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Antonio Manuel, Carmelo, Dolores Mª, Ernesto, Nerea y Rubén (6ºA)


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Antonio Manuel, Carmelo, Dolores Mª, Ernesto, Nerea y Rubén (6ºA)

  1. 1. WITNESS OF LOCH NESS Lots people want to decode thereby in july of 1934 Sir Edward Mountain owner of company Eagle Star Insurance, hired a captain James Fraser to undertake an expedition with the help of 20 men of the Employment Office of Inverness. All they had binoculars and cameras, and every day by a group led them around the lake and picked a the afternoon. Every man was paid two pounds per week and an incentive bonus of 10 guineas for a good photo. 5 photos, only one looked weird. Showed some activity in a remote area of the lake. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
  2. 2. On the morning of September 15 near Castle Urquhart, filmed a dark object that was in the water. The roll of 16mm was sent to London for revealed and nothing could be seen clearly because the team was too far. Besides the issue above, many travelers, locals and Nessie enthusiasts arrived at the lake in order to catch the creature. There are reports of ships has also been seen. EXPEDITION MORE The expedition of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge: The first scientific expedition planned Loch Ness was conducted between June 27 and July 23, 1960 by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  3. 3. Its purpose was to conduct a comprehensive study of the lake, many graduate and undergraduate volunteers participated in it. They used cameras and a probe that was mounted on a boat. They saw the monster moving and a few days later, the object that changed shape continuously was spotted in the lake. Dinsdale test was reinforced in 1966 when the Royal Air Force analyzed the film and conclusion that there was a ship or a submarine, but of an animated object. Thanks to the Dinsdale film, Sir David James MP, formed "The Office of Research Ltd. Loch Ness Phenomenon." Or ILN as it is known, alongside with Constance White and naturalist Sir Peter Scott and Richard Fitter .
  4. 4. WHAT GUY OF ANIMAL IS NESSIE? Theories: What guy of animal is Nessie? Perhaps more exciting is the theory that tells us that the Loch Ness monster is actually a specie of dinosaur. By analyzing the food chain of the lake was estimated that the amount of salmon not be enough to feed an animal of these characteristics and, if we consider that the soil is poor in vegetation due to the presence of peat, nor would such a large animal enough food to survive. Due to the above, this theory was dropped.