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Monavie India product brochure


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Monavie India product brochure

  2. 2. The more we learn about our health, the more we come to realize that ourmodern diets are not providing all the nutrients that our bodies need. Our bodies need a balance of macronutrients(proteins, fats and carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and phytonutrients (antioxidants andpolyphenols) to maintain excellent health.Backed by millions of dollars invested in clinical research and supported by more than 60 independent scienti cstudies, MonaVie products are the answer. Based on the rarest, most nutrient-dense fruits as well as the bestresearch, each formulation is designed to deliver exactly what your body needs. Whether you’re looking to supportyour cardiovascular, immune or overall health; or to lose weight with a nutritious weight loss supplement; or to getan extra boost of healthy, sustained energy, you’ll nd what you need in these MonaVie products: -nDisclaimer: All products mentioned in the brochure are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. NOT FOR MEDICINAL USE
  3. 3. MONAVIE ESSENTIALMonaVie Essential is a mouthwatering blend of 19 body-bene -cial fruits and AçaVie—the purest, most potent form of the Brazil-ian superfruit açai available. Scienti cally formulated to supportyour body’s nutritional needs, this ef cacious juice defendsagainst the effects of aging while improving your overall health.Forti ed with superfruits, bene cial bre and key vitamins A,C and E, MonaVie Essential is designed to nourish your bodywith powerful antioxidants and nutrients while promoting overallhealth and longevity.KEY BENEFITS damage with potent antioxidants. of common fruits and vegetables in just four ounces.
  4. 4. -trol and plant sterols, which have been clinically shown to help lowercholesterol. Featuring AçaVie—the purest, most potent form of theBrazilian superfruit açai—this cardioprotective juice supports optimalcell health and healthy cholesterol levels. Each fruit in this powerfulblend was speci cally chosen for their ability to nutritionally supportcardiovascular health.As more and more studies show the importance of maintaining healthycholesterol levels in management against heart disease, you can getKEY BENEFITS - diovascular system. naturally lower cholesterol. common fruits and vegetables in just four ounces.
  5. 5. –MONAVIE M(M)UNYour body is under constant attack; that’s why your immunesystem needs to be in top-running form. The MonaVie M(m)un -powder is a scienti cally based formula designed to help man-age healthy immune activity. Based on a proprietary blend of thesuperfruits açai, pomegranate, baobab, apple, maqui, elderber- -ry, camu camu and lingonberry, M(m)un also features Wellmune,a clinically proven supplement that strengthens your immunedefenses and improves feelings of well-being in times of stress. -M(m)un also provides your body with important vitamins and min-erals, including zinc, pantothenic acid and vitamins A, B6, B12and E without using any arti cial colours, sweeteners or avours.KEY BENEFITS action without stimulation. - mote vitality and improved feelings of well-being. with powerful antioxidants and polyphenols.
  6. 6. MONAVIE EMVBoasting an energizing blend of antioxidant-rich fruits—in-cluding the superfruits açai and maqui—MonaVie Emv isnatural source of sustained energy. Free of synthetic stimu-lants, this advanced formula is a healthy alternative to tradi-tional energy drinks.Emv features 100 percent natural sources of energy andhoney, sugar cane and sugar beets. Scienti cally shown toslowly than sucrose and maltose (typical ingredients in otherenergy drinks) promoting a steady stream of energy over alonger period of time. Now you can escalate your energyanytime you want—without worrying about the unwantedside effects.KEY BENEFITS without the unhealthy ‘high’ and ‘low’ typically associated with energy drinks. performance, alertness and endurance. preservatives.
  7. 7. MONAVIE RVLNUTRITION SHAKE MIXWhen it comes to managing your weight, every calorie counts; however, allcalories are not created equal. That’s why the MonaVie RVL Nutrition ShakeMix uses nutrient-dense calories—calories packed with nutrients. Each RVL shakeprovides a high return on your caloric intake, boosting your body’s nutrient levels.Made with AçaVie—the purest, most potent form of the Brazilian superfruit açaiavailable—each serving of RVL shake provides the antioxidant power of morethan 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Each serving also provides prebiotic bre for digestive health and whey protein to helpmaintain lean muscle mass.Stop fueling your body with empty calories and enjoya MonaVie RVL shake. Nutrition never tasted so good!KEY BENEFITS * ** ** * Compared to leading U.S. brands. ** When used as a complete system and combined with a sensible diet andregular exercise.
  8. 8. A more meaningful life. ™ MonaVie is a trademark of MonaVie LLCregistered in the U.S. and other countries. ©2011 MonaVie LLC 0911_IN_EN