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Here's my take at the value prop for Windows 8 and why businesses need to pay attention to the Microsoft platform.

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  • Making your app look and work great on every form factor and every viewing option makes your app more desirable to users and increases the overall feel of quality of your app.
  • Apps in the Store - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t3Expedia’s travel app, NORAD’s Santa tracking app, Channel 4 Television, Huffington Post, Kno Textbooks, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, TechCrunch, popular titles from Disney, and some top shows available on other platforms, such as the UK’s Top Gear. DropBox, CNN, Sony’s Crackle, Amazon’s Audible, NIM, Songza, Liquid MyConnect Studio by LL COOL J and Boomdizzle are also coming soon to Windows 8, among many others.   UrbanSpoon, Ebay, Martha Stewart, Audible
  • This is our agenda. I want you to remember the five things that differentiates Windows from other app opportunities.Designed for discoveryWindows Store app, displayed on StartSpotlight, Recommend, Browse/Filter, SearchIE10 & Deep linksUnprecedented reachGlobal reach: 200+ markets, 100+ languagesEnterprise distributionFlexible business modelsFree, paid, in-app, trials3rd party in-app and advertising supportTransparent termsKey documents publishedWACK, track progress, actionable feedbackBest economicsDevelopers control pricingUp to 80% revenue share
  • Some of these numbers have changed since this slide was last created.
  • Store Visitors increased 359% [or 4.5x] since launch; in December alone we saw nearly 200 people going to the Windows Store per minute. Developers use their own commerce engines and keep up to 100% of their profits for in app sales. E.g. Amazon, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Zinio, and Magzster. On Christmas Day alone, we saw the number of unique new users visiting the Store increase 267% compared to the norm in December.  App downloads on Christmas Day likewise increased by more than 150%. That’s more than any other platform saw in terms of app download increases from the holiday. (iPad was 140%; App downloads for iOS in general averaged an 87% increase on that day)
  • We passed the 100M app download mark – just two months after GA. In the first two months of the iPad launch they were at the 35M download mark.
  • - At home or at work your app can engage with users wherever they are. Since Windows is the most widely used platform in the world you can be sure that the widest range of users will have access to your app (not just ones that have expensive iOS devices)
  • The store is built for discoverabilityStarting with the hub and sections that are organized in a way that makes it easy for users to browse and find application that they want.
  • 1) Content Before Chrome – The Windows 8 device becomes your app. There is no taskbar, no start menu, no chrome. Here is a reference book that has chosen to present recently read and new articles. The choice and presentation style is up to you.2) Live Tiles – Live tiles are a way to draw people back into your app. Show the newest articles in your magazine, or posts from your friends. Your content is no longer locked behind an unmoving icon, but is alive, drawing the user in. In this case, this live tile is for a news app, and the live tile is showing the latest headlines.3) Search – Search is available system-wide. Search defaults to searching the application you are currently using, but you can choose any other application that has made itself available to be searched, including your app. When your app is searched, the OS simply passes you the search term, and you can search locally or search your back-end. If you have a trusted brand, why let your customers risk a web search? Instead expose them to all of your content and engage them when they need you, not just when they want to.4) Share – Your content is valuable, and your users want to tell their friends. By implementing the share contract, you allow your content to be shared to any other application on the system in a controlled way. If the user has a FB app, for example, that app may show up in the share target list. Alternately, if they use Renren, for example, they can share there just as easily. You don’t need to worry about it. Sharing can also be used for more private communications like email. You get fully customized share to all the applications, networks, and people your user cares about simply by implementing share. Let me demo these features for you.FOCUSED DEMO
  • The store enables developers <<right word?? Windows Store app creators??>> to sell apps in more than 200 markets, with support for local currencies in over 70 markets, and apps that participate in the Windows Store can localize their apps in more than 100 languages. The store will support app submission from 41 markets, and the support will continue to increase—more local catalogs, more markets that support app submission, more local currency support—as the Store services expands.We are everywhere.Mention localization. You can capitalize on that and make a lot more money. NOTE: YOU MUST READ THIS BLOG POST FOR YOUR LOCAL DETAILS http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsstore/archive/2012/01/05/global-reach.aspx
  • [Speak to bullets as presented above]Analytics DetailsKey pivots:Audience demographics (age, gender, country)Device class (tablet, laptop, etc.)Paid vs. FreeKey MeasuresVol. of apps (download and submissions)Top grossingTop AppsRatingsReviewsApp quality (hangs, crashes)App performance (relative to category/sub-category)Referrals (how did people discover your app?)
  • http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2011/03/08/an-update-on-windows-phone-marketplace-new-tips-policies-and-regional-access-program.aspx
  • Emphasize strongly that their choice has to meet store policies and certification..
  • 1. Get the Microsoft Ad Sdk - http://adsinapps.microsoft.com/sdk2. Sign up for a pubCenter account - http://adsinapps.microsoft.com/pubcenter3. Publish your app to the Windows Store - http://adsinapps.microsoft.com/submit-to-windows-store4. Use our helpful tools to build your business - http://adsinapps.microsoft.com/build-your-business
  • http://build.windowsstore.com/using-frameworks/#fbid=qlPTIlMu5Pu
  • Why Windows 8

    1. 1. 1. Market Opportunity2. Designed for discovery3. Unprecedented reach4. Flexible business models5. Transparent terms6. Best economics
    2. 2. Developers have hit the onemillion and even two millionmark in terms of appdownloads.Developers use their owncommerce engines and keepup to 100% of their profitsfor in app sales.There are more than morethan 1700 certified systemsfor Windows 8 and WindowsRT.
    3. 3. 90% of app catalog isdownloaded every month250 million downloads ofapps60,000 apps, which is moreapps that Apple had in thefirst year of their app store2,400 devices in market byback-to-school season
    4. 4. 020406080100120WINDOWS 8 IOSAPP DOWNLOADS (MILLIONS)TWO MONTHS AFTER LAUNCHApp downloads (Millions)
    5. 5. Windows Store: Installed by Default on Every PC
    6. 6. Great hardware designed for Windows 8
    7. 7. Store homeApp listingSpotlight Category
    8. 8. Microsoft Confidential 19Engaging and unique experiencesSearch surfaces your app and content whenit is most appropriate across the whole system
    9. 9. two lines of markup
    10. 10. Microsoft Confidential 24Opportunities for your businessAdvertise with Microsoft Advertising or yourpreferred ad vendor. Use app or web advertisingnetworks
    11. 11. $49Individual account$99Business account
    12. 12. You control the pricing of your appPrices from $1.49 to $999.99Tiered model
    13. 13. 70%New apps80%Over $25,000
    14. 14. To generate $10 million in profitsPrice point of $4.99~2,500,000 sales0.5% of Windows customers = 1 out of 2001 out of 14 iPad customers
    15. 15. One time purchaseTime limited trials, conversionFeature differentiated trialsPurchases over timePersistent purchasesExpiring purchasesUse your existing commerce engineExisting relationshipSubscriptionsAd supportedUse our advertising systemBring your own
    16. 16. 70xdownloads10%conversion10xrevenueWindows Phone Developer blog, March 2011
    17. 17. Time-basedFeature differentiated