Fashion Mirage Franchise


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FM is ready to wear total wardrobe solution for mid-premium segment which represents the globally aspiring Indian Youth. The FM range captures international designs and trends offering a variety of fabrics in various blends for the consumer.

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Fashion Mirage Franchise

  1. 1. Fashion Mirage A Brand by Indus Group
  2. 2. About Indus Group:- Indus Group (An ISO 14001-2004 & ISO 9001-2008 certified company) is the dream project of four experienced professionals from different fields to mark the Indian intellect and creative intelligence in the globe is their mission! Under the rich expertise and exposure of young and vibrant Indus management, all set to mark its operations and class apart services in Aviation, Corporate and VIP transport management, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare and Animal Husbandry projects in the days to come Indus group is one of the fastest growing company headquartered in New Delhi with multinational operations spread across in UK, Dubai, Singapore, Botswana, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Guwahati, Chennai and Mysore shortly.
  3. 3. INDUS MISSION “UNITY IN DEVERSITY” & “WE CAN GROW TOGETHER” • QUALITY POLICY: Indus Group standards of innovation, quality and trust have been established and are being upgraded constantly by the high caliber team of intellectuals. • CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: Indus story is of the people across the world sharing ideas and insights to create value for customers, employees, business associates and share holders and enduring the long term growth. • DEFINING THE COMPANY: The people who make INDUS an innovative and customer centric organization. INDUS is the Brain child of four qualified individuals, who have come together to share their experience and expertise in different fields, to offer you a world of comfort, economic independence and convenience.
  4. 4. The Indian Market for Men Apparel The domestic market for men apparel is rapidly expanding and is expected to experience an annual average increase of around 15% from 2010 to 2012. According to a study, the demand for ready-made garments in India will surge at an annual rate of around 17% to reach Rs. 42,918 Crores by 2012.
  5. 5. Brand Fashion Mirage FM is ready to wear total wardrobe solution for mid- premium segment which represents the globally aspiring Indian Youth. The FM range captures international designs and trends offering a variety of fabrics in various blends for the consumer.
  6. 6. Use of templates • It is the fastest growing national brand in the category with an aggressive marketing and retailing plan. With Rahul as brand ambassador, the brand has successfully created an emphatic connection with the target customers - the young generation. • Retail concept – Cloths (fabric), clothes (garments) and accessories sold through EBOs which also provides tailoring and designing consultations under one roof.
  7. 7. Fashion Mirage Store
  8. 8. Fashion Mirage Store
  9. 9. FM Product Line The FM product line includes formal, informal, casual and evening wear line ruled by Polyester Viscose and spans across other blends and fabrics like Polyester Wool, Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silk, Lycra, Modal, Tencel, Polyamide, Soya and Bamboo. Each line constitutes shirts, trousers, blazers, suits, denims, chinos, cargos, T- shirts etc in myriad variety and in accessories comprise belts, cuff-links, mufflers, tie, socks and much more.
  10. 10. Target customers • Middle class Male, 21-35 years • Seeks value for money but aspires and strives for better life • He is daring , likes to compete and win as success is most important to him • Fashion conscious and influenced by celebrities
  11. 11. Fashion Mirage Franchise Facts Model 1 Model 2 Deposits 10 lacs 20 lacs Rental Franchise a/c Franchise a/c Space Required 500sq ft 1000 sq ft MG (Minimum Guarantee) 5% 5% Investment on interiors & Franchise account Franchise account Billing Software Margin 25% 30% Stock correction 10% bi-annual 10% bi-annual Running Expenses Franchise a/c Franchise a/c
  12. 12. Franchise Support Plan Site Selection and Approval Staff Recruitment and Hiring Stock control and Reordering Initial training Marketing & Advertising Support Ongoing assistance
  13. 13. Fashion Mirage Presence in India FM will be present across a large number of dealers and retailed by Brand house as well through exclusive Brand outlets pan India stocking the entire range of fabrics and garments. Additionally each store offers tailoring facility. Shortly we will be present in tier 1 and tier 2 cities like: Agra Ahemdabad Amritsar Aurangabad Baroda Bhopal Bengaluru Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Delhi Ghaziabad Goa Gwalior Hyderabad Karnal Kolkata Ludhiana Lucknow Mangalore Mumbai Mysore Nasik Patiala Patna Pune Raipur Secundrabad Surat Thane
  14. 14. For Franchise Inquiries Contact : Shaili Mansuri Call : 09727747780 Email :