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Anand Bhatt Offers Music Fans Free Smartphone App


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Anand Bhatt Offers Music Fans Free Smartphone App

  1. 1. Triple Platinum Awarded Artist Anand Bhatt Teams Up WithSongpier3 August 2011, Munich/Hollywood – Indian-American star Anand Bhatt hasteamed up with Songpier to give away a free fan application for mobile devices.Following the success of the songs "Kitna Pyar" and "World Keeps Turning" inclubs worldwide, and being named on the Desh Videsh list of the mostsuccessful Indian-American celebrities, Anand Bhatt has released the "KitnaPyar" Songpier application for everyones smartphones and tablets.Songpier is honoured to work with Anand Bhatt who has been named one of themost successful Non-Resident Indians alongside director M. Night Shyamalan in2010 by India promoting magazine Desh Videsh.Last November, Anand Bhatt received the coveted Triple Platinum award for musicsales in Sweden. Bhatts European sales success also shows that he has goneplatinum in Norway and gold in Spain.Aside from Bhatt’s great movie & TV roles, talk-show appearances and nervesparking hosting gigs, Bhatt is known for his Grammy recognized music as both asolo artist and as frontman for celebrated heavy rock group Anand Clique. He hasappeared everywhere from E! & Vh1 to Rolling Stone & CNN, and collaborated withartists like Faith No More.Anand Bhatt is among a rapidly growing number of artists worldwide currentlyemploying Songpier apps as an essential part of their mobile strategy in connectingwith their fanbase. With just two months running in Public Beta, and partnering withmajor distributor The Orchard since July, Songpier developers pierlane GmbH see allexpectations exceeded.The artist is in full control of all content – and the artist decides about where themoney goes: Links for physical and digital purchase as well as shop links areprovided by the artist and his team. Songpier is the right tool to deepen fan relationand maximize artists’ revenue at the same time.Check out Anand’s „Kitna Pyar“ Songpier at: you are an artist yourself, feel free to register with Songpier enablesyou to create an app even for each single song. Share them with your fans via socialmedia. Songpier is free right now, premium packages are to follow.Contact Anand Bhatt:Andy DesaiSonic Wave
  2. 2. About pierlane GmbH:Founded in 2010 by Matthias Glatschke, pierlane GmbH is a German start-uppassionately committed to supporting DIY artists. Anticipating tomorrows real-timeweb, pierlane GmbH provides cutting-edge technology while at the same timeacknowledging the artists limited financial means and embracing the freemiumbusiness model.http://www.songpier.comContact pierlane GmbH:pierlane GmbHMatthias GlatschkeLichtenbergstr. 885748 GarchingGermanyMail: songpier@songpier.comPhone: +49.(0)89.548 424 11