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mFriday Web Gathering Presentation


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mFriday Web Gathering Presentation

  1. 1. HistoryMobile Web GhanaSymposium @ KNUST •Enthusiasts •ICT Savvy •Inspired to impact the society & worldParticipants proposedregular meetings onFriday •Weekend starts on Friday •Free period from lectures Over 200 participants at the Mobile Web Ghana Symposium. 30TH AUGUST 2011
  2. 2. VisionmFriday combinesteams of talented ICTdevelopers and businessschool students from thepublic and privateuniversities to identifychallenges andopportunities, createappropriate projects, andlaunch successfulcompanies for economicgrowth and sustainablejobs in Ghana. Members at our Mobile Web Training section at the Vodafone Cafe @ KNUST
  3. 3. Typical Meeting atVodafone CafeMembers think globallyand act locally.Personal goals, whichwill impact the Ghanaiansociety and especially theAfrican continent.During meetings in arelaxed environment,interested students &industry experts learn andshare ideas about thedevelopment andmarketing of mobile appsthat will help solveproblems, address socialneeds, and improve @mFriday, different views are shaped into better ideas and businessesservices.
  4. 4. ObjectivesInstil an action andresults-based mentality,less talk/philosophy, andavoid analysis paralysisCreate a University Start-up Fund (USF) to financemembers’ feasibleprojectsPlan and implementsocial services especiallyplastic recycling andwaste management in anannual contest dubbed“Ghana Tidy Project”. Members undertaking signboards cleaning exercise whilst pitching mNotify
  5. 5. ObjectivesExpose mFriday’sprojects to the world viaglobal competitions &conferencesInvite successfulentrepreneurs andproven leaders to speakto and/or mentormembersObtain lab space atprivate and publicuniversities to design,test, and launch apps Farmerline Co-founder pitching Farmerline at TEDx Accra event
  6. 6. ActivitiesTraining andmentorship workshopsmainly with mFridaymembersBrainstorming ofideas into projectsDemonstratingproposed projects tocore team forconstructed feedback mFriday Connector & Mentor time with members
  7. 7. AchievementsChanged Mindset Instil an action and results-based mentalityAward Winning Apps Farmerline: Apps4Africa Winner Presented @TEDx Accra Up for demo at eLearning-Africa 2012 mNotify: Demoed at ICTD Atlanta 2012 Have over 28 corporate clients in Ghana
  8. 8. Achievements…Admissions Notification 3 Universities in Ghana have adopted SMS notification into their Admissions & other systems processGhana Post Support the Development & Integration of SMS and Mobile Web apps into the agency’s system
  9. 9. Achievements…A Mobile Web Lab @KNUST University authority has allocated space of 65ft x30ft for the 1st state-of-the-art Mobile Web Lab in Ghana Vodafone is to furnish the space with devices and equipment  Support from private sector to furnish and operate the lab
  10. 10. The future Mobile Web Lab @ KNUST
  11. 11. The Future Mobile Web Lab @ KNUST
  12. 12. ChallengesDedicated Meeting Space  Severe weather conditions sometimes interfere with our meetings since we mostly meet outdoors.Funding to: Furnish and operate the upcoming mobile web lab Cover transport and lodging costs for mobile and web conferences and competitions in Accra, Africa, and abroad Secure registration fees to participate in international competitions Pay for mobile web and Rain down pour disrupting mFriday Training section. business training consultants
  13. 13. Corporate SocialResponsibility ActivitiesTennis Tournament for74 Kumasi ChildrenCreated the KumasiYouth Tennis Association  Developing a database of all young tennis girls and boys players 10- 16 years old in Kumasi  Creating a website to showcase their talent, pictures, and goals  Organizing quarterly tournaments to prepare the kids for regional and global competition mFriday sponsors Kumasi Youth Tennis tournament as a CSR
  14. 14. AcknowledgementKwame NkrumahUniversity of Science &Technology (KNUST) Continuous support & allocation of space for the future mobile web labVodafone Ghana Providing us a temporary meeting space at its Internet Cafe at KNUST Supporting in terms of devices & Equipment to setup the Future Lab @ KNUSTMobile Web Ghana Paid training workshop for members of mFriday
  15. 15. Q&A A typical Q & A time at our meetings...
  16. 16. THANK YOU!