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Power point introducing open source software


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Power point introducing open source software

  1. 1. Open SourceSoftware By: Jonathan Tyler Gilbert
  2. 2. • Open source software is software• software that you buy or download in which the developer has only comes in the compiled ready- included the source code with the to-run version. Compiled means compiled software version and the that the actual program code that license of the program has allowed the developer created, known as for other programmers to go in the source code, has run through a and change the software willingly. special program called a compiler that translates the source code into • Open source software is intended a form that the computer can to be distributed with trust that understand. This however is the who so ever decided to change the exact opposite of open source software, changes it so that the software. software overall can become more error free.What is Open SourceSoftware?
  3. 3. open source software examplesyou may have heard of.
  4. 4. Open source software can be found in numerous locations,from cd’s to the internet. Open source software is developedby numerous professional and third party companies as wellas free lance programmers.Where can open sourcesoftware be found?
  5. 5. • Advantages of open source software range from a variety of things. Advantages include:• It’s free• New and improved software• It’s cost efficient and it’s free to try.Advantages of opensource software
  6. 6. • It’s often hard to change or edit some open source software• It is often produced with little money• It is often unreliable• Anyone can edit and re-distributeDisadvantages of opensource software
  7. 7. • security• Customizability• Freedom from licensing issues• Support options for further help such as forums• 99% of open source software freeWhy open source is goodfor business
  8. 8. An Expert’s opinion
  9. 9. For more information on open source software, visit:• Available from:David A. Wheeler, Revised as of April 16,2007• available from: