Unit 2


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Unit 2

  1. 1. Session 1 : A trip around my town.Activity 1. Match the words and Pictures. Listen and Check the places in 15’town. + A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
  2. 2. Activity 2. Look, listen and learn the use of “There is” and “There are”. + + . 20’ ... /’ GRAMMAR There are some There is an apple There are mandarines strawberriesThere isnt a chocolate There arent white There arent red deck cake frogs chairs Is there a vanilla ice- cream? Are there glasses? Are there fish? We use there is and there are when we want to say that something exists or does not exist…
  3. 3. Activity 3. Listen carefully and then match the pictures to the 10’corresponding names. Repeat aloud ! +Ladies Wear Cinema Pastry ShopHairdresser’sPark Car Park Jellewer’sGarageRecord Shop Hospital HotelLaundryPet Shop Library GymBeauty Center
  4. 4. Session 2 : My neighbourhood 10’Activity 1. Look and learn the prepositions of place. + GRAMMAR We use Prepositions to show where something is located. We use at to show a specific place or position. They are waiting at the bus stop. We use on to show position on a horizontal or vertical surface. The cat sat on the mat. We also use on to show position on streets, roads, etc. I used to live on Portland Street. We use in to show that something is enclosed or surrounded. The dog is in the garden. The dog is in the garden.
  5. 5. Activity 2. Filling the gaps with the correct forms on web. + + + 8’REMEMBER!!
  6. 6. Activity 3. Read the text, underline the prepositions and deduces themeaning. + 12’ Hello! This is my favourite toy store. It is between the restaurant and music store. There is a supermarket opposite the restaurant. The bookstore is next to the supermarket. My school is behind the fast food restaurant. I love fast food!. The hospital is in front of my favourite pet shop. I love animals! And you?
  7. 7. Activity 4. Look the map and answer these questions. + 10’ 1) Where is the bank? 2) Where is the post office? 3) Where is the hospital? 4) Where is the library? 5) Where is my school? 6) Where is the train station?ñlc
  8. 8. Session 3 : Being lost...Activity 1. Listen and order. + + 10’ Turn left Turn right Go straight ahead
  9. 9. Activity 2. Listen and read the dialogue. + 20’ VISITING SINTRA. Receptionist: Good morning, May I help you? Familiy: Yes, Could you tell me where is the bus station? We want to visit Sintra. Receptionist: Right! Firstly, you take this street and go down. At the end, there is a wooden bridge. Go over the bridge and turn right. Follow the path until you get to the Bus station. It’s about 40 meters from the bridge. Family: And, do you recommend us any special place to visit?Receptionist: Of course. You can visit Da Pena Palace and Da Regaleira Palace.Family: Thanks! And, Is it very far from here?Receptionist: That’s very easy! You get on the bus number 47, then turn left and follow tillthe pond..Walk straight across the Town Library and both Palaces will be right in front of you.Familiy: Excellent! Is there any good restaurant? We want to eat the typical Portuguese food.Receptionist: Well, the best one is “Tacho Real Restaurant”. It is in the center square,between the pastry shop and the park. You can eat the most delicious cod bathed in TomatoSauce.Familiy: Ok. Thank you very much for the information.Receptionist: You’re welcome!
  10. 10. Activity 3.Circle the correct answer depending on these sentences as trueor false based on the preceding text about Sintra .Then, check youranswers + + 15’VISITING SINTRA.1) The guests at the Hotel want to know where thetrain station is. T F2) The receptionist knows how to indicate the guestrequests. T F3) It is no necessary to come across any bridge to getto the center town. T F4) The bus station is 11 metres from the Hotel. T F5) The Morocco Castle is one of the mostrecommended places to visit in Sintra. T F6) There is any Public Library in Sintra. T F7) There is a long distance from Da Pena Palace toRegaleira Palace. T F8) The bus number 47 takes you to the center townT F9) The restaurant “Tacho Real” is place between theParking and the Church. T F10) In this restaurant, you can taste the most delicioustypical food in Portugal. T F
  11. 11. Session 4: Going around…Activity 1. Look and learn. GRAMMAR Transport 10’ on + + + get on / off in go by + + + go on foot We use different prepositions when we talk about the type of vehicle or transport we use to travel.
  12. 12. Activity 2. Look and learn. Discuss with your classmates about theimportance of transports. + + + 20’ Transport plays an important part in society for globalization, but most types cause air pollution
  13. 13. Activity 3.Read the text and answer these questions. + 15’Feb 8, 2011 - 12:19 PM One of the ambulances which went to the scene - Photo EFE Four people died in a traffic accident yesterday morning on the RM-714 road at Calasparra in Murcia. The accident happened as the travellers were going to work . Another four people were seriously hurt and they were taken by ambulance to the District Hospital at Cieza. The van’s driver crossed over into the path of the car, possibly throughexcess speed or by a distraction.The RM-714 road is a busy local road and it is often seen Guardia Civil patrols.Read more:http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_29097.shtml#ixzz1DPGyRqOH Answer these questions: How many people have died? Where did the second accident happen? What hospital were they taken? How can we avoid accidents?
  14. 14. Session 5: Check your knowledge.Activity 1. Solve these riddles and then match them. + + 10’
  15. 15. Activity 2. Listen and find out where John is. 15’ + + Follow the directions and find out where John is.
  16. 16. Activity 3: Describing this city. 10’ + + Prepositions of place REMEMBER!! There is/ are.Activity 4: Fill the gaps with prepositions of movement. 15’ + + +
  17. 17. Session 6: FINAL TASK. + Activity 1: Design a leaflet about the most relevant places in your town.WELCOME TO MÁLAGA Malaga is a Picasso The Marine Spanish city in Museum Centre-Museum Andalusia, on the Mediterranean coast, This museum is There are over 500 called Costa del Sol. located in the center species. There is also a town in a beautiful and projection room with It’s the second capacity for 50 persons old building. biggest city in where videos are Andalusia, and the screened, showing thesixth biggest in Spain. different marine species in their natural habitat. Finally there is a laboratory, library and teachers staff room, used There are 200 works for classes. of art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, The Marine Centre also ceramics … provides other services, such as its Marine Club. Many schools visit the museum to learn about Picasso.
  18. 18. The Alcazaba The Cenachero Malaga’sThis building, built in Figure beachesthe 11th century, was This bronze sculpture They are very famous.the palace-fortress of represents a typical Many turists come to the citys governing figure of Malaga Málaga because of theMuslims. It is on a hill. tradition, the beaches, the sand, and It is formed by two "Cenachero" or Fish the incredible walled areas. Vendor, is located in weather!! the Plaza de la Marina, behind the Municipal La Malagueta, La Tourist Information Misericordia, San Office. This monument Julián, El Palo or to the Cenachero is a Pedregalejo are some symbol of Malaga. A of them. man who sells fish in the two baskets he carries, one on each arm. You can visit many “Chiringuitos” (beach cafes) and restaurants. You can taste the most delicious sardines on a stick reign supreme.