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Bulk mailing service


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We are providing reliable, fast and quality soulations to the corporate & consumer markets.We offer 18cr.fresh India Email Database for all Cities.

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Bulk mailing service

  1. 1. Business is all about reaching out tothe widest possible target audience.From localized services, businesshas moved to a global platform andmakes use of email, mobile accessand SMS to promote products andservices.
  2. 2. We are specialists in providing SMS, targeted mobile, bulk mailing and email data baseservices. If you are planning a campaign,whether it is email based, SMS based or mobilepromotions, the basic things you need areemail list database, bulk mailingdatabase, marketing database mobilenumbers based and business database. Overthe years we have compiled the widest list of ofindividuals and businesses worldwide
  3. 3. We have categorized bulk mailing database into business types,demographically and according to region.We can provide bulk email databasecategorized to suit your marketingcampaigns. From these you can compileyour mailing lists and send outnewsletters and promotional mails.
  4. 4. Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. In orderto help you promote your business through the mobileplatform using SMS and cold calls we offer the mostcomprehensive compilation of all India mobilenumber database in our mobile number databaseservices. Again, we have taken pains to categorize theseall India mobile numbers so that you can fine tuneyour marketing campaigns and target specific recipients.Today we can proudly claim to be the one of the largestmobile number database provider in India. Use thismarketing database mobile number compilation tosend text messages and establish communications with apotentially huge customer base all over the country.
  5. 5. While our email list database and all India mobile number database gives you only the name andnumber or email address, our business databaseis more detailed, giving you name, number, person incharge, data of company’s products and services,areas of operations, turnover and other importantinformation.
  6. 6. Apart from providing essential databases, we also serve business by providing bulk mailingservices. We relieve you of all the bother ofmanaging email list databases and generatingresponses. We work collaboratively with clients tomake highly effective us of email and mobile ascutting edge marketing tools to generate customersand business with the best ROI.
  7. 7. If you need the essential data of all India mobile numbers or email list database, come to us. Ifyou want carefully and strategically plannedcampaigns to be conducted on your behalf usingemail and mobile platforms, discuss your businessobjectives with us and see how our involvementhelps raise your business to greater heights.
  8. 8. So please visite our website  Call mail us : ,  ,  Or call us +91-7838888080 , +91-9323379607 