List of verbs simple past and past participle


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List of verbs simple past and past participle

  1. 1. A SPANISHInfinitive Simple Past Past Participleabide abided / abode abidedalight alighted / alit alighted / alitarise arose arisenawake awakened / awoke awakened / awokenBbackbite backbit backbittenbackslide backslid backslidden / backslidbe [ am, is, are] was, were been SER/ESTARbear bore born / bornebeat beat beaten / beatbecome became becomebefall befell befallenbeget begat / begot begottenbegin began begunbehold beheld beheldbend bent bentbereave bereaved / bereft bereaved / bereftbeseech besought / besought / beseeched beseeched
  2. 2. beset beset besetbestrew bestrewed bestrewn / bestrewedbet bet / betted bet / bettedbetake betook betakenbethink bethought bethoughtbid (farewell) bid / bade biddenbid (offer bid bidamount)bind bound boundbite bit bittenbleed bled bledblow blew blownbreak broke brokenbreed bred bredbring brought broughtbroadcast broadcast / broadcast / broadcasted broadcastedbrowbeat browbeat browbeaten / browbeatbuild built builtburn burned / burnt burned / burntburst burst burst
  3. 3. bust busted / bust busted / bustbuy bought boughtCcast cast castcatch caught caughtchide chided / chid chided / chiddenchoose chose chosenclap clapped / clapt clapped / claptcling clung clungclothe clothed / clad clothed / cladcolorbreed colorbred colorbredcome came comecost cost costcreep crept creptcrossbreed crossbred crossbredcut cut cutDdare dared / durst dared / durstdaydream daydreamed / daydreamed / daydreamt daydreamtdeal dealt dealt
  4. 4. dig dug dugdight dighted / dight dighted / dightdisprove disproved disproved / disprovendive (jump head- dove / dived divedfirst)dive (scuba dived / dove diveddiving)do did donedraw drew drawndream dreamed / dreamt dreamed / dreamtdrink drank drunkdrive drove drivendwell dwelt / dwelled dwelt / dwelledEeat ate eatenenwind enwound enwoundFfall fell fallenfeed fed fedfeel felt feltfight fought fought
  5. 5. find found foundfit (tailor, change fitted / fit fitted / fitsize)fit (be right size) fit / fitted fit / fittedflee fled fledfling flung flungfly flew flownforbear forbore forborneforbid forbade forbiddenfordo fordid fordoneforecast forecast forecastforego (also forewent foregoneforgo)foreknow foreknew foreknownforerun foreran forerunforesee foresaw foreseenforeshow foreshowed foreshown / foreshowedforespeak forespoke forespokenforetell foretold foretoldforget forgot forgotten / forgotforgive forgave forgiven
  6. 6. forsake forsook forsakenforswear forswore forswornfraught fraught fraughtfreeze froze frozenfrostbite frostbit frostbittenGgainsay gainsaid gainsaidget got gotten / gotgild gilded / gilt gilded / giltgive gave givengo went gonegrind ground groundgrow grew grownHhagride hagrode hagriddenhalterbreak halterbroke halterbrokenhamstring hamstrung hamstrunghand-feed hand-fed hand-fedhandwrite handwrote handwrittenhang hung hunghang (kill by hanged / hung hanged / hung
  7. 7. hanging)have had hadhear heard heardheave heaved / hove heaved / hovehew hewed hewn / hewedhide hid hiddenhit hit hithold held heldhurt hurt hurtIinbreed inbred inbredinlay inlaid inlaidinput input / inputted input / inputtedinset inset insetinterbreed interbred interbredintercut intercut intercutinterlay interlaid interlaidinterset interset intersetinterweave interwove / interwoven / interweaved interweavedinterwind interwound interwound
  8. 8. inweave inwove / inweaved inwoven / inweavedJjerry-build jerry-built jerry-builtKkeep kept keptkneel knelt / kneeled knelt / kneeledknit knitted / knit knitted / knitknow knew knownLlade laded laden / ladedlandslide landslid landslidlay laid laidlead led ledlean leaned / leant leaned / leantleap leaped / leapt leaped / leaptlearn learned / learnt learned / learntleave left leftlend lent lentlet let letlie lay lainlie (not tell truth) lied lied
  9. 9. REGULARlight lit / lighted lit / lightedlip-read lip-read lip-readlose lost lostMmake made mademean meant meantmeet met metmisbecome misbecame misbecomemiscast miscast miscastmiscut miscut miscutmisdeal misdealt misdealtmisdo misdid misdonemishear misheard misheardmishit mishit mishitmislay mislaid mislaidmislead misled misledmislearn mislearned / mislearned / mislearnt mislearntmisread misread misreadmissay missaid missaid
  10. 10. missend missent missentmisset misset missetmisspeak misspoke misspokenmisspell misspelled / misspelled / misspelt misspeltmisspend misspent misspentmisswear misswore misswornmistake mistook mistakenmisteach mistaught mistaughtmistell mistold mistoldmisthink misthought misthoughtmisunderstand misunderstood misunderstoodmiswear miswore miswornmiswed miswed / miswed / miswedded misweddedmiswrite miswrote miswrittenmow mowed mowed / mownNNo irregular verbs beginning with "N."Ooffset offset offsetoutbid outbid outbid
  11. 11. outbreed outbred outbredoutdo outdid outdoneoutdraw outdrew outdrawnoutdrink outdrank outdrunkoutdrive outdrove outdrivenoutfight outfought outfoughtoutfly outflew outflownoutgrow outgrew outgrownoutlay outlaid outlaidoutleap outleaped / outleaped / outleapt outleaptoutlie (not tell outlied outliedtruth) REGULARoutput output / outputted output / outputtedoutride outrode outriddenoutrun outran outrunoutsee outsaw outseenoutsell outsold outsoldoutshine outshined / outshined / outshone outshoneoutshoot outshot outshotoutsing outsang outsung
  12. 12. outsit outsat outsatoutsleep outslept outsleptoutsmell outsmelled / outsmelled / outsmelt outsmeltoutspeak outspoke outspokenoutspeed outsped outspedoutspend outspent outspentoutspin outspun outspunoutspring outsprang / outsprung outsprungoutstand outstood outstoodoutswear outswore outswornoutswim outswam outswumouttell outtold outtoldoutthink outthought outthoughtoutthrow outthrew outthrownoutwear outwore outwornoutwind outwound outwoundoutwrite outwrote outwrittenoverbear overbore overborne / overbornoverbid overbid overbid
  13. 13. overbreed overbred overbredoverbuild overbuilt overbuiltoverbuy overbought overboughtovercast overcast overcastovercome overcame overcomeovercut overcut overcutoverdo overdid overdoneoverdraw overdrew overdrawnoverdrink overdrank overdrunkovereat overate overeatenoverfeed overfed overfedoverhang overhung overhungoverhear overheard overheardoverlay overlaid overlaidoverleap overleaped / overleaped / overleapt overleaptoverlie overlay overlainoverpay overpaid overpaidoverride overrode overriddenoverrun overran overrunoversee oversaw overseen
  14. 14. oversell oversold oversoldoverset overset oversetoversew oversewed oversewn / oversewedovershoot overshot overshotoversleep overslept oversleptoversow oversowed oversown / oversowedoverspeak overspoke overspokenoverspend overspent overspentoverspill overspilled / overspilled / overspilt overspiltoverspin overspun overspunoverspread overspread overspreadoverspring oversprang / oversprung oversprung /overstand overstood overstoodoverstrew overstrewed overstrewn / overstrewedoverstride overstrode overstriddenoverstrike overstruck overstruckovertake overtook overtakenoverthink overthought overthought
  15. 15. overthrow overthrew overthrownoverwear overwore overwornoverwind overwound overwoundoverwrite overwrote overwrittenPpartake partook partakenpay paid paidplead pleaded / pled pleaded / pledprebuild prebuilt prebuiltpredo predid predonepremake premade premadeprepay prepaid prepaidpresell presold presoldpreset preset presetpreshrink preshrank preshrunkpresplit presplit presplitproofread proofread proofreadprove proved proven / provedput put putQquick-freeze quick-froze quick-frozen
  16. 16. quit quit / quitted quit / quittedRread read (sounds like read (sounds like "red") "red")reawake reawoke reawakenrebid rebid rebidrebind rebound reboundrebroadcast rebroadcast / rebroadcast / rebroadcasted rebroadcastedrebuild rebuilt rebuiltrecast recast recastrecut recut recutredeal redealt redealtredo redid redoneredraw redrew redrawnreeve reeved / rove reeved / roverefit (replace refit / refitted refit / refittedparts)refit (retailor) refitted / refit refitted / refitregrind reground regroundregrow regrew regrownrehang rehung rehung
  17. 17. rehear reheard reheardreknit reknitted / reknit reknitted / reknitrelay (for relaid relaidexample tiles)relay (pass relayed relayedalong) REGULARrelearn relearned / relearnt relearned / relearntrelight relit / relighted relit / relightedremake remade remaderend rent / rended rent / rendedrepay repaid repaidreread reread rereadrerun reran rerunresell resold resoldresend resent resentreset reset resetresew resewed resewn / resewedretake retook retakenreteach retaught retaughtretear retore retornretell retold retoldrethink rethought rethought
  18. 18. retread retread retreadretrofit retrofitted / retrofit retrofitted / retrofitrewake rewoke / rewaked rewaken / rewakedrewear rewore rewornreweave rewove / reweaved rewoven / reweavedrewed rewed / rewedded rewed / reweddedrewet rewet / rewetted rewet / rewettedrewin rewon rewonrewind rewound rewoundrewrite rewrote rewrittenrid rid ridride rode riddenring rang rungrise rose risenrive rived riven / rivedroughcast roughcast roughcastrun ran runSsand-cast sand-cast sand-castsaw sawed sawed / sawnsay said said
  19. 19. see saw seenseek sought soughtself-feed self-fed self-fedself-sow self-sowed self-sown / self- sowedsell sold soldsend sent sentset set setsew sewed sewn / sewedshake shook shakenshave shaved shaved / shavenshear sheared sheared / shornshed shed shedshine shined / shone shined / shoneshit shit / shat / shitted shit / shat / shittedshoe shoed / shod shoed / shodshoot shot shotshow showed shown / showedshrink shrank / shrunk shrunkshrive shrived / shrove shrivenshut shut shut
  20. 20. sight-read sight-read sight-readsing sang sungsink sank / sunk sunksit sat satskywrite skywrote skywrittenslay (kill) slew / slayed slain / slayedslay (amuse) slayed slayedREGULARsleep slept sleptslide slid slidsling slung slungslink slinked / slunk slinked / slunkslit slit slitsmell smelled / smelt smelled / smeltsmite smote smitten / smotesneak sneaked / snuck sneaked / snucksow sowed sown / sowedspeak spoke spokenspeed sped / speeded sped / speededspell spelled / spelt spelled / speltspend spent spent
  21. 21. spill spilled / spilt spilled / spiltspin spun spunspit spit / spat spit / spatsplit split splitspoil spoiled / spoilt spoiled / spoiltspoon-feed spoon-fed spoon-fedspread spread spreadspring sprang / sprung sprungstall-feed stall-fed stall-fedstand stood stoodstave staved / stove staved / stovesteal stole stolenstick stuck stucksting stung stungstink stunk / stank stunkstrew strewed strewn / strewedstride strode striddenstrike (delete) struck strickenstrike (hit) struck struck / strickenstring strung strungstrip stripped / stript stripped / stript
  22. 22. strive strove / strived striven / strivedsublet sublet subletsunburn sunburned / sunburned / sunburnt sunburntswear swore swornsweat sweat / sweated sweat / sweatedsweep swept sweptswell swelled swollen / swelledswim swam swumswing swung swungTtake took takenteach taught taughttear tore torntelecast telecast telecasttell told toldtest-drive test-drove test-driventest-fly test-flew test-flownthink thought thoughtthrive thrived / throve thrived / thriventhrow threw thrown
  23. 23. thrust thrust thrusttread trod trodden / trodtroubleshoot troubleshot troubleshottypecast typecast typecasttypeset typeset typesettypewrite typewrote typewrittenUunbear unbore unborn / unborneunbend unbent unbentunbind unbound unboundunbuild unbuilt unbuiltunclothe unclothed / unclad unclothed / uncladunderbid underbid underbidunderbuy underbought underboughtundercut undercut undercutunderfeed underfed underfedundergo underwent undergoneunderlay underlaid underlaidunderlet underlet underletunderlie underlay underlainunderrun underran underrun
  24. 24. undersell undersold undersoldundershoot undershot undershotunderspend underspent underspentunderstand understood understoodundertake undertook undertakenunderthrust underthrust underthrustunderwrite underwrote underwrittenundo undid undoneundraw undrew undrawnunfreeze unfroze unfrozenunhang unhung unhungunhide unhid unhiddenunhold unheld unheldunknit unknitted / unknit unknitted / unknitunlade unladed unladen / unladedunlay unlaid unlaidunlead REGULAR unleaded unleadedunlearn unlearned / unlearned / unlearnt unlearntunmake unmade unmadeunreeve unreeved / unrove unreeved / unrove
  25. 25. unsay unsaid unsaidunsew unsewed unsewn / unsewedunsling unslung unslungunspin unspun unspununstick unstuck unstuckunstring unstrung unstrungunswear unswore unswornunteach untaught untaughtunthink unthought unthoughtunweave unwove / unwoven / unweaved unweavedunwind unwound unwoundunwrite unwrote unwrittenuphold upheld upheldupset upset upsetVvex vexed / vext vexed / vextWwake woke / waked woken / wakedwaylay waylaid waylaidwear wore worn
  26. 26. weave wove / weaved woven / weavedwed wed / wedded wed / weddedweep wept weptwet wet / wetted wet / wettedwhet REGULAR whetted whettedwin won wonwind wound woundwithdraw withdrew withdrawnwithhold withheld withheldwithstand withstood withstoodwring wrung wrungwrite wrote writtenXNo irregular verbs beginning with "X."YNo irregular verbs beginning with "Y."ZNo irregular verbs beginning with "Z."