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Kinu Deck Tanzania


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Kinu Deck Tanzania

  1. 1. +KINU for Tanzania’s tech community to foster co-An open spacecreation, innovation and capacity building.Catherinerose Barretto, Twitter: @crbarretto KINU Web Gathering, 6th Nov 2012
  2. 2. + Why is KINU needed? Knowledge + Innovation + Collaboration + Community = New ways of thinking and doing!  The Tanzanian tech scene needed to be brought together to form a community, develop a culture of co-creation and innovation which will become the catalyst for growth and capacity building.  A collaborative space was needed to enable the community to participate in the co-creation process and make a joint effort to generate new solutions.  We must establish the environment needed to ensure that the next generation of African innovators has the freedom to build products & services which will reach out to their communities and rest of the world.
  3. 3. + Our Partners We work with TANZICT
  4. 4. + KINU Refreshments coffee-bar Data storage and backup Test Environment Hot- desks Workshop space
  5. 5. + Who is Kinu for?The space is open to anyone in the tech ecosystemincluding coders, designers, hackers, entrepreneurs &the community
  6. 6. +KINU Kids
  7. 7. +KINU Kids
  8. 8. +
  9. 9. + Events BarCamp77 DSM Dar Dev Dash D3 Apps 4 Africa 2011 brainstorming  Open Forum on Youth & Young Professional African News Innovation Engagement (SID) Challenge Brainstorming  Brainstorming For TIGO Reach MoMo eGovernance for Change & Voda App Star 5th Annual South African  GIZ & FOSSDA Workshop for Innovation Summit ICT Girls Night Out!  Climate Change Workshop with Conservation Interaction mRushwa UAT & Inspired Habitats Fireside Chats  WB Sanitation Hackathon
  10. 10. + People Who do things together + Placeto meet, work, innovate, learn and relax Find us online: = Ideathat might just change the FaceBook KINUvation world Twitter @theKINU