011
  10. 10. News Page 10 of 38 the need for any radio play, streaming of Sonic Wave International music and movies are not only providing ground breaking exposure of Sonic Wave titles to both existing as well as new fans, but thanks to ad-sharing, streaming is also providing a substantial source of revenue. Much like how digital media replaced CDs, it appears that soon streaming will completely eliminate the need for radio promotion and be a focused income source as well. . January 1, 2011- Pappaow 2011! Sonic Wave International closed off another successful year, and 2011 has already proven to be successful with new contracts, new relationships and new revenue streams. We look forward to continued and successful service to the fans! December 2, 2010- Russian Hottie Bianka Russian superstar Bianka signs new publishing and release deal with Sonic Wave. Check out her sexy videos on YouTube :) December 1, 2010- New Retailers New Retailers Sign up to Carry Sonic Wave Titles! : As if all retailers didnt carry Sonic Wave titles already, we congratulate the following new retailers for joining the industry: * Media Net Video * ATT OTA * Orange * Zunior * Mufin . November 2, 2010- The Domination Continues Universal Music Group Distribution Expands its Relationship with an SWI Distribution Arm! : Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD), the award-winning sales and marketing division of Universal Music Group (UMG), has expanded its relationship with one of Sonic Wave Internationals distribution arms. The deal includes the distribution of all mobile products on behalf of all of UMGD’s major and distributed labels. This expands the services and the responsibility for the distribution of all mobile products including ringtones, ringbacks, games, video, streaming, wallpapers and other various mobile applications, for UMG’s wholly-owned major labels including Interscope Geffen A&M, Island Def Jam, Universal Motown Republic Group, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Decca Label Group, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) and Universal Music Group Nashville, among others. . November 1, 2010- Good Morning Vietnam! Anand Bhatt and the Saigon International Music Festival! : 8/5/2011
  11. 11. News Page 11 of 38 . October 2, 2010- Anand Bhatt Goes Platinum Congrats to Sonic Wave Recording Artist Anand Bhatt! : Anand Bhatt went certfied Platinum in Norway & Sweden. He received his award this week. Dont forget to grab Anands latest album and catch him on world tour this winter! Anand Bhatt Platinum Record Award . October 1, 2010- E-Z Album Comes Out Hard! Sonic Wave International Recording Artist E-Z! : Keep your eyes peeled for the music 8/5/2011
  12. 12. News Page 12 of 38 video launch showing off Sonic Waves newest artist E-Z. The video for the first single "Gettin My Money" is airing now, and the album is available through all major download and ringtone retailers. Check out this Behind The Scenes video of THE MAKING OF E-Zs MUSIC VIDEO: the making of "gettin my money" E-Z | Sonic Wave Intl . September 1, 2010- The Expansion Continues Sonic Wave International launches new print publishing division! : SWI officially announced the launch of their new print and digital publishing division, Sonic Wave International Books. Distribution has been secured with all major book retailers as well as the delivery of digital eBook content worldwide Sonic Wave International retail network for music, film and now books is quickly expanding; some of the new approved retailers for book distribution are Apple, Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Currently, the Sonic Wave International Books catalog focus covers multiple genres including education, children’s, thriller, fiction, nonfiction, memoir and young adult. . August 5, 2010- Rock Star Recipes Major Companies choose Sonic Wave for Endorsements! : Anand Bhatt fans rejoice as he announces the release of his upcoming book "Rock Star Recipes." Anand interviews can be seen everywhere from the Cooking Channel to Readers Digest to Clean Eating. Keep your eyes peeled for this awesome release! Alongside the release Anand has struck an open relationship with renowned Tea retailer Teavana as one of his official teas of choice. A line of Anand Bhatt signature hot sauces will also hit stores! Other companies that have teamed up with celebrity are Pacsun, Washburn Guitars, and Mexicana Airlines. "Its strange that as entertainers were competing against athletes for the same endorsements," said Anand Bhatt on Twitter. He added, "Lebron James is scooping up all the contracts lol. Im really lucky to be able to promote Mexicana Airlines as my airline of choice for Latin American travel because I actually do fly with them when I can. Plus, I love the spicy peanuts they serve - How often do you get to compliment airline food?" Anand Bhatt has also teamed up Multi- Platinum Spanish pop star Veronica Romeo to release a new song for their fans. This sexy duo hopes to be able to perform the canta at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards. 8/5/2011
  13. 13. News Page 13 of 38 . July 3, 2010- Latin Grammys Congrats to Anand Bhatt & More! : Sonic Wave Internationals Anand Bhatt has become the First Indian-American to be inducted into the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Anand is now a voting member for the Latin Grammys. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for the new duet single with Anand Bhatt and Multi-Platinum Latin Diva Veronica Romeo! In other news, SWIs frontline music videos will be aired on VEVO, the web’s leading premium music video and entertainment service. Sonic Wave International joins majors Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music in distributing and providing music fans with professionally-created, high-quality video programming to VEVO. . June 9, 2010- Asian Domination Over 1.2 Billion Served! : Sonic Wave International is now reaching more than 1.2 billion mobile customers across Asia through distribution partnerships with top mobile operators and licensors in China, Japan, Korea, India, and the Middle East. In Japan: agreements have been launched with Music.JP, Music Airport, & Label Mobile (a mobile-content provider owned by leading Japanese record labels). In The Middle East: Viva, which provides SWI Content to top mobile operators like Orange, Vodafone, and Mobinil. In Korea: NeoWizBugs supplies content to SK Telecom and third-party mobile music sites including Bugs, Melon and Dosirak. In China: China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. In India: Vodafone, Air Tel, Reliance, and BSNL. In total, over 1.2 billion mobile users in the Asian mobile market. According to IFPI, the number of mobile subscriptions in Asia surpasses its number of Internet users by 464%. . May 1, 2010- Anand Bhatt Charity Anand Bhatt, Animal Rescue, and God Forbid! : Anand Bhatt has managed to significantly increase donations to the Humane Society with his new Animal Rescue charity. Last week thousands of fans flocked to help Anand close down puppy mills and save the lives of animals injured in the Gulf Oil spill. You can also help support Anands Animal Rescue at Also in related news, God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle has teamed with Anand Bhatt for a new duo project. Keep posted for updates! . April 4, 2010- REsin & Halestorm & SXSW New Video From Resin & Halestorm OUT! : 8/5/2011
  14. 14. News Page 14 of 38 Also! Both Winter and Monkeysoop have returned from South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. Monkeysoop had a great show sharing the stage with rock icons Bang Tango. Winters new album to be released this summer! . March 1, 2010- iPhone Apps! Sonic Wave and Rdio : Sonic Wave International gains distribution into Rdio. This service, founded by Skype creators, will launch in the United States in the first half of 2010 and will allow users to stream music via subscription, as well as purchase a la carte downloads. The Rdio iPhone app has already launched! There are many more articles online (and to come) about this start-up. Sonic Wave is happy to be a part of their launch! . February 2, 2010- Back from the GRAMMY Awards! SWI on CBS : Sonic Wave International rocks the Grammy Awards again. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards proved to be the most entertaining and action packed awards yet. Will Anand and Taylor Swift become a couple? Are Dave Mustaine and Arturo Sandoval slated to work on Sonic Wave projects this year? All will be revealed in the upcoming Grammy Behind The Scenes DVD that will hit major retail this quarter. In the meantime amongst all the fun, Sonic Wave also signs new deals with Pandora and other radio and retail outfits worldwide. The universal domination continues. 8/5/2011
  15. 15. News Page 15 of 38 Anand Bhatt & Patton Oswalt Grammy Red Carpet . January 1, 2010- Halestorm and Resin Sharing the Stage! HAPPY NEW YEAR : The new year starts off right! Sonic Wave International signs east coast rock outfit RESIN, and to kick off the new year and new release you can catch them live in Providence, Rhode Island this January 2nd on stage with HALESTORM. Keep checking back at the SHOP section of to get your VIP copy of RESINs debut album - To Be Released shortly after the GRAMMY AWARDS! Tune in to see us on the red carpet on CBS this January 31st. . December 6, 2009- Anand Bhatt and DJ Milan in The DR! Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : DJ Milan and Anand Bhatt will be making appearances this month in Santo Domingo. The "fun-in-the-sun" musical team will be taking us into the next decade for a series of New Years parties and public appearances youll cherish til the next millenium! When they return be sure to catch Anand Bhatt appearances on Showtime and at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on CBS in January. . November 10, 2009- Tony Hawk RIDE! Were so proud of Vince : Sonic Wave A&R genius Vince Scalabrino has been producing and helping design the new gaming masterpiece: TONY HAWK RIDE! For those of you that havent seen the ads on TV, the game boasts an amazing real skateboard control module! Best of all, of course, Tony Hawk Ride has a killer music sountrack!! Kudos on a job well done Vince! . October 2, 2009- Sonic Waves Universal Expansion Continues! Announcing New Retailers in the Network : 24-7 Entertainment, Starzik and Peoples Music Store are now added to the Sonic Wave International network of retailers; strengthening SWIs position as one of the top labels worldwide. The recent deals also include distribution and marketing relationships with a variety of partner stores affiliated with the retailers. White label service provider 24-7 Entertainment, powers a number of sites including MediaMarkt (Germany), CDOn (Scandinavia) and TDC Play (Denmark). Starzik is the 5th ranked legal downloading service in France and works with multiple retail stores in other European markets such as ebaymusic (Spain) and fnacmusic (Belgium). Peoples Music Store offers a unique "people powered" music download service for customers to create their own individual stores. 8/5/2011
  16. 16. News Page 16 of 38 . September 1, 2009- 2010 GRAMMY CONSIDERATIONS ANNOUNCED! Congratulations Once Again to Sonic Wave International Artists : Check out the following confirmed 2010 Grammy Considerations for SWI releases. BEST ROCK SOLO PERFORMANCE Anand Bhatt - Under Life BEST DANCE RECORDING DJ Spoon Justice - Down Below (Girl Talk Mix) BEST ROCK ALBUM Anand Clique - The 8th Day BEST CONTEMPORARY WORLD ALBUM Sitar Music - T.I.N.R.S. BEST METAL PERFORMANCE Anand Clique - Lamb of God See you at the Awards on CBS this January! . August 6, 2009- From Business Wire! Sonic Wave Expands Already Strong Footprint in the Marketplace : One of Sonic Waves distribution channels announced that it has formed comprehensive marketing, distribution, and services partnerships with National Lampoon, IndiePix Films & Independent Film Sales. With these collaborations, SWI expands its robust and global footprint in the film and video marketplace, an increasingly important vertical in its successful entertainment portfolio. National Lampoons initial titles will include Bagboy, with Dennis Farina, Larry Miller and Brooke Shields, and Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo, a jam band mockumentary by renowned Primus superstar Les Claypool, with appearances by Mike Gordon (Phish), Warren Haynes (The Allman Brothers Band), Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), South Park creator Matt Stone, and Seth Green. Sonic Wave International is already a leading force of music in the world. Now, drawing from its ubiquitous channel reach and marketing capabilities, Sonic Wave is becoming a growing force in the marketing, distribution and audience development for film and television. . July 11, 2009- Hot New Videos Hit The Air! ANAND CLIQUE & SUG: Hot new videos hit the air this month from Sonic Wave International recording artists Anand Clique (Album "The 8th Day") and SUG (Album "It Takes 4 Ever") 8/5/2011
  17. 17. News Page 17 of 38 . June 4, 2009- Universal Growth Continues! Welcome new retailers/stores and ringtone publishers to the Sonic Wave Family: Musiwave, Telefonica OTA, Telstra (Big Pond), Junketboy, Spotify, UMG RMS, UMG Standard Test, LastFM, ShockHound YouTube Music. . May 5, 2009- Hot New Releases! Feliz Cinco De Mayo: 3 Hot New Anand Clique Releases on their way! (eat your heart out Prince Lotusflow3r)! . April 4, 2009- SWI, NBC, The NBA, and THE WORLD! Announcements That make us Proud: Were proud to announce that last weekends performance from Sonic Wave International Recording Artist 800 the Jewell during the 8/5/2011
  18. 18. News Page 18 of 38 pregame show of the Denver Nuggets vs. the Utah Jazz at the Pepsi Center was a hit! Were also proud to annunce the exciting new stores and mobile operators added to The Sonic Wave network: Hulu: Hulu is a joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corp that offers commercial- supported streaming video of TV shows and movies. It is currently the fourth most popular video site in the US (Washington Post) and is free to the user. Territory: US Telenor/Aspiro:Telenor is a major international wireless carrier that is introducing a new co-branded music store for full tracks. This service will offer full track downloads to mobile phones and PCs, and dual downloads to both. Territory: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia & CIS, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand Decoder Muzique: Based in Spain, Decoder Muzique is a niche download store that specializes in dance and electronic music. Territory: Spain Amazon Germany: Amazon MP3 Music Service expands into Germany with 5 million DRM- free songs, from all genres, available for purchase. Territory: Germany Virgin Mega: Virgin has opened Megastores all over the world, and the Virgin brand has become one of the most recognizable on the planet. Territory: Worldwide! . March 11, 2009- MySpace Music Launches with SWI! Sonic Wave Shines Through MySpace: Thew new fast track retail project from social networking Moguls MySpace launches as MySpace Music. Sonic Wave International is one of the very few elite labels to be represented. Sonic Wave International Artists now automatically get paid for ad-supported music streams. Furthermore, has tied itself into MySpace Music so Sonic Wave International Amazon sales have the potential to double as a result. . February 6, 2009- Sepultura joins in on SWI Fun again! Hot Performance in Brazil: The stage was lit with Sepulturas Andreas Kisser and Sonic Wave International recording celebrity Albert Marsicano from the Grammy considered act TRIO MARSICANO. A great start to 2009 indeed! Check out some footage from the concert below and watch them jam out to "Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)." DONT FORGET TO PICK UP THE GRAMMY CONSIDERED ALBUM HERE! - - - 8/5/2011
  19. 19. News Page 19 of 38 . January 3, 2009- The Expansion Continues! 2009 has already proven to be great for Sonic Wave International and its artists: We are already proud that Sonic Wave is one of the ONLY labels that didnt suffer losses in 2008! As the economy took a downturn for most companies worldwide, Sonic Wave stayed profitable and continued its universal growth. We are pleased to announce that Sonic Waves distribution house has brought on a new Senior Vice President for INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION who will be in charge of managing existing retailer relationships, forging new partnerships and handling label relations internationally! The new SVP, International has several years of experience with some of Europes and the Worlds top companies in music and royalty distribution. Congrats again Sonic Wave and the Artists of the SWI family! Heres to another great year and an even greater one on the rise! See you at the GRAMMYs in Feb! . December 12, 2008- More Universal Domination! Sonic Wave International Gets an Even Larger Expanded Distribution Scope:Sonic Waves distribution leg announced a partnership with U.K. digital music store provider 7digital. Under the deal, music from SWI artists will be sold via the network of over 1,000 new digital properties powered by the company in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Portugal. . November 11, 2008- Sonic Wave and TiVo! Sonic Waves Universal Domination Continues:Sonic Wave International motion picture titles are now available to TiVo users. Make sure to check the SONIC STORE for the latest DVD/Blu-Ray/TV releases! On the album sales side, SWIs distribution partners have acquired some assets of TVT Records, a venture that will help expand earnings for all Sonic Wave Artists and Shareholders. CONGRATULATIONS SONIC WAVE! 8/5/2011
  20. 20. News Page 20 of 38 The results are in! With sales at an all time high compared to other labels, Sonic Wave can now boast as being the #1 Label in the united States for 3rd Quarter! Sonic Wave International beat out all the other major labels in terms of Return on Equity and Return on Invested Capital. The economy is good in Sonic Waves camp! . October 2, 2008- MySpace Music, Facebook & New Retailers! Sonic Wave International strikes New Deals with Retailers: Sonic Wave International is the first independent successfully to reach an agreement with MySpace Music. The labels distribution channels have forged a strong partnership with the MySpace Music executive team, secured aggressive ad-share rates for Sonic Wave Artists, and expect to be an important MySpace Music partner and thus, an effective advocate on behalf of the labels artists over the long term. Sonic Wave has also secured future retail space & distribution for its artists and titles with (Facebook), Groove rocket,, YouTube, DailyMotion & Joost. Also Thanks to the lobbying effort of SWI label execs, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), along with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and the Digital Media Association (DiMA), together with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA), announced their agreement on INCREASED mechanical royalty rates for online music services that offer on-demand streams and limited downloads. Sonic Wave International artists now officially have the capacity to make more than their Sony Bmg/Universal/Warner Brothers counterparts! . September 2, 2008- Cover of Metal Maniacs! Sonic Wave International Extreme Metal Artists Satans Host Hits Fans Hard Satans Host fans rejoice as they see their favorite Sonic Wave band on the cover of this months issue of Metal Maniacs. If you havent already, go to iTunes (or your favorite store) and grab yourself a copy of their hit albums "BURNING THE BORN AGAIN" and "SATANIC GRIMOIRE". . August 11, 2008- Lil Jon Joins the Network. Lil Jon openly shares and welcomes Sonic Wave Internationals distribution partners!Lil Jon, the "King of Crunk", is a multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning recording artist, producer, brand guru and record company mogul. He, along with his group The East Side Boyz, helped usher in the "dirty souths" crunk movement, selling in excess of 12 million records in the U.S. alone. As a superstar producer, Lil Jon has produced some of the biggest hits of the past decade, including Ushers "Yeah" and Ciaras "Goodies," along with his own smash songs "Get Low" and "Lovers & Friends". Lil Jon markets his own energy drink with Crunk!!! Energy Drink; his own wine, Little Jonathan Wineries; has a multi-pronged endorsement and brand agreement with Oakley that includes his own limited edition sunglasses, Lil Jon Zero; and has acted as a spokesperson and product endorser for Heineken and Subway Restaurants. Lil Jons BME Recordings is the label home of Gold and Platinum recording artists E-40, Lil Scrappy, Trillville, Crime Mob and others. . July 5, 2008- New Movie Releases from Sonic Wave. Buy them/Rent them on DVD and Blu-Ray Today! 8/5/2011
  21. 21. News Page 21 of 38 . June 2, 2008- IN ELEMENT Tour Dates Announced! Get Ready Europe: Sonic Wave International, GRAMMY considered, recording artists In Element have confirmed the dates for the 2008 European Tour. Get your tickets now! 21/10 Barcelona - TBC 22/10 Madrid - Ritmo y Comps TBC 23/10 Sevilla 24/10 Malaga - Vivero TBC 25/10 Lisboa Cineteatro Corroios 26/10 Braga Junta Freguesia Panoias 27/10 Vigo (La Fbrica de Chocolate) 28/10 Leon TBC 30/10 Bilbao - SANTANA27 31/10 Palencia - Carabel 01/11 Bordeaux - Heretic Club 02/11 Paris TBC 03/11 (FRA) 04/11 (FRA) 05/11 (BE) 06/11 Rotterdam(NL) - Baroeg ( 8/5/2011
  22. 22. News Page 22 of 38 07/11 Berlin (DE) - K7 ( + Todtgelichter, Thorngoth, Panychida 08/11 Bitterfeld (DE) - Festung 09/11 Waltershausen (DE) - KUFA 10/11 Oberhausen (DE) - Helvete Metalclub 11/11 Hamburg (DE) - Marx 12/11 (DE) 13/11 (DE) 14/11 Munchen (DE) - Titanic City 15/11 Thun (CH) - TBC 16/11 Ravenna (IT) - Bronson Club ( More Dates in the UK will be added. . May 3, 2008- Winter Sweeps Television. Sonic Wave Intl Taking Over the Networks: Check out Sonic Wave International Recording Artist WINTER on the following shows this season: MTV Road Rules MTV Real World Oxygen Network BAD GIRLS CLUB MTV My Super Sweet 16 MTV Human Giant MTV The Hills LIFETIME Americas Pyc. Challenge ETV Keeping Up With The Kardashians MTV Life of Ryan . April 2, 2008- Universal Music Group and S.W.I. Sonic Wave Intl Continues its Industry Domination: The balance of power clearly shifts towards Sonic Wave as the other Majors start needing distribution help. It is with great pride that we announce an exciting new alliance with Universal Music Group (UMG). Today, we have officially announced that we benefit as part of a strategic alliance with UMG. The alliance involves a substantial investment in Sonic Wave International and a multi-year Content Services Agreement with our distributors to manage the distribution of UMGs audio and video releases to online and mobile outlets around the world. The major players have always been interested in S.W.I. However, Sonic Wave was not for sale. We felt strongly committed to maintaining our independence, knowing that it is our innovative business model that sets us apart from the competition; with this in mind, UMG and our distributors were equally dedicated to our maintaining this entrepreneurial spirit. The new alliance will help us with our industry domination and existing platform and continue the expansion of our digital offerings to buyers. This will allow Sonic Wave Artists opportunities that werent previously available, and that are not available form any other label. For example, coordination with UMG on our respective online and mobile retail deals will result in better rates, better placement and more direct mobile relationships. With our additional resources there will now also be an even Greater opportunities with our international presence (as if we werent worldwide enough :D) via more retail channels and targeted marketing of our Artists. . March 14, 2008- Steve Gray, Snoop Dogg, and Showtime 8/5/2011
  23. 23. News Page 23 of 38 SWI artists continue to rise to the top: Steve Gray tour launches April 7th. The hot Sonic Wave International artist and 2008 GRAMMY attendee will be playing all spring and summer. Some of the shows youll be able to catch him performing are opening for Snoop Dogg, and performing live on Showtime television as the opening spot before a major heavy-weight boxing event (stay tuned for more details)! In the meantime, grab Steve Grays album "Shades of Gray" for your player here! . February 3, 2008- Winter S. Asian Tour and Writers Strike and GRAMMYs SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS - its great to be heard: There are lots of benefits and powers when working for Sonic Wave, from the ability to reach fans across the world to influencing a major hollywood writers strike. SWI recording artist Winter launches their S. Asian tour this week with two sold out shows in Singapore! Make sure you check out their new album WHITE GOD MACHINE and keep your eyes peeled for concert tickets for when they return to the U.S. GRAMMYs: The Writers Strike will not affect the Awards thanks in part to the many petitions and requests we signed. The WGA has agreed not to picket the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Make sure to keep your eyes on the red carpet to see Sonic Wave International represented by Anand, Steve Gray, Jam Band the Grateful and more on CBS next Sunday. . January 1, 2008- State of the Union Sonic Wave has beat the major label competition again, and this was commendable considering it was a difficult year for all record labels. The Sonic Wave Family is very proud! All though stories about the impending end of the record business as a whole had made headlines throughout 2007, and our competitor labels sales are down more than 15%, Sonic Wave sales are up over 30%! Why? The reason is the industrys focus to digital media. Other major labels were slow to move away from physical CDs. Sonic Wave was quick to push releases digitally and the company and the artists as a whole were very successful because of it. Again, Sonic Waves insistence on being on the cutting edge of distribution has pushed us to the top. GRAMMYs: Sonic Wave continues to be a major force in Grammy voting and having Grammy considerations. We will be seen and represented on CBS at the 50th annual GRAMMY awards this Feb, 10th 2008. TV and FILM: 2007 proved some great success in television and film production for Sonic Wave, not just in providing music, but in producing our own shows and film projects. We will continue this focus through 2008 and provide for more casting opportunites for popular Sonic Wave artists as well as expand our avenues to the public to include online, digital, and HD shows and movies. . December 9, 2007- Paramount Pictures and Winter ! The Big Screen loves Sonic Wave: Paramount Pictures is in current talks with lead singer and guitarist Maneesh Sharma (Winter) to pick up his latest movie "God Machine." The movie is part of the cross promotion for Winters latest album release WHITE GOD MACHINE. For you fans in S.E. Asia, hold tight - Winter will be departing from the states and touring your corner of the globe in early 2008! VIEW the White God Machine e-card HERE . November 10, 2007- 8/5/2011
  24. 24. News Page 24 of 38 Kurupt hits the big screen AGAIN ! DAYS OF WRATH with Taye Diggs, Laurence Fishburne, Faizon Love & KURUPT: The lives of rival gang members, a teacher, a TV news crew and other intertwine in the city of Los Angeles in the new major film by Celia Fox, DAYS OF WRATH (set to hit theaters in 2008). Kurupt stars in this flick alongside Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Taye Diggs, Faizon Love, Ricardo Chavira (Depseperate Housewives, George Lopez), and others. Just this year Kurupt has also starred and made appearances on Celebrity Rap Superstar, Half Past Dead 2, Tha Dogg Pound Reunion Tour with Snoop Dogg, VICE, BETs Beef, and a Talent For Trouble. Be sure to check out Kurupts latest GRAMMY considered single RIGHT HERE . October 11, 2007- 50th Annual GRAMMY Considerations Announced! Congratulations to Sonic Wave Artists: Sonic Wave International does it YET AGAIN! Congratulations to our 50th Annual GRAMMY Considered Artists: Artist: Total Dicks Title: America Category: #1: Record Of The Year Artist: Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Title: Booyeroz Tribe Category: #34: Best Rap Song Artist: Goa Trance Title: Goa Trance Volume 1 Category: #13: Best Electronic/Dance Album Artist: Ikant Singh Title: 1001 Indian Sardarji Jokes Category: #80: Best Comedy Album Artist: Just Joe Title: The Best of Just Joe - Episode 1 Category: #13: Best Electronic/Dance Album Artist: Kurupt ,Jayo Felony Title: West Coast Category: #32: Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group Artist: Shree Ramananda Title: Classical Indian Jazz on Guitar Category: #75: Best Contemporary World Music Album Artist: Total Dicks Title: With or Without You Category: #16: Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal Artist: Total Dicks Title: Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa - Ma Ya Hi) Category: #17: Best Hard Rock Performance . September 7, 2007- PROJECT WUJUD 8/5/2011
  25. 25. News Page 25 of 38 Sonic Wave Bolsters another Major Motion Picture Hit : Sonic Wave Singapore releases this quarter a compelling and award shoe-in film PROJECT WUJUD. Aside from the soundtracks theme song being a new hit from S. Asian Hip-Hop superstar SPHINX, the movie itself will shake the new world as we know it. Project Wujud has been dubbed as "Singapores Greatest Horror Film of All Time!" Synposis: A team of ghost hunters have captured REAL ghosts to prove the existence of them, and amazing revelations are to be had by all who watch it - Believers or Not (In Malaysian with English Subtitles). . August 3, 2007- 3 AWARDS! Asking Alexandria is KICKING EURO-ASS: Sonic Wave International Artist ASKING ALEXANDRIA is up for three AAA music awards (Best rock band, Best photoshoot and Best Overseas act). They have also been added to the huge UK No One Gets Out Alive tour. Definitely check out your favotire Asking Alexandria tracks and vote for them at MUSIC INFINITY. 8/5/2011
  26. 26. News Page 26 of 38 . July 11, 2007- Beyonce, Destinys Child Producers and Writers join Sonic Wave! Welcome Playhouse to the Sonic Wave International family: The production duo of Playhouse is best known for their works Beyonce "Dangerously in Love pt. 2" - Missy Elliot "Pussy Cat" - Baby Bash "Early in the Morning" - Tamia "Cant no Man" and "Long Distance Love" and Destinys Child "Emotions" and "Dangerously in Love pt. 1." Check out their music in the major films CHARLIES ANGELS, DOT, & BARBERSHOP 2. Playhouses new project under the name PLAYHOUSERAGE is set to hit stores soon. . July 3, 2007- Pete Yorn & Winter! Coming this August: Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A. - Sonic Wave International recording artist Winter will share the stage with Pete Yorn. Get your tickets now! Also, take a free listen to Winters music HERE - the new album WHITE GOD MACHINE! . June 3, 2007- SEPULTURA & Allerjen! Launches 4th of July: Sonic Wave International rock acts will hit their UK tour hard with Sepultura starting this Fourth of July! Dont be the one left behind that hasnt picked up their new album "Surrender and Be Destroyed!" - You can take a listen to the entire album RIGHT HERE . May 1, 2007- Sonic Wave Artists in Commercials Sonic Wave Artists are the new choice for Spokepersons, Content, and Branding: Thanks to a new agreement with HIP DIGITAL, the leading company that creates and delivers custom-branded loyalty programs for 3rd party clients, Sonic Wave Artists are more than just top selling music makers. 8/5/2011
  27. 27. News Page 27 of 38 The music industry is rapidly converging with advertising partners to develop promotional programs that reward consumers for engaging with brands. Hip Digital has quickly become the digital music partner and delivery platform of choice for promotional services - says President of Hip Digital. Hip Digital (and now Sonic Wave International) is represented to the advertising industry by AWE, a division of Omnicom. Some recent participants in such advertising: Pepsi CMT Music Store eSounds Nissan Ernst & Young SXSW HMV - Norah Jones . April 4, 2007- Kurupt to Tokyo Asian Domination: New singles from Kurupt, Boo-Yaa Tribe and Knoc-turnal scheduled to hit Japan this quarter! Asian fans rejoice and keep your ears open in the clubs! Fans worldwide starting today can now check their favorite stores and providers for new downloads and ringtones. . March 4, 2007- MUZAK Distribution Expansion ! 400,000 Radio Stations: Sonic Wave International/Distribution Partner has launched a groung-breaking licensing and marketing alliance with Muzak to help transform retail music points into radio stations reaching 100 million listeners per day! They will play music from Sonic Wave Artists and expose new customers to Sonic Wave International music. . February 11, 2007 - Cradle of Filth Photographer and Designer Asking Alexandria: Cradle of Filth photographer and designer, Stu Williamson, helps out by handling the new photo shoot for Sonic Waves hot up & commers ASKING ALEXANDRIA (formerly End of Reason). This hardcore band is currently a top band in Dubai and is soon to be all the rage in the U .K. Album release in the U.S. to come this year.! . January 6, 2007 - Sonic Wave and YouTube, Ludacris and Justin Timberlake The Expansion Continues: 2007 has already proved to be a lucrative year so far! Sonic Wave has joined with YouTube to bring you a brand new viewer-controlled channel to Sonic TV! You can also catch Sonic Wave Artists this month and Feb. performing live with Ludacris and Justin Timberlake! . December 12, 2006 - EMI Ringtones, BMG Columbia House, and Musical Movements Yet more ways for SWI Artists and Investors to get paid: Year End 2006 is GREAT! 8/5/2011
  28. 28. News Page 28 of 38 Weve prepared our ammunition for 2007! Sonic Wave International renewed its agreement with EMI for Mastertones and Ringtones. EMI will continue to provide ringtones and mastertones of Sonic Wave International Artists to all major phone and device providers! Sonic Wave International has entered into an agreement with BMG Columbia House to ensure that compositions distributed through their record clubs are licensed. Sonic Wave International authorized the licensing of imported musical movements manufactured by the Nidec Sankyo Shoji Corporation, a company located in Tokyo, Japan, and its approved sub-licensees (Sankyo Brand Musical Movements). A musical movement is a mechanism that produces sounds for use in music boxes and other devices. . November 1, 2006 - SWI GRAMMY Considerations Announced! WE DID IT YET AGAIN!: PROOF - YEAR AFTER YEAR That we are the TOP Major Independent Label in the business! Congratulations to all Sonic Wave Artists that made the ballot for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. GRAMMY CONSIDERATIONS CLICK ON ALBUM IMAGE TO HEAR YOUR OWN COPY! A&A Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal Knoc-turnal feat. Shaft Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group The Fith Syndrome Best Hard Rock Performance - for "self-inflicted" Anand Clique Best Hard Rock Performance - for track SUPERGROUP Total Dicks Best Rock Album = "Dont Say the F Word" AND 8/5/2011
  29. 29. News Page 29 of 38 Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal Eugen Balinisteanu Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album ! In Element Best Metal Performance Levi Levi (of Pigface and Thrill Kill Kult) Best Rock Instrumental Performance The Bhagavad-Gita: 3 CD SET Best Spoken Word Album QuiVaH: LIVE (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About QuiVaH) Best Long-Form Music Video Trio Marsicano SITAR HENDRIX: Marsicano Sitar Experience (A World Music Tribute to Jimi Hendrix) Best Contemporary World Music Album . October 2, 2006 - Kurupt on new BET series! 8/5/2011
  30. 30. News Page 30 of 38 DAZ vs. Kurupt on BETs BEEF THE SERIES: (premieres Oct. 4th) From Daz and Kurupt, Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee, to 50 Cent and Ja Rule, beefs between Hip Hop artists got more and more personal, and their attacks became less and less about the music. Executive produced by Quincy "QD3" Jones, Beef: The Series continues that tradition of thoughtful, unbiased and entertaining Hip Hop journalism. Dont forget to check out Kurupt appearing on the new Sonic Wave release "AMOR." . September 14, 2006 - Vh1 sponsors New Videos and Parties: is sponsoring Sonic Wave Internationals Just Joe at the Bullet Bar in London. Get your tickets now! Request the Just Joe videos I WANNA FEEL and HELP ME on Vh1 now! You can also check out these hot music videos HERE: WATCH JUST JOE VIDEOS OTHER GREAT NEWS: The new long-awaited 3rd video from SUBSonic(members of Celtic Frost and Prong) is out! WATCH THE VIDEO FOR SUBSonic- FIX! . August 25, 2006 - GRIDIRON GANG IS OUT! Sonic Wave Artists are blowing up on the screen: LJ, from the rap group 2 Tha Hard Way, is in the new movie Gridiron Gang with The Rock and rapper Xzibit. The Plot: Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self- esteem by playing football together. If you dont have a copy of 2 Tha Hard Ways latest CD "Patience Determination," then get it BY CLICKING HERE! . August 12, 2006 - New Album From Winter!! WHITE GOD MACHINE: The anticipated 2nd release from GRAMMY considered rock outfit WINTER is scheduled to hit stores digitally this Sept/Oct! The new release WHITE GOD MACHINE features the new single Keith Richards. CHECK OUT THE eCARD and hear some samples HERE: whitegodmachine Dont forget to pick up Winters GRAMMY considered release DECEIT on supersale now at iTunes SEND TO YOUR FRIENDS - Other HOT new releases and eCards: ANAND CLIQUE - New Wave of American Heavy Metal (NWOAHM) S*T*Ns HOST- S*t*nic Grimoire . July 17, 2006 - More Platinum Stars Boo-Yaa TRIBE and Kurupt: Sonic Wave International announces the 2006/2007 release of new material from Yama, Boo-Yaa TRIBE, Kurupt, Knoc-turnal, Planet Asia and more! Sonic Wave continues to take over the major labels! Watch the Behind the Scenes reality video here . June 7, 2006 - Family Force 5 Designer Sonic Wave and Pen and Pixel: Family Force 5 (debuted with Warner Music Group) has been doing great on tour and on MTV, and Sonic Wave has now teamed up with design team Pen and Pixel for art direction. 8/5/2011
  31. 31. News Page 31 of 38 P&P is also known for Gutta World Magazine (Compilation CD coming soon through S.W.I. keep checking back), KEAK DA SNEAK, and Dirty Boy Clothing. Moving from the Majors to Sonic Wave, the power shift continues! . May 11, 2006 - InfoSpace Spectacular More amazing expansion of Sonic Wave through Infospace: Sonic Wave announced today the offical availability to Infospace in which they will make mastertones from Sonic Wave titles available to Infospaces mobile partners, including Cingular, Virgin Mobile US and T-Mobile, among others. Infospace is a leading provider and publisher of mobile content and applications in North America. This agreement, aside from Sonic Waves existing mobile agreements (such as with EMI and others) extends The labels mobile reach to 85 million new mobile subscribers, solidifying its industry position as the hottest label providing content to global carriers. . April 15, 2006 - V Cast Verizon Wireless and Sonic Wave are BLOWING UP on their new V CAST Music store: Sonic Wave International music is sold and aggressively promoted on the new V CAST Music from Verizon Wireless. V CAST Music offers customers the ability to download music over the air, directly to their wireless phones, or straight to their computers. The new store represents an exciting new chapter of converging technologies - one that allows customers to purchase entire songs (not just ringtones!) through their mobile phones, then transfer the digital files to their PCs, and vice versa. Sonic Wave has a similar deal with Cingular wireless, for which you may have seen the SWI/Cingular ad. Needless to say, Sonic Wave will continue to be on top of the game for a long time to come. . March 4, 2006 - NBA Song 800 the Jewell with Levi: Sonic Wave Internationals 800 the Jewell along with Levi recently completed a collaboration track that is now getting airplay during NBA halftime and commercial breaks. The track "Do it Like That" will also be featured on a compilation called NBA Collabros. . February 9, 2006 - BACK FROM THE GRAMMYS!!!! < /P> The 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards: The 48th Annual GRAMMYs were an interesting time! 8/5/2011
  32. 32. News Page 32 of 38 We saw old classics such as the Beatles Paul McCartney, Madonna, and U2 and we also got a hot performance from Mariah Carey. Check the TV behind the scenes coverage to see if you can catch Sonic Wave International artists Scoob Serious and Steve Gray. Make sure you try to see the action on CBS NEWS and CLTV with Anand sitting at nominee Ministrys VIP table next to Herbie Hancocks family at the famed simulcast! . January 9, 2006 - State of the Union Top Label in Sales: THXS to Fans like U!! 2005 was an amazing year! 2006 has already proved to be even better !! You may have read that the other major labels had an all time low of CD sales, Sonic Waves sales went up - and we are continuing to stay ahead of our competitors through and through. Which is why you will see many artists leave other labels to sign with Sonic Wave in 2006. All though we will continue to make $$ from physical retail sales, we will not be left behind as digital sales take over the industry. In fact, once again, we are ahead of the game. In 2005, we expanded our distribution network now to be THE largest, in particular by adding hip emerging niche stores to our global digital retail platform. We made an uncountable number of promotional placements through innovative marketing and merchandising and took part in a more sophisticated sales technology platform than anyone selling digital music today. In 2006, we are working on expansive digital video distribution - from independent films to music videos to short clips for mobile phones - to emerging digital video stores, including Google, iTunes, MusicNet and more AND even MORE global expansion, including new distribution partners in more countries and another office in Asia. Even with this vast projected increase of download revenue, we are still committed to keeping our physical retail stores happy and hope to gain their support for an expansion of shelf space and floor space for CDs and DVDs - so if you havent completely caught up with the digital revolution yet you can still support your favorite artists. P.S. Check out BET and MTV for Knoc-turnal commercials starting Jan 17th advertising the hot new release "Return of the Hustler" and get the CD, which is featured at participating Sam Goody, Borders an FYE locations . December 14, 2005 - Carlos Mencia DVD Great for the Holidays: Get the new Carlos Mencia DVD "Not for the Easily Offended - LIVE IN SAN JOSE" right here, direct from Sonic Wave International - CLICK HERE TO GET IT!. Watch Carlos on his regular show "Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. . November 12, 2005 - Request Sonic Wave Videos on MTV and FUSE! Hot Winter Videos and More: Make sure you take the time to cast your vote on both MTVs TRL and FUSE TV and request videos from your favorite Sonic Wave Artist. Featured artists are currently Knoc-turnal, Winter, SubSonicand In Element. CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON MTVs TRL - CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON FUSE. Also dont forget to search for Sonic Wave Videos on your enabled wireless phones! . October 5, 2005 - iPacks launched! Sonic Wave Launches iPacks for Download and Wireless Consumers: Always willing to satisfy the needs of the Todays Music Buyer, were proud to announce iPacks (now launched in BETA) which allow consumers to purchase songs of their favorite Sonic Wave 8/5/2011
  33. 33. News Page 33 of 38 Artists and more in their favorite genre for less than 2 cents/track!CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS! - iPacks are great for your portable players and iTunes-ready phones! . September 7, 2005 - 2006 GRAMMY CONSIDERATIONS ANNOUNCED! Sonic Wave Does it Again and Again!!: We have artists in the Album of the Year category, Best New Artist, Best Rap categories, Best Rock Categories, Jazz, Country and more this year! Congratulations to Knoc-turnal, Subsonic, Anand Bhatt, MagnetHead, Darrel Taylor, VSM, Steve Gray, Scoob Serious and Dante Thomas, Phearus and other SWI artists that got GRAMMY considerations! Click here for the complete list. . August 9, 2005 - iTunes Raise An increase in royalties for all Sonic Wave artists: Leading digital download retailer iTunes has delivered us an 8% raise! We continued to argue that there is no reason why major labels should get paid more for their music than anyone else. Sonic Wave Artists can now benefit from an increase in $$revenue from their iTunes sales. . July 1, 2005 - Paul Simon & White Crow Sonic Wave signs White Crow: Keep a look out this year, with the help of Superstar Paul Simon, for the new CD release from White Crow. The CD will contain a remake of one of Paul Simons earliest tunes as well as new original Rock songs! Keep a lookout for White Crow Live appearances featuring Paul Simon as well. . June 7, 2005 - NEW MOVIE starring the Rock & Xzibit Sonic Wave Artists are blowing up on the screen: LJ, from the rap group 2 Tha Hard Way, is being filmed in the new movie Gridiron Gang starring The Rock and rapper Xzibit. The film is in production and is scheduled to hit theaters in 2006. The Plot: Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together. If you dont have a copy of 2 Tha Hard Ways latest CD "Patience Determination," then get it BY CLICKING HERE! . May 17, 2005 - Live performance with Keith Sweat and more! Sonic Waves Scoob Serious: Keith Sweat- Scoob Serious - Suga Free- Lighter Shade Of Brown- Don Vito from MTVs Viva La Bam- the Joker Bros. From the movie Next Friday and many others. Sonic Waves Scoob Serious is one of the headliners for the show with a slot right before Keith Sweat. The day after the show Suga Free will be working on a new song with Scoob so keep an ear out for it! In the meantime, sample Scoob Serious songs and videos HERE! . April 13, 2005 - Sin City Movie Premiere SWI in Tarantino Land: Sonic Wave producer Cornelius Williams (C-Love) had a great time at the premiere for Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantinos latest film "SIN CITY" - check out pics below of C-Love with Benicio Del Toro and Rosario Dawson. CLICK HERE to hear the hot track "So Good." C-Loves CD project JUDGEMENT DAY can be purchased online RIGHT HERE. 8/5/2011
  34. 34. News Page 34 of 38 C-Love and C-Love and Benicio Del Toro Rosario Dawson . March 8, 2005 - Eminem Spoof Envy Em - a radio success: You MUST see and hear and obtain the new hit single "Envy Em!" Request this song on your favorite radio station. Thxs Eminem for having a good sense of humor! See a video short, and Experience the Excitement by clicking RIGHT HERE. . February 14, 2005 - BACK FROM THE GRAMMYS!!! the 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards: The 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards was one of the best GRAMMY Awards ceremonies ever. And thats not only because Sonic Wave International had SEVERAL award considerations this year! We enjoyed hanging out with and watching colleagues Eve and Gwen Stefani, Usher, Mos Def, Jamie Foxx, Velvet Revolver, Kanye West, Ben Harper, Blind Boys of Alabama, No Doubt, Norah Jones and more. Check out some of the pics from the carpet (Click on a pic to see larger image): Anand Bhatt and Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolver, Stone Nurah Aleweidat Queenie chatting Blind Boys of Alabama Queen Latifah Temple Pilots) and Anand exchange with Slipknot up a storm getting ready to win greetings on the carpet January 7, 2005 - New Knocturnal Album Platinum sensation Knoc-TurnAl: Knoc-TurnAl does it again! Sonic Wave is proud to release the new album "Return of the Hustler." Everyone has been amazingly entertained by his hit "The Way I Am" featuring Snoop Dogg, and by his work with Dr. Dre. The new album will hit stores soon! For a FREE advance copy of the new CD single Click Here. . January 5, 2005 - Help for Tsunami Victims Tsunami Benefit Concert: Sonic Wave International artists Phearus will appear with Tantric on Saturday, January 29th for a Benefit Concert to help those afflicted by the Tsunami in South East Asia. The Louisville Music Industry Alliance (LMIA) is heading up this event along with Clear Channel Radio and other sponsors. For more information or to send a message regarding this event, Click Here. . December 11, 2004 - Sonic Wave welcomes Country New Line: Sonic Wave welcomes Country with the signing and release of new comtemporary country star STEPHEN ANTHONY. His self-titled CD and information is available right here! . November 12, 2004 - Bow Wow & LaShondra 8/5/2011
  35. 35. News Page 35 of 38 A Performance to Remember: Sonic Wave up & coming young sensation, LaShondra, performed recently with Bow Wow. LaShondras new album "2 Young 4 That" will be in stores soon, so keep a look out for it - she can make your heart stop! In the meantime, you can get a free VIP copy by clicking here. . October 6, 2004 - Movies and New Sites Sonic Wave Movies releases major DVD releases: Sonic Wave Movies, a new sector of Sonic Wave International, has offically released the major political satire film - "Running Against Dick" featuring Dick Gephardt- CHECK IT OUT IT HERE! NOW - Its easy to sample and purchase HOT NEW MUSIC from Sonic Wave International at: AND . September 9, 2004 - NEW PRALAY The #1 Indian-based band does it again: Pralay fans can rejoice - the long awaited second & third albums to "Urban Reality" are in the works and both will be released one after the other. The 2nd album, primarily starring the loved Avil Bros., is scheduled to hit stores by the end of the year. In the meantime, catch a Pralay Music Video at . August 12, 2004 - Late GRAMMY Considerations are in!: WE STILL MADE IT!: Best R&B Male Vocal Performance: Rob - Cant Nobody Love You Like Me Best Rap Solo Performance: Ran Potent - Chef-Up Best Pop/Duo Performance: WINTER - China Girl Best Alternative Album: WINTER - deceit Best Metal Performance: METAL MILITIA- Machines of War . July 6, 2004 - 2005 GRAMMY Considerations Announced!!!!: WE DID IT AGAIN! Announcing, for the 47th annual GRAMMY awards: Best Urban/Alternative Performance: NATHANIEL BRUNSON - See What Love Can Do Best R&B Song: NATHANIEL BRUNSON - See What Love Can Do Best Rock Album: PHESTUR - Downtown and Underground Best Rock Song: ANAND BHATT - I Want For Life Best Hard Rock Performance: PHESTUR - Jaded Me Best Rock Instrumental Performance: MONKEYSOOP - Fairdale Best Metal Performance: BLACK ZODIAC - My Enemys Blood Best Metal Performance: ANAND CLIQUE - Vladimere (LIVE) Best Electronic/Dance Album: ODD IS HE - The Dancefloor Assassins Best Dance Recording: ODD IS HE - The Symphony of July Best Contemporary World Music Album ANAND BHATT - Come Away With Me: An Indian- American Tribute to Norah Jones Best Gospel Performance: VIGNOLA - Shine There are MORE! (click here to see the full list ) + WINTER is still being considered for best Alternative Album ("deceit."), and recognition for songs "Made a New Decision" and "China Girl." CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE Sonic Wave ARTISTS! 8/5/2011