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Corporate March 2010


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Corporate March 2010

  1. 1. March 2010 Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. The Market <ul><li>Latin America’s internet population is over 150 million . </li></ul><ul><li>Social networking is more used than email, with over 70% penetration over internet users . </li></ul><ul><li>Online Advertising is expected to grow two digits in 2009 across the board. It’s one of the fastest growing Advertising Markets for Internet. </li></ul>Internet Penetration in Latin America for the Top 6 Markets *Source: internetworldstats Argentina Brazil Colombia Mexico Peru Venezuela Population % Penetration Internet Users
  3. 3. Latam: Advertising Landscape Advertising expenditure Million USD Source: CACEM (Argentina), Intermeios (Brazil), CICOM (Mexico), ZenithOptiMedia, press clippings. Internet advertising Million USD Internet represents 3.2% of total advertising expenditure Internet represents 3.5% of total advertising expenditure Internet represents 2.8% of total advertising expenditure +58% +50% +59% +25% +26% +9%
  4. 4. We get Latin America. Welcome to Latin America 89% of our Audience i s from Latin America (That’s over 37 million LatAm users) Sonico Facebook MySpace % of Latin American users over total user base *Source: ComScore 89% 15% 10%
  5. 5. Sonico Timeline Spanish Speaking CountriesReach Portuguese Speaking Countries Reach Global Reach W ith English Version
  6. 6. Where We Are Now
  7. 7. Exponential Growth <ul><li>Small user overlapping with other Networks </li></ul><ul><li>34% with Facebook </li></ul><ul><li>38% with Hi5 </li></ul><ul><li>(ComScore Feb. 2009) </li></ul>Huge opportunity to reach new audiences
  8. 8. The Audience Over 45.000.000 registered users. 9,506,575 7,514,721 5,522,868 4,074,247 3,847,900 3,259,397 2,037,123 1,720,237 1,312,813 # Users Brazil Mexico Colombia Peru Argentina Venezuela España Chile USA # Users
  9. 9. Demographics In Sonico all age groups are very active, our segmentation capacity allow us to reach your specific group of interest Wide Reach!
  10. 10. Users interests We know our users interests. This allow us to create with our clients, highly segmentated campaigns, with extraordinary results! Micro Segmentation!
  11. 11. The Brands
  12. 12. Advertisers
  13. 13. Press Coverage
  14. 14. Featured also in… “ An Argentine has built up the most important social network in Latin America” Sonico in the Press March 1st, 2008 “ 50 technology startups that you should know about” Sonico mentioned as the 5° technology startup more promising in the world market June 29, 2009 November 26, 2008 Sonico has the 24th place in the ranking of 50st best companies to work in. “ The economic crisis has worsened the fall of TV, radio and press advertising but has raised sales on the Internet. Worries for some, opportunities for others to develop tools in social networks like Sonico” February 3, 2009
  15. 15. The Sonico Platform
  16. 16. The Platform PERSONAL (Friends & Family) PROFESSIONAL (Recruitment, Work Relations) PUBLIC (Brands, Polititians and More) Sonico is a customizable personal, public and professional communication utility, that allows you to be in contact with your real friends from school, university and work Sonico allows you to organize online your personal, professional and public life Organizing people life online!
  17. 17. Uploaded content is monitored by a team of moderators that ensure that the flowing information is appropriate Users with real name, last name, and profile photo. Replication of the relationships with real life contacts It reflects user´s identity by unique designs profiles customizations (skins) The exhibition level of the uploaded information and personal data is subject to set by users Real Users Customization Security Privacy Distinctive Sonico Features
  18. 18. Entertainment No dedicated video or music efforts. Mainly achieved through Applications. Multiplayer Games, Music Band Section, eCards. High Quality Applications. Strong heritage with music. Poor Application environment. Professional No Professional Profile. Possibility to categorize your connections. Full ProfessionalProfile, allowing you to differentiate your social from your professional contacts. No Professional Profile. Little organizing possibilities for connections. Personalization Extremely structured environment, limiting individuality. Strong differentiator. Users can design their own look & feel for their profile page. Many design and feature options, but extremely chaotic environment. Applications Facebook Platform Applications are accepted. Open Social Applications are accepted. Focus on local and high quality apps. Open Social Applications are accepted. Poor Quality control. The Platform Identities Users use their real names. No profile picture moderation. Most users have Nicknames. Anonymous environment. Users use their real names. All profile pictures are moderated. Facebook My Space Is a public environment with anonymous users , and complex UI. Is a communication utility with some entertainment function. Sonico Is a customizable personal, public and professional communication utility.
  19. 19. Thank You! www. sonico .com