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Akirachix Engaging Women


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Akirachix Engaging Women

  1. 1. AkirachixAssociation
  2. 2. How will you know whereyou are going if you don’tknow where you are from?
  3. 3. Why did we begin? Network of women inTechnology- Meet Ups Give our skills –Training Program Organized and attendedtech events: MobileMonday, Rhok, Apps forAfrica Mobile Garage-Relevance in Kenyan Tech
  4. 4. Geek GirlHackathon
  5. 5. Catch’em whilethey’re youngThe Akirachix HighSchool outreachKids Kode Camp
  6. 6. High School Outreach
  7. 7. Our Ding…To change the ratio ofthe representation ofwomen in technology inAfricaTo increase the numberof women who aretechnology creatorsand not justconsumers.To empower women indecision making andwealth creation using
  8. 8. Geek GirlHackathon Video