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Pursuing happiness presentation


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Associate of Arts/ Psychology
A project I made for class.this is second one of two.

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Pursuing happiness presentation

  1. 1. Pursuing Happiness Presentation<br />By Sandra Cruz<br />10/29/2010<br />PSY 220<br />Colleen Donovan<br />
  2. 2. Practice spirituality<br /><ul><li>Find a creator of your understanding
  3. 3. Take care of the soul
  4. 4. Be aware of things outside of yourself.
  5. 5. Practice thankfulness and gratitude</li></li></ul><li>Cultivate family ties<br /><ul><li>Remember your roots
  6. 6. Forget the problems of yesterdays.
  7. 7. Live just for today
  8. 8. Use patience and understanding.
  9. 9. Smile </li></li></ul><li>Make wise comparisons<br /><ul><li>Be grateful for each thing
  10. 10. Look outside yourself
  11. 11. What is successful?
  12. 12. Think, simple.</li></li></ul><li>Find a hobby<br /><ul><li>Turn off the TV.
  13. 13. Find something of interest to do.
  14. 14. Learn new things.
  15. 15. Give more, want less.</li></li></ul><li>conclusion<br /><ul><li>Summarizing thoughts
  16. 16. Recommendations
  17. 17. Effectiveness of recommendations.
  18. 18. A sense of “freedom”</li></li></ul><li>Reference<br /><ul><li>Digital Scrapbook . (n.d.). Bliss of Happiness. Retrieved from
  19. 19.  (n.d.). The Art of Happiness. Retrieved from</li>