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WITU Women and Girls


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WITU Women and Girls

  1. 1. Women In Technology Uganda Encouraging. Influencing. Inspiring more women in technology
  2. 2. By• Training• Networking• Mentoring• Partnering• Capacity building
  3. 3. Our Programs• Training: girls that have dropped out of school
  4. 4. training• We train the girls in basic ICT and entrepreneurship skills, to enable them start their own business while utilizing simple tech like a feature mobile phone to aid them run the business.• Find basic ICT jobs or create their own training centers.
  5. 5. impact• We are training 7 girls in the current program.• One that is standing out right now has left her abusive father of her child, and started her own business (selling snacks to school children in the morning and evening at a nearby school path) she has no bank account but is using her feature phone to save through mobile money.
  6. 6. networking• She plans to save and buy two computers, to train other girls like her but for a fee and open up an internet café in her area and teach people to use the internet.• Networking events encourage women to talk about what they are doing thus creating relationships among women in similar situations plus identifying solutions together.
  7. 7. Future plans• This coming year we hope to train girls in programming and designing so that they can build applications and earn a living by identifying specific organizational software solution needs and building them, instead of looking for jobs.• Also to assist girls at university that do not have personal computers which hinders their performance by providing them with a center to access a computer anytime at the hive colab.
  8. 8. •• Twitter: @wituganda• Facebook: