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How to prepare for a meeting


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Meeting Preparation

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How to prepare for a meeting

  2. 2. PURPOSE • Begin by identifying the purpose / need of the meeting as precisely as possible • It is really important to understand if the idea is to brainwave, inform, sort out conflicts , negotiate , assess or clarify responsibilities • A clear objective will guide you through a direction and will help in preparing a proper agenda
  3. 3. ATTENDEES • The key stakeholder • The decision maker • The executors • The knowledgeable • The implementer
  4. 4. INVITATION – Time , When ,Where & What • There should be an active part for each participant to play in the meeting • A convenient time should be chosen for all the participants to attend the meeting • A suitable place depending upon the number of participants and the purpose of the meeting • An appropriate meeting room to promote an active exchange of dialogue amongst participants • Important equipment like flipchart ,whiteboard ,markers, projectors notepad ,pencils, thoughts and solutions
  5. 5. AGENDA • The agenda should cover the following : • The Purpose • Who is calling for the meeting • The number of participants • Participant's role • Date , Time , Place • Background material • The outcome
  6. 6. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Trailblazer – Who will clarify the purpose , objective and scope of the meeting . Is responsible for follow –ups • Organiser /Planner – Is responsible for the meeting logistics and provides assistance in discussions and at different stages of the meeting • Assistant – Captures the meeting notes , key highlights , ideas , suggestions , view points that are the outcome of the meeting • Participants – Who actively participates and provide ideas and suggestions • Specialist – Contributes expert knowledge / view point on certain issues as needed
  7. 7. PRE & POST MEETING INFORMATION • Distribute the Agenda – The meeting agenda should be circulated prior to the meeting with the purpose , outcome and the time for each discussion • Meeting Hand-outs – Hand over all the appropriate material – important documents prior to the meeting for the participants to be ready for the discussion • Meeting Notes – Capture all the key discussion points and make sure the minutes are circulated to all the participants
  8. 8. Sonia Sharma @soniasharma13