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Ángela y Fátima (6ºA)


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Published in: Education
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Ángela y Fátima (6ºA)

  2. 2. PICTURES THE NESSIE Trunk in the water.
  3. 3. MORE PHOTOS It may be a model.
  4. 4. THE VIDEOS It can be other animals: snake, lizard...
  5. 5. MORE VIDEOS Believe, tant are one group the animals.
  6. 6. EXPEDITIONS The expedition of the academy “Ciencias Aplicadas” the “Boston”, in 1972 was in the Loch Ness. The night of 8 the august the surface of the loch to be mullet and tranquil. Of the morning the team started to see dark moving animal in water fuding. And to see two bodies and two fins.
  7. 7. BELIEVE OUR GROUP Our group believe thant this expedition is false because there were two bodies in the water and by to all the people only saw a one creature like thant.
  8. 8. CUESTIONS:) Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster? Expose your reasons. Our group believe than Nessie doesn't exist, because: - No life more years. -Does not have much food. -There are sufficient evidence for show its existence...etc.
  9. 9. MORE CUESTIONS Why do you think people want to keep the story alive? -By tourists of visit the zone. -By trade. .
  10. 10. LATEST CUESTIONS -Think of my other stories like this. Ones that some people think are true some people think are myth. The Yeti (believe tant it can one people)