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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 1- Look at the pictures, read the cards and complete the dialogues: School: ____________________________________ Worksheet number: ____ Name: ________________ Surname: ______________ Grade: ___ Number:___ Date: ___________________________________ You: What’s your name? Jennifer: ______________________________ You: How old are you? Jennifer: _____________________________ Name: Jennifer Age: 13 You: _________________________________? David: My name is David. You: ______ old ______ you? David: __________________________________ You:___________________________________? Silvia: __________________________________ You: How old ______ ______? Silvia: __________________________________ You:___________________________________? Rod: My name is Rod. You: ___________________________________? Rod: ______________fifteen years old. Name: David Age: 9 Name: Sílvia Age: 11 Name: Rod Age: 15