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Using Technology for Tenure


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Using Technology for Tenure

  1. 1.  Ted Bay, Grant County Agriculture Agent  Bill Halfman, Monroe County Agriculture Agent  Steve Huntzicker, La Crosse County Agriculture Agent  Bob Cropp, Pepin County Agriculture Agent
  2. 2. 1. Review benefits and limitations of hardcopy vs. electronic portfolios 2. Demonstrate an electronic version of a document 3. Share faculty responses to a “test drive” in Ag/Agbusiness Department 4. Discuss “Where to from here?”
  3. 3.  The “Vita”(Who can remember?)  Switch to portfolio (for simplicity!)  Portfolios steadily became thicker!  More electronic exhibits appeared  Electronic versions of documents used in development of portfolios
  4. 4.  Faculty also using electronic transmission for:  Three year reviews and mini-portfolios  Tenured faculty reviews  Professorial documents  Other professional presentations  Two candidates presented electronic portfolios in Ag/Agbusiness department
  5. 5.  Academic department bylaws and regulations  Some reviewers need to “touch the document”  County electronic resources may be limited  Some exhibits are hard to display electronically  May still be need for some hard copies
  6. 6.  Department review committee may not totally agree with new format  Faculty Tenure Advisory Committee... What would they think?  Dean, Chancellor, Board of Regents...?
  7. 7. Savings of... Other advantages...  Time  Paper  Printing  Postage  Handling and transportation  Can be easier to make corrections and updates (page numbers adjustments)  Potentially a more professional presentation format (for SRP or FTAC committees)  Actual exhibits in document
  8. 8.  Discussed at JCEP with SRP Chair Ted Bay  Shared aspects of document on how it would work with committee ahead of time  Included a instruction sheet with CD  Did binders and CD for SRP Committee
  9. 9. Presented by Steve Huntzicker La Crosse County Agriculture Agent
  10. 10.  Ted Bay Past SRP Committee Chair  Bill Halfman Current SRP Committee Chair  Steve Huntzicker “The Guinea Pig”
  11. 11.  Not mandating any changes  Gathering more feedback  Considering this a process-not an event  Will encourage/support future candidates  Want to collaborate with other departments Tenure 2012 Department of Ag.
  12. 12.  Learn more about other platforms/formats?  Must be a standard and supported program  Easy for the candidate to use  Key evaluators must approve new format  Collaboration on future “test drives”  Departments  Faculty Tenure Advisory Committee  Administration