Fostering hope presentation


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Associate of Arts/ Psychology
A project I made for class.

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  • (Capetowndailyphoto, n.d.).
  • An effective way to set goals in your life is to create a list of changes you wish to see in your life. After the list is created then go thought it and with each one, mark with a number from most important to the least, one being the most important that you wish to see instant result too, and number five, the least, that you can work on more slowly. As an example, a goal I have is to get out of my home more, to be friendlier, and have friends in my life, instead of spending so much time alone. The least important, or the goal that can wait, would be, “taking on more studies”. After I have my list completed, I would then, under each, list ways I can reach my goals, making simple ideals, such as “when I walk, I will say hello to all I see on my walk”. You can then put the list up, and go back to it in a few days, and keep in mind that you can add and delete goals on the list, and also move goals if you find that one has become more important. Keeping a journal, and track of your list will give you less stress in adding new goals to your life. Following the guidelines that Diane McDermott and C. R. Snyder have laid out, will simplify setting goals in your life.(Mnartists, n.d.).
  • When discussing optimism, the first thing is to fully understand the meaning of the word. Optimism according to Merriam-Webster dictionary means “an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome (Merriam-Webster, 2010).” There are two forms of optimism, one that is realistic and the unrealistic form. When setting goals, we need to take into consideration the two forms of optimism. As my example showed in setting goals, my main goal is to become friendlier and develop friends. Using optimism with this goal, then I need to be aware that my success with this goal will not happen overnight, that according to my text book, it is important to keep a positive out-look, and keep in mind that making friends will be a new thing for me, so I need to keep it simple, and not expect “instant results”, as expecting instant results is a unrealistic form of optimism. Being optimism with my first goal, than I need to have less expectations of myself, and remember that learning new things do take time. While on my walks that I have listed as a way to create friends, to say “hello” to people I see will be a big step for me in reaching this goal and a realistic form of optimism that we take small steps in learning new things in life, with far more success in reaching goals.(Mnartists, n.d.).
  • When thinking about “communal hope”, and my goal to have friends in my life so I will be a part of my community, and feel good about myself, not feeling as lonely as I do now, I have to think of my reasons for moving to the area I now live in. I moved from a busy, noisy and scary town life, to the top of a mountain to a small, family type living community of about 300 people. Here is much like the old days I remember from when a child, where neighbors take an interest in neighbors yet. When making the move up here, I neglected to remember that whatever feeling I had in town, would still be with me here, having an unrealistic form of optimism. That I had to make changes within myself to have the goal I am reaching for. I feel totally communal hope up here so that will be a plus for me, in reaching my goal. I now realize just how important communities are to our life and well being, and without this contact, life can become very lonely. I have begun taking small steps to reach my goal, I say hello to all I see on my walks around my neighborhood. I also now spend some time at the community park that we have here, talking more each time I go there to parents of the children that play at the park. I feel better about life, and feel my self-esteem much higher and all due to the hope I now feel living and being part of a community.(Mnartists, n.d.).
  • In conclusion to my fostering hope presentation, I am now very aware of what I have been doing that gave me a feeling of failure, and lack of hope. I was thinking more about the “what if’s” instead of looking at my goal in a realistic form of optimism. When thinking about my goal of making friends, I would look at the entire picture and the things that might happen, if I tried to be more friendly, instead of thinking about small steps, and breaking the goals down to a more realist result, such as just saying hello to people, and not think about that conversation going further, which would lessen the stress I felt. I also listed under my main goal, to have a new out-look at myself, that if I felt my hands shake or my face become red as it does when I meet someone new or attempt to talk to others, I would put a thought into my mind, to remove the thought of “what might happen”, I would think instead, that I am just a human being, a child of my creator, and he made me and loves me, just as I am. Adding communal hope to my plan, and reminding myself that this is all new to me and very possible others that also moved from town, may feel just as I do, will help to enforce my continuing to work on being a part of my community. I feel very good about the plan I have made, and feel a lot of hope for my future and well- being. I actually feel excited as I achieve a new step, which re-enforces me to continue.(Mnartists, n.d.).
  • Fostering hope presentation

    1. 1. Fostering Hope Presentation<br />By Sandra Cruz<br />11/12/2010<br />PSY 220<br />Colleen Donovan<br />
    2. 2. Identifying Goals<br /><ul><li>Create a list
    3. 3. Keeping a journal
    4. 4. Review you goals
    5. 5. Following the guidelines </li></li></ul><li>Learning Optimism<br /><ul><li>Understand the meaning of the word optimism.
    6. 6. Two forms of optimism.
    7. 7. Have less expectations
    8. 8. Take small steps. </li></li></ul><li>Communal Hope<br /><ul><li>Be a part of my community.
    9. 9. Feel better about life with hope.
    10. 10. Take a active part of the community.</li></li></ul><li>conclusion<br /><ul><li>looking at my goal in a realistic form
    11. 11. I am just a human being
    12. 12. Put my plan in action.</li></li></ul><li>Reference<br />Capetowndailyphoto. (n.d.). Cape town daily photo. Retrieved from<br />Merriam-Webster. (2010). Definition of optimism. Retrieved from<br />Mnartists. (n.d.). Mnartits. Retrieved from<br />