Unit 5


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Unit 5

  1. 1. Session 1 Let‟s checkActivity 1. Look the image, remember and match each question to anappropriate answer. + + 15’ Remember the difference between the use of present simple and present continuos tense.!
  2. 2. Activity 2. Order these words to create recycled vocabulary. + + + + 15’ Oh ,my god! Which are these words?1) macien→c 7) ynosi→n2) cnfoiedtn→c 8) ecolleg→c3) ybrliar→l 9) neswgaent→n4) kanb→b 10) ydti→t5) ylaz→l 11) wyarial→6) rfindely→f 12)pkar→pNow, write 6 sentences using some of the previous words.
  3. 3. Activity 3. Listen and insert the adverbs of frequency. + + + + 10’Always Often UsuallySometimes Never 1) They go to the movies. 2) She listens to classical music. 3) He reads the newspaper. 4) Sara smiles. 5) I drink coffee.Activity 4 .Fill the gaps with “There is” or “There are”. 6) Frank is ill. 7) He feels terrible 8) I go jogging in the morning. 9) She helps her daughter with her homework.
  4. 4. Activity 4. Fill the gaps with “There is” or “There are”. 10’ + + There is a chair in the bedroom. There are some pictures in the bedroom. There is a windows in the bedroom.
  5. 5. Session 2 Tomorrow is the test. 10’Activity 1. Put each word below its picture. ’ +Activity 2. Complete these sentences with comparativestructures. + + + + + 20’’
  6. 6. Activity 3. Read the sentences and write True or False accordingto the text. 15’ + I‟m Demi Lovato from Camp Rock! I‟m 16 years. My birthday is on August 20 th. I‟m from Texas in the United States of America, I‟m singer, i can play guitar and piano. My favourite food is Sushi, a typical Japanese dish. I like going to the cinema with my friends. My favourite sport is gymnastics.My favourite Seaton is the spring. I love flowers, butterflies and the sun shining in the sky. My favourite flower is the Violet,it „s a very beautiful flower. Demi is seventeen years old. She is from Texas. She is American Sushi is a Japanese car. Demi doesn‟t like gymnastics. The Daisy is Demy‟s favourite flower.
  7. 7. 50’’ Session 3 + + Don‟t worry. I think the The test same,but can‟t be very I‟m very difficult. nervous.Listening Reading Writing
  8. 8. Activity 1. Talk Session 4: Children have got Rights. about your Rightswith your partner. + + What do you think? What do you think?  What day is it today? Discuss  What can you do for the rest of poor your ideas children in the World? about this  Have you got too games at home? topic with your partner.
  9. 9. Activity 2. Read this text and answer these questions. + + 15’ On20 November, the International Day of Children’s Rights, Terre desHommes invites children and teenagers from all over Switzerland tobecome street children for a few hours, doing odd jobs such aspolishing shoes, selling sweets and handwork, performing as buskersand informing passersby about children’s rights. In this way childrencan raise public awareness, gain exciting experiences and get involvedwith improving the lives of the world’s less privileged children. a) What do Swiss children and teenagers do this day? b) Do you like doing these types of task for several hours? 15’Activity 3. Read, listen and learn the song. + + +
  10. 10. Session 5: Travelling by plane . Activity 1. At the airport: Listen and learn the vocabulary in pairs. Match the words to the right numbers. + + + + 15’carry-on bag – bolso de security guard – guardia de copilot – copilotomano seguridad boarding pass – pase detraveler – viajero metal detector – detector de abordar metalesticket – boleto / pasajero flight attendant – instruments – instrumentos aeromoza(o)porter mozo / maletero pilot – piloto luggage compartment –dolly / trolley – carrito compartimiento de equipaje suitcase – maletabaggage – equipaje tray table – mesita cabin – cabina
  11. 11. Activity 2. Watch the video about the airport and expand your 15’knowledge. + + + Learn the different places to visit at the airport Learn about the History of this mean of transport. Learn about the documents you have to take when travelling by plane. Learn how to pronounce new words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCKFGYFxg7A (10’)
  12. 12. Activity 3. Fill these sentences getting information from the video. + 15’/ 1) The pilots are in the………. 2) Passengers depart from the………. 3) Planes run on the ………… 4) Passengers check their bags in the ……….. 5) Passengers carry their baggage on the baggage……….. 6) Passengers claim their bags from a baggage……….. 7) Passengers need to show their……….
  13. 13. Final task: AT THE AIRPORT . OUR VISIT: Visiting the airport facilities.Appliying for the visit through Internet: Fill the following form. SOLICITUD VISITAS ESCOLARES AL AEROPUERTO DE MÁLAGA Fecha Tipo de preferencia Horario (2) Nombre del centro Teléfono visita(1) de la visita Persona de Correo Fax Móvil Dirección postal contacto electrónico Nivel Nº alumnos Edad Observaciones educativo 3º - 4º- 5º -6º(1) (2) General Primaria L-X - 10:00 - 13:30 h. Inglés 3º - 4º ESO M - 10:00 - 12:00 h. Adaptado a Museo M-X-J - 10:00 - 12:30 h. todos los nivelesOver 2500 students visit the Malaga Airport facilities every year. The aim is to showthem the different activities developed in the airport as well as make them aware ofthe wide spread of this mean of transport.It is the perfect way to make students discover a new dimension close to socioeconomical world.VISIT: It consists of a guided tour around the facilities where they will visitsdifferent points of interest such as: firefighting set, eradication point, controltower block, the new terminal, airport museum…We have received a didactic material called “Come to visit the airport!” tofacilitate them the understanding of the contents.DATE: Málaga, Monday on the of November 2011
  14. 14. Session 7: What a wonderful trip! 15’Activity 1. Say if the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE accordingto your visit to the airport in Malaga. + Name: Surname: 1. Malaga Airport is located 8 km from Malaga city on the Costa del Sol. T F 2. There are only national destinations. T F 3. The new terminal is larger than the Pablo Ruiz Picasso one. T F 4. There is only one control tower at the airport. T F 5. There are many car rental companies at the airport 5. There are also companies offering a Malaga bus hire service. T F 6. All the rental companies are next to the airport. T F 7. You can find dutty free shops in the commercial center at the departure hall in Terminal 2. T F 8. There is a desk for lost luggage at Terminal 1. T F 9. There is only an information desk at Terminal 1. T F 10. Malaga airport has a health center, pharmacy and many travel agencies desks. T F 11. The new terminal T3 at Malaga airport is located just beside T2. T F 12. In T2 arrivals hall you can find a shopping area where you can find, among other services, bank, shop press and books and a cafeteria. T F
  15. 15. Activity 2. Listen to the video carefully and memorize the words. Readaloud and review the vocabulary. + + + 15’ http://www.inglestotal.com/vocabulario-ingles-aeropuerto-english-airport-vocabulary Is the word “………” on the video? Let‟s try to remember them! Now, read them aloud.Activity 3. Transfer information activity: discuss with the rest of the 15’classmates about the visit to the airport in Malaga. + + . Would you like to work at the airport? .Jobs at the airport, mention your favourite ones. .Do you like the new terminal? . Tourists in Malaga… . Is the airport Museunm interesting? .