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Klab Rwanda


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Published in: Spiritual
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Klab Rwanda

  1. 1. kLab: An open innovationcenter
  2. 2. kLab Strategy ■ MissionTo promote, facilitate, and support thedevelopment of innovative ICT solutionsby nurturing a vivid community ofentrepreneurs and mentors ■ GoalsSupport the development of an ICTindustry in Rwanda.Making Rwanda a focal point for IT in theregion.
  3. 3. kLab Objectives200 active members10 ICT innovations/year5 or more startup coming from kLab every yearWorldwide visibilityDevelop community solutions
  4. 4. Why kLabUnique & Free resourcesRichly skilled environmentMentorsOpportunities (contracts, jobs, Networking)Capacity building
  5. 5. Who is @kLabTenants (Ind. Or Groups)MentorsGuests
  6. 6. Focus, concentration and hard work Collaboration & Team work spirit
  7. 7. FUN!!!
  8. 8. Coffee Bar withdelicious drinks and snacks
  9. 9. THANK YOU 0788-520-006