Webinar: Take Continuous Inspection to Your Enterprise with Sonar 3.0


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Olivier Gaudin, CEO SonarSource, introduces the audience to the enhanced feature set of Sonar 3.0. He furthermore explains the continuous inspection approach and how to leverage it for enterprises that want to introduce or optimize code quality management in small to large development teams.

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  • 1. Thank you 2. Introduce myself 3. Today: - developers job(young, self teaching) - changes - more transparency - shift from EQ only to EQ + IQ 4. The room : who uses Sonar, who has an IDE open, who want to be a developer?
  • … with Sonar Sonar is a platform for quality management, the same way Eclipse is a platform for Development tools
  • Back to our mission, what is currently happening in the market ? We are in the middle of a shift, from ... (MetrixWare + Cast) to … From past experience on IDE or CI tools, we do believe that only open source tools or the one with very agressive price will survive We, in SonarSource are not just watching the shift, but are active players of the shift ...
  • Webinar: Take Continuous Inspection to Your Enterprise with Sonar 3.0

    1. 1. Sonar 3.0 Take Continuous Inspection to Your Enterprisehttp://sonarsource.com Olivier GAUDIN CEO olivier.gaudin@sonarsource.com @gaudol
    2. 2. Housekeeping How to post questions Webinar recording and slides Contacting us Tweeting / hashtags #sonar @sonarsource @gaudol
    3. 3. Agenda Introduction of panelist About Sonar and SonarSource Background on code quality management Primer on Continuous Inspection Whats next with Sonar Conclusion & Q/A
    4. 4. Olivier Gaudin CEO and Co-founder SonarSource
    5. 5. SonarSourceA few references
    6. 6. SonarIn numbers 6,000 downloads per month 1,300 subscribers to mailing lists 60 plugins in the open source forge 150,000 downloads 20,000 instances in the world
    7. 7. How to measure quality / maintainability ?
    8. 8. The Tooling MarketNiche market Mass marketHigh entry price AffordableCXO Oriented For every stakeholderCommand & Control In the lean culture
    9. 9. Continuous Inspection SonarSource Enterprise Edition
    10. 10. Continuous InspectionDashboards & Hunting ServicesTimeMachineDifferential ModeViolations TrackingReviews
    11. 11. Programming languages Java SAP ABAP C# VB Cobol Natural PL/SQL Delphi PHP Python Flex XML Groovy (C++) Web HTML Javascript
    12. 12. The « Done, Done, Done, Done »DevelopedTestedApproved by the « Product Owner »Technical debt under control
    13. 13. RoadmapGlobal Expand rules dashboard and Sonar IDE s metrics Quality of Unit VB .NET Tests Code Churn ABAP 2.0 C++ Javascript
    14. 14. Questions & Answers Thank You ! http://sonarsource.com
    15. 15. Discussion & Questions Type questions to text chat window
    16. 16. Contact Info Olivier GAUDIN CEO olivier.gaudin@sonarsource.com @gaudol http://www.sonarsource.com