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iLab Liberia Web Gathering Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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iLab Liberia Web Gathering Presentation

  1. 1. About iLab Launched in May 2011 Dedicated to promoting information sharing via open source technologies Serves as an oasis in Liberias ICT desert Consist of 32 computers & a dedicated VSAT connection Offers courses to the public at no cost Providing cutting-edge technology & expert IT assistance
  2. 2. A Sample of Courses Offered Free and Open Source Software (Intro & Interm.) Social media for social change training Mastering the Internet for teenagers Quick-Start website creation (WordPress) Website development (HTML, CSS & WordPress) Google Earth and Mapping training IT for Small Business training (Intro & Interm. levels) TEDtalk nights Google Mapping parties
  3. 3. Challenges Electrical grid is almost non-existent Expensive cost for limited VSAT Internet connection Only public and free technology laboratory in Liberia Trainees have nowhere else to access reliable Internet No formal IT trainings in Liberias schools & universities Expensive rent / larger space needed at iLab More funds needed for additional staff
  4. 4. Who uses iLab? 42% of our users identify themselves as students 83% male, though seeing an increased in females Most popular events are TEDtalks and Google Mapping parties Our open hours are attended by doctors, teachers, researchers and university students Entities like NDI, NRC, MGTUG, ECC, Liberian Legislature, Early Warning Working Group, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, Syracuse University
  5. 5. FacilitiesiLab Liberias Office Annex II Ongoing training in Annex I A graduating class Presentation of Certificates Visiting guest lecturer
  6. 6. Our Staff Kate S. Cummings John Etherton Co-Founder & Country Director Co-Founder & Tech Lead Carter Draper Luther Jeke Anthony KamahDirector, Information Technology Director of Training Director of Logistics
  7. 7. Contact us Big Star Building 20 Street & Payne Avenue, Sinkor th Monrovia, LiberiaOffice Number: +231-886-644-2287Office Number: +231-777-669-6035Email us: info@ilabliberia.orgTwitter: @ilabliberiaWebsite: Http://