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Why Windows 8


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Here's my take at the value prop for Windows 8 and why businesses need to pay attention to the Microsoft platform.

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Why Windows 8

  1. 1. 1. Market Opportunity2. Designed for discovery3. Unprecedented reach4. Flexible business models5. Transparent terms6. Best economics
  2. 2. Developers have hit the onemillion and even two millionmark in terms of appdownloads.Developers use their owncommerce engines and keepup to 100% of their profitsfor in app sales.There are more than morethan 1700 certified systemsfor Windows 8 and WindowsRT.
  3. 3. 90% of app catalog isdownloaded every month250 million downloads ofapps60,000 apps, which is moreapps that Apple had in thefirst year of their app store2,400 devices in market byback-to-school season
  4. 4. 020406080100120WINDOWS 8 IOSAPP DOWNLOADS (MILLIONS)TWO MONTHS AFTER LAUNCHApp downloads (Millions)
  5. 5. Windows Store: Installed by Default on Every PC
  6. 6. Great hardware designed for Windows 8
  7. 7. Store homeApp listingSpotlight Category
  8. 8. Microsoft Confidential 19Engaging and unique experiencesSearch surfaces your app and content whenit is most appropriate across the whole system
  9. 9. two lines of markup
  10. 10. Microsoft Confidential 24Opportunities for your businessAdvertise with Microsoft Advertising or yourpreferred ad vendor. Use app or web advertisingnetworks
  11. 11. $49Individual account$99Business account
  12. 12. You control the pricing of your appPrices from $1.49 to $999.99Tiered model
  13. 13. 70%New apps80%Over $25,000
  14. 14. To generate $10 million in profitsPrice point of $4.99~2,500,000 sales0.5% of Windows customers = 1 out of 2001 out of 14 iPad customers
  15. 15. One time purchaseTime limited trials, conversionFeature differentiated trialsPurchases over timePersistent purchasesExpiring purchasesUse your existing commerce engineExisting relationshipSubscriptionsAd supportedUse our advertising systemBring your own
  16. 16. 70xdownloads10%conversion10xrevenueWindows Phone Developer blog, March 2011
  17. 17. Time-basedFeature differentiated