Meda-MoS Presentation, Mediterranean Mororways of the Sea


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EuroMed Transport Mediterranean
Motorways of the Seas

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Meda-MoS Presentation, Mediterranean Mororways of the Sea

  1. 1. This project is fundedby the European Commission EuroMed Transport Mediterranean p Motorways o t e Seas oto ays of the Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  2. 2. CONSORTIUMThis project is fundedby the European Commission The!project!is!implemented!by! ARUP in association with: in!association!with: •Dar!al!handasah a a a dasa •Hellenic!Centre!of!Research!! •Planet •Tredit •Equinoccio •Corporate!Solutions •Comito!Associati •BMT!Transport!Solutions Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  3. 3. EUROMED!TRANSPORT!This project is fundedby the European Commission UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE CO-PRESIDENCY OF THE UNION FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN EUROMED TRANSPORT MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE EUROMED TRANSPORT FORUM RTAP Actions: Monitoring:32 – Coord. WG’s: 33 – Establ.perm.secr.:34 (Supported by: Main contract & CETMO contract) WG on Infrastructure WG on Aviation WG on Maritime & Regulatory Issues WG on GNSS Affairs, Ports and RTAP Actions: Horizontal:1,17,22,23,24,25, RTAP Actions: Aviation market:14 – 28 - Infrastr:18,19,20,33 - Finance:29,30,31 Air Safety & Security:15,16 RTAP Actions: Introd. of GNSS:27 Short Sea Shipping (Supported by: Main & CETMO contract) (Supported by: Aviation Project) (Supported by: GNSS-METIS project) RTAP Actions: Reforms shipping sector:6 Sub-Group on Road & Sub-Group on Rail Regulatory Issues Motorways of the Seas RTAP Actions: Road Transport: RTAP Actions: Improving efficiency of 10,11,26 – Rail: 12,13 ports:2,3,4,5 – MoS Pilot Projects:21 (Supported by: Main contract) (Supported by:MEDA MoS project) Task Force on Sub-Group on Financing Issues Maritime Safety (Supported by: Main contract) RTAP Actions: Regulatory Reform Maritime Safety & Security:7,8,9 (Supported by: Safemed project) Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  4. 4. BENEFICIARIES!&!OBJECTIVESThis project is fundedby the European Commission Beneficiary!Countries!" ENPI!South!– Morocco,!Algeria,!Tunisia,!Egypt,!Jordan,!Israel,! Occupied!Palestinian!Territory,!Lebanon!and!Syria.!To!be!associated;!Turkey,!Croatia,! Bosnia"H,!Albania!and!Montenegro The!overall!objective!of!the!project!is!to!give!a!follow"up!to!the!first!Mediterranean! Th ll bj ti f th j ti t i f ll t th fi t M dit Motorways!of!the!Seas!Project.! The!specific!objectives of!the!projects!are: The specific objectives of the projects are: *!Contribute!to!the!overall!completion!of!the!physical!and!economic!integration!of!the! Euro"Mediterranean!region! Euro"Mediterranean region *!Facilitating!an!efficient!flow!of!goods!between!the!both!sides!of!the!Mediterranean. *!Adapting!the!regulatory!framework!determining!port!operations,!maritime! operations!and!!logistical!operation! Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  5. 5. MAIN!ACTIVITIES!This project is fundedby the European Commission !Technical!Assistance!for!the!implementation!of!existing!Pilot!Projects !Where!necessary,!identification!of!New!Pilot!Projects !Increased!technical!assistance!to!improving L i ti !I dt h i l it t i i Logistics!and!Hinterland! d Hi t l d connections to"from!ports!(with!possible!pilot"projects)!! !Assessment!of!Regulatory!Reforms!including!Port!Reform!(conform!action!...! of!the!RTAP) !Master!Plan!and!Road!Map!for!the!integration!of!MEDA"MoS!in!the!TMT"N !Focus!on!Environmental!Aspects!in!port!operations!and!management! p p p g (conform!action!...!of!the!RTAP) !Communication and Visibility Communication and!Visibility Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  6. 6. INCEPTION!PHASE!This project is fundedby the European Commission Mobilisation 1. Kick Off meeting Off!meeting 2. Review!of!the!current!statute!of!MEDAMoS! 3. Set!up!of!regional!office!in!Morroco First reporting Period November 2010!" January 2011 Regional!Mission January"March 2011 Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  7. 7. RETAINED!GENERAL!CRITERIAThis project is fundedby the European Commission Pilot!Projects! • Minimum!structure:!2!nodes!(ports)!+!one!link!(sea) • All!freight/traffic!types!included!(except!cruise!shipping!and/or!pure!passenger!traffic) • Regional!dimension!required • Formalized!partnerships/consortia!required • Contribution!to!the!overall!Meda"MoS!strategy Potential!Port!– Logistics!Areas!pilot!project!! • Country!port(s)!+!inland!connection!to!a!logistics!zone!(existing!or!new) • Formalizing!interoperability/partnerships!!with!inland!transport!systems/stakeholders! • Reducing!congestion/dwell!times,!improving!port!access!,!facilitating!procedures,!promoting! intermodality,...!through!!efficient!operating!systems!and!effective!stakeholder!partnerships Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  8. 8. EXISTING!PILOT!PROJECTS!!This project is fundedby the European Commission Country Routes/axes Project cost /financing TA Bejaia - Barcelona - PCS: €2M (30% self) Algeria Bejaia - Marseille - Dry port/ intermodal zone: €19M (30% self) ssions - Railways reefer container facility: €1.43M (unknown) Alexandria Trieste Alexandria-Trieste- - Alexandria port Logistics centre: €11.46M (unknown) ountry!mis Egypt Koper - Single window system: €7.16M (unknown) Alexandria-Marport - Standardisation of Alexandria EDI/PCS: €0.22M (unknown) - Electronic exchange of IS/ICT documents between ports: €? - Integrating Israels PCS with the European PCS: €0.25M (25% self) - "Good Night : Truck transportation to the ports during night time: €2M (10% self) Good Night": be!identifie during co Israel Haifa-Trieste - Truck-to-train modal split for export freight: €0.5M (30% self) - Modal shift in Europe from road to rail (unit train):€4M (50% self) - Study of the Competitiveness of the Port of Aqaba: €50.000 (unknown) - Feasibility study on dry ports and logistics platforms: €50.000 (unknown) Jordan Aqaba-Genoa ed - Integrated PCS/ IT system: €50 000 (unknown) €50.000 - Optimization of railway links between the Container Terminal and rail network: €50.000 (unknown) - Feasibility study on a dry port and logistics platform: €? Lebanon Beirut-Castellon - PCS: €5M (unknown) - Expansion container berth: €20M (self/ state budget + loan) Morocco Agadir -Port Vendres Port chnical Assistance tob - Container logistics platform: €19.6M (state budget: €4.6M + IMTC-Group: €1.6M + EC grant: €13.4M) Palestinian Port of Gaza - Establishment of three bonded areas in the west bank: $30.7M (EU: expecting financial support) Territories Tartous-Venice- Syria Leghorn Marseille Leghorn-Marseille - Infrastructure facilities IT solutions: €? (EU: expecting financial support) Tartous-Livorno - Study to improve the sea-rail inter-connection and interoperability on the Rades port–Sousse–Sfax– Gabes corridor: €0.15M (Meda-Mos budget) Tunis/Rades-Marseille - Expansion of Rades port : €54M (STAM + bank loan) Tunisia Tunis/Rades-Genoa Tunis/Rades Genoa - Roll terminal: €1M (STAM + bank loan) Tec - Rades logistics zone platform:€11M (self) - Acquisition of multimodal transport software: €? Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas 8
  9. 9. IMPROVED!CRITERIAThis project is fundedby the European Commission Retained!general!criteria!from!Meda"Mos!I Deadline!for!new!pilot!project!submission!(if!desired):!March!2013 Deadline for new pilot project submission (if desired): March 2013 Project!Appraisal:! • Project!identification:!detailed!project!description,!objectives!&!targets,!stakeholders,!partnership! building,!required!TA • Technical evaluation: technical features cost estimates feasibility and options timing time table Technical!evaluation:!technical!features,!cost!estimates,!feasibility!and!options,!timing,!time!table • Financial!evaluation:!demand!analysis,!economic!life,!discount!rate,!!profitability,!funding!gap • Economic!evaluation:!overall!CBA assessment,!wider!economic!benefits,!assessment!of!externalities • Environmental!evaluation:!EIA,!environmental!port!management • Sensitivity!and!Risks:!risk!analysis,!sensitivity!analysis,!robustness • Integration!with!EU!programmes and!policies:!TEN"T,!Euro"Med,!RTAP,!Logis"Med,!etc. Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  10. 10. WORK!PLAN!FOR!2011This project is fundedby the European Commission Country!Missions Continued!TA!for!EXISTING/retained!MoS!1!projects Workshop W kh Regulatory reform programme Possible pilot Project!evaluation/!TA Project evaluation/ TA projects Country!Reports Transport!Forum! Transport Forum Sub"Group Meda"Mos!! Draft Inception Master Plan!/! Report Road!Map Road Map Final!Inception Progress Report 1 Progress Report 2 Report Dec Jan Feb b Mar Apr May Jun Jul l Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  11. 11. PROGRAMME!FOR!REGULATORY!REFORM!This project is fundedby the European Commission ( (IN!LINE!WITH!ACTION!2!AND!6!OF!RTAP)! ) Technical!Regulation g Economic!Regulation g • Health!&!Safety • Institutional!Structure • Security • Deregulation • Environmental!!!!! • Market!Reform sustainability • Pricing!&!Competition Sectors • Ports • Maritime Transport Maritime!Transport •Intermodal/Logistics • Trade!Facilitation Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  12. 12. REINFORCEMENT!OF!THE!ENVIRONMENTAL!DIMENSION!:!!This project is fundedby the European Commission OF!PRIMARY!IMPORTANCE!FOR!MEDA"MOS Barcelona!Convention!on!the!Mediterranean!(protection!against!pollution,! i l B l C ti th M dit ( t ti i t ll ti incl.!protocols)!!! t l) Horizon!2020 initiative and!Regional!Transport!Action!Plan!(2007"2013),!Actions!22,!23. Technical!Assistance!(TA)!!is!projected!for!environmental!capacity"building!on: 1.!!!!(a)!reviewing!the!Environmental!Institutional!Structures ( ) g (outstanding!Regulatory!Reforms,!competent!structures!within!ministries); (b)!whilst!introducing! Environmental!Impacts!Assessment (EIA!studies!for!Pilot!Projects)!both!to!be!addressed!in!planned!Workshop; 2. initiating!Port!Environmental!Management!Systems! (admitting!priority!to!ports!involved!in!Pilot!Projects). Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  13. 13. 1.!(A)!TA!ON!REVIEWING!ENVIRONMENTAL!INSTITUTIONAL!STRUCTURESThis project is fundedby the European Commission (B) TA!ON!INTRODUCING!ENVIRONMENTAL!IMPACT!ASSESSMENT!STUDIES! (a)!Outstanding Regulatory!Reforms!on!compatibility!with!EU!legislation,! e.g.!the!EC!Directives!!on!EIA!studies! (for!all!sectors!considered!!" and!primarily!targeted!to!Port!Operations!" by! inventorying/updating!the!regulatory!framework!of!environmental! i t i / d ti th l t f k f i t l compliance). (b)!Environmental!Appraisal!of!Pilot!Projects!– in!line with!EC!principles!! focusing!on!the!Significant!and!Direct!Aspects/Impacts!! e.g.!Wastes,!Hazardous!Cargo,!Ship!Discharge,!Dust,!Noise,!Dredging. (by!mapping!out!cost!and!environmentally!efficient!solutions!corresponding! to!good/best!environmental!management!practices). t d/b t i t l t ti ) Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  14. 14. 2.!TA!ON!INITIATING!PORT!ENVIRONMENTAL!This project is fundedby the European Commission MANAGEMENT!SYSTEMS! Aiming!at!Self"Regulation! g g …in!line!with!the!International!Standards!of!Environmental!Sustainability! e.g.!Policy/Statement,!Designated!Personnel,!Training!Needs,!Emergency!Planning. e.g. Policy/Statement, Designated Personnel, Training Needs, Emergency Planning. …using!tools!developed!for!Ports!by!Ports!(“EcoPorts”!foundation! along!with!recommended!guidelines!of!!ESPO’s!“Environmental!Code!of!Practice”). (a)!Environmental!Audit!!!!!:!!“Self"Diagnosis!Method”!(SDM),! (b)!Environmental!Review!!:!!“Port!Environmental!Review!System”!(PERS), (adaptable!to!port!profiles!or!levels!of!operational!environmental!management!for! reporting!on!significant!environmental!management!aspects;!!feasible!goal! with voluntary"option!for a “Certificate!of!Verification”!by!independent!auditor). Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  15. 15. FIRST!MISSIONS!/!TENTATIVE!SCHEDULE!This project is fundedby the European Commission Morocco 11-13 January Algeria 16-18 16 18 January Tim table for country Missions Tunisia 19-10 January M Syria 30-31 Jan Lebanon 02-03 Feb Jordan 19-20 Feb me Egypt 22 23 24 22-23-24 Feb Israel 13-14 Mar Occupied Palestinian Territories O 15-16 1 16 Mar Workshop 11-14 April (location to be decided) Sub- Transport Group September 2011 Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  16. 16. NEXT!REPORTING!PERIOD!This project is fundedby the European Commission First Regional!Mission (January"March 2011)!/!Visit of!all beneficiary Countries Purpose of!the mission:! 1. Update!of!existing pilot projects and!idendification of!TA!required 2. Presentation of!the eventual!new!Pilot Projects 3. Presentation!of!the!call!for Port!Logistics!and!Hinterland!projects! 3 Presentation of the call for Port Logistics and Hinterland projects 4. Regulatory Reform (national current status) Presentation of the methodology of!the Preparation of!workshop 5. Communication:!identification of!contact person +!presentation of! 5 C i i id ifi i f i f Communication Plan!! Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  17. 17. This project is funded COMMUNICATIONby the European Commission Communication!Plan! • Contact!Person!in!each!beneficiary!countries • Monthly!Press!Review! • Website!/!MEDA!MoS!part!of!EUROMED!Website • Photo!gallery • News!Letter! • Workshops/Seminars!&!Study!Tou • Transport!Forum!subgroup! b Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas
  18. 18. M!E!D!I!T!E!R!R A!N!E!A!N! MOTORWAYS!OF!THE!SEA!IIThis project is fundedby the European Commission Marc! GRAILLE!!! Team!Leader!" Maritime!Transport!Planner marc.graille@meda" marc graille@meda"mos eu Khalid! BICHOU Port!Operations!and!Logistics!Expert khalid.bichou@meda" Michail! PAPATHANASIOU!!! Port!Environmental!Expert michail.papathanasiou@meda" michail papathanasiou@meda"mos eu CONSORTIUM CONSORTIUM": TEMPORARY!PROJECT!OFFICE Alcalà!54,!28014 Madrid,!Spain Alcalà 54 28014 Madrid Spain Tel!!+34!91!523!92!76,!!Fax!!+34!521!85!75 Johnny!!!! OJEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Project!Director Francisco! Francisco JIMENEZ! Project Manager JIMENEZ Project!Manager francisco jimenez@arup com Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas