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Travel Guide For Irish People Travelling to London -Part I


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A quick guide on how to travel from Ireland to London

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Travel Guide For Irish People Travelling to London -Part I

  1. 1. Travel Guide From Ireland toLondonPart I : Visa and Transportation toLondon
  2. 2. Are you travelling to London from Ireland? There is no denying that it is a thrillingchoice. The constant buzz and entertainment that surrounds London, there is noend to the excitement this city holds for an eager Irish visitor.But, in a city as lively and entertaining as London, it is not hard to be blinded bylights. Travelling to a new city or country has its own challenges. There will be upsand downs, and that’s where this ‘Practical Guide for Irish People’ comes in. This isan ultimate guide for someone planning a trip to London from Ireland. It will giveyou a breakdown of how to plan your travel, flight details, visa requirements,accommodation, food, shopping, festivals, and everything that is essential for atraveller.
  3. 3. Travel Advice• Before You Go• Embassy Information• How to Travel From Ireland to London
  4. 4. Before You GoIreland and United Kingdom come under Common Travel Area, where you can travelby road without any ID. For travel by air or sea, you need to carry only PhotographicID with you. As a member state in the European Union, Ireland and its citizens enjoyfollowing rights:• Right to Free MovementTake advantage of this right, as European Union (EU) citizens can move freely or live inanother EU country. You can travel regularly to other EU countries as a tourist or forbusiness, without many checks. Fast-track checks at borders help you to travelsmoothly within the European Union territory.• Preparing to TravelTravelling from Ireland to London is easy, as it does not require lot of documents andpreparation. National ID card or passport of Ireland is all you need to travel to Londonfrom your country. You do not need to have a passport with validity of at least 3months. If your travel document or passport is valid, you are in clear. As an EU citizenand a native of Ireland, you do not need an entry visa to visit London. But, as requiredby national authorities, you may need to prove your identity for security reasonsanytime. So, make sure you always have your identity document with you whiletravelling to London.
  5. 5. Documents Required For Boarding a Flight• If you have a valid Irish passport or identity card, you can easily board intra-European flights. As per the internal rules of respective carrier, other identitydocuments may be accepted too.Documents Required to Travel from Ireland to London• Citizens of Ireland, travelling to London must carry a photo identification, whichincludes:• Valid passport• National ID card/government issued photo ID cards• Drivers licence with photo• International student card• Work ID with photo• Bus pass with photo• Health insurance card with photoNote: For travelling between Ireland and UK with photo identification other than passport, you must beborn and be a citizen of either country.
  6. 6. Right of ResidenceAs an EU citizen, if you have a valid passport or ID card, you have the right to reside on the territoryof host EU country for up to 3 months without any conditions or formalities. It does not matter, ifyou have come for work, study, or as a tourist, a valid passport, or identity card is all you need tolive in the host country.For more details about your travel from Ireland to London, please go through the guide to yourrights as an EU citizen.What if You Want to Stay For More Than Three Months in London?• As an Irish traveller, student, or a worker, you may want to live longer than 3 months in London.Therefore, your right to reside longer than three months is subject to following conditions:Documents RequiredIf you want to stay longer than 3 months in London, you may be required to show the followingdocuments to national authorities:• Passport or Identity Card – Make sure you always have a valid ID or passport while travelling to thecapital. In addition to this, you may be required to produce proof that complies with right ofresidence for your category, such as a student or a worker.• Self-employed – Produce proof that complies with your self-employment.• For Students – As a student coming to London, you must produce proof of enrolment at anaccredited establishment, proof of sickness insurance cover, and a declaration that you are not aburden on social assistance system of host EU country.• For Workers – You must present a certificate of employment or a confirmation of engagement fromyour employer.Note: All these documents and proofs are only required if you want to stay in London for more than three months.
  7. 7. Embassy InformationBritish Embassy in Dublin, IrelandAddress: 29 Merrion RoadBallsbridgeDublin 4IrelandTelephone: +353 (1) 205 3700Fax: +353 (1) 205 3885Website: http://www.britishembassy.ieE-mail: Mon-Thur9am-12.45 pm2pm-5.15 pmFriday: 9 am – 12.45 pm2 pm – 5.15 pmEmbassy of Ireland in London, UKAddress: 17 Grosvenor Place,London SW1X 7HRTelephone: 020 – 7235 2171Fax: 020 – 7201 2515Website: Monday – Friday: 9.30 am – 5 pm
  8. 8. How to Travel From Ireland to LondonLondon is served by four major international airports, namely City, Gatwick, Heathrow, and Stansted. If you are travelling fromDublin, Ireland to London, then book flights to any of these airports.Flights from Ireland to Heathrow AirportLocated 20 miles away from Central London, Heathrow is one of the most modern airports inthe capital. It stays busy throughout the year, handling top international flights and carriers.From Ireland, you can easily take a flight until Heathrow to explore London. This internationalairport is connected to Ireland through these flights:• Aer Lingus – From Dublin, Shannon, Cork, and Kerry• British Airways – From Dublin• Lufthansa – From KnockFlights from Ireland to Stansted AirportThird busiest airport in UK, Standsted lies to the northeast of London. It is the base forseveral low-cost European carriers that connect London with EU countries. From Ireland, youcan take this flight to Stansted:• Ryanair – From Shannon, Cork, Dublin, Knock, and Kerry
  9. 9. Flights from Ireland to London City AirportAs the closest airport to Central London, it is most preferred by travellers coming to thecapital. London City is just 6 miles to east Central London, giving quick access to visitors. Thisinternational airport is well connected to Ireland through these flight carriers:• Air France – From Dublin• KLM – From Dublin and Cork• Aer Lingus – From KerryFlights from Ireland to Gatwick Airport• Second largest after Heathrow, Gatwick Airport is situated to the south of Central London. Itis highly advanced and second busiest international airport, catering to over 34 millionpassengers in 2012. Ireland is connected to Gatwick Airport through these flights:• Aer Lingus – From Dublin, Kerry, and Knock• Ryanair – From Shannon, Cork, and DublinThere are several cheap flights available from Ireland to London. To compare prices and bookthe best one online, click here.
  10. 10. Ferry ConnectionsLondon is easy to access by road from major England ports. The main city is located just fewhours drive from major Ferry Ports, such as Harwich, Dover, Newhaven, Ramsgate, andFolkestone. Regular ferries between Ireland and London are available from Dublin-Holyheadand Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead. These ferry routes have high-speed vessels along with normalferry services too.Stena Line and Irish Ferries operate regular ferry services from Dublin Ferry Port to England’skey Ferry Ports. Book your ferry online on their websites to travel to and from Ireland. Theferry journey from Dublin takes around two hours in high-speed vessels, while on traditionalferries, it can take a little more than three hours.Note: All ferries on this route provide essential facilities to cater to their disabled travellers. Contact individualcompanies and operators for more details.
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