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Twitter Conference Presentation


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My presentation at the "Cool Twitter Conference" in Washington, DC on June 11, 2009.

The presentation was loosely focused on illustrating "universal behaviors" that Twitter application developers and entrepreneurs might want to focus on targeting in order to have successful results. The premise is based on the idea that no matter how technology changes there are human needs, desires, weaknesses and simple indulgences that never will expire.

Really only works well with voice-over or me presenting

thanks to spoon graphics for the base art.

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Twitter Conference Presentation

  1. 1. Technologies Change / Behaviors Don’t the pelags premise Rick Robinson
  2. 2. History Says...
  3. 3. History Says...
  4. 4. History Says...
  5. 5. History Says...
  6. 6. PELAGS
  7. 7. Six Lively Sins of Success P E L A G S
  8. 8. Six Lively Sins of Success Pride P Envy E Lust L Anger A Greed G Sloth S
  9. 9. Pride
  10. 10. Pride Reduce any friction at all between people and their ability to deliver to the world what is in their head this moment
  11. 11. twitchamp
  12. 12. Envy twitchamp
  13. 13. Envy make tools that exploit the innocent desire to be (or live vicariously through) someone else twitchamp
  14. 14. Lust
  15. 15. Lust geo-locationing, pictures, video, sound, profiles -- what more could you need to make “connecting” easier?
  16. 16. Anger
  17. 17. Anger with twitter there’s no reason to kick the dog: it’s an opportunity to make an early release valve for fury
  18. 18. Greed
  19. 19. Greed people active on twitter pay close attention to messages from people who matter to them, and likely trust them if they tweet that X product is good
  20. 20. Sloth
  21. 21. Sloth indulge people’s laziness to a positive end and you have a winner of a concept
  22. 22. Thank You!