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Copy of project airtel

  1. 1. A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PERCEPTION TOWARDS Submitted in the partial fulfillment in Bachelor of Business AdministrationSubmitted To: Submitted By:Ms. Rasna PathakProject Guide Roll no. 94532451177 BBA 6th SEM GNA Institute of Management & Technology(Affiliated from PTU) 1
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to take an opportunity to thank all the people in collecting thenecessary information and making of the report. I am grateful to all of them fortheir time and wisdom.My project becomes a reality only because of cooperation of many people who hadhelped me in completing this project. I sincerely extend my gratitude to Ms RasnaPathak who has given me this golden opportunity to have an insight in thecorporate world and who has been a source of guidance and support.Sameer Thakur 1
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Title Page 1  Bonafide Certificate 2  Declaration 3  Acknowledgement 4  Chapter 1 Industry and company profile 1.1 Industry profile 5 1.2 Company profile 6 -AIRTEL logo 7 -Bharati’s vision 8 -Bharati’s Mission 9 1.2.1 Network of AIRTEL 9 1.2.2 AIRTEL broadband 11 1.2.3 Organizational structure 14 1.2.4 Promotional strategies 16 1.2.5 AirTel: Appropriating the value of expression 17 1.2.6 Milestone of Company 21 1.2.7 Awards 24  Chapter 2 Review of Literature 2.1 Review of Literature 29 2.1(a) what is customer satisfaction 29 2.1(b) why is it important 30 2.2 Objectives 31 2.3 Limitations 33  Chapter-3 Research Methodology 3.1 Research Methodology 34 3.1 Research Design 34 3.2 Sampling Design/Techniques 35 1
  4. 4. 3.3 Data collection methods 35 3.4 Statistical tools used 37 Chapter 4 Analysis and Interpretation 4.1 Analysis and Interpretation 39 4.1.1 Table and chart showing the opinion on signaling at their area 39 4.1.2 Table and chart showing the opinion on customer care services 40 4.1.3 Table and chart showing the opinion on customer care 41 employee’s response to customer’s questions 4.1.4 Table and chart showing whether customers use INTERNET 43 services 4.1.5 Table and chart showing opinion on INTERNET services 45 4.1.6 Table and chart showing number of times customers log into 45 internet per day 4.1.7 Table and chart showing rating for internet speed 45 4.1.8 Table and chart showing Maximum recharge per month 46 4.1.9 Table and chart showing whether offers are used by customers 47 4.1.10 Table and chart showing offers used by customers 48 4.1.11 Table and chart showing opinion on offers used by customers 49 4.1.12 Table and chart showing up to date with current offers 50 4.1.13 Table and chart showing whether they used other network 50 Connection other than AIRTEL 4.1.14 Table and chart showing opinion on AIRTEL compared to 50 other connection 1
  5. 5.  Chapter-5 Findings, Suggestions & Conclusion 5.1 Findings 51 5.2 Suggestions 51 5.3 Conclusion 51 Annexure 52 -Questionnaire 52 Bibliography 53 CHAPTER-1 INDUSTRY & COMPANY PROFILE 1
  6. 6. 1.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE:Indian mobile telephony market is increasing day by day and there is more To happen withtechnological up gradations occurring nearly every day and the ever-increasing demand foreasier and faster connectivity, the mobile telephony market is expected to race ahead… India has a fast-growing mobile services market with excellent potential for the future.With almost five million subscribers amassed in less than two years of operation, Indias growthtempo has far exceeded that of numerous other markets, such as China and Thailand, which havetaken more than five years to reach the figures India currently holds. The number of mobilephone subscribers in the country would exceed 50 million by 2005 and cross 300million by2010, according to Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). According to recent strategic 1
  7. 7. research by Frost & Sullivan, Indian Cellular Services Market, such growth rates can be greatlyattributed to the drastically falling price of mobile handsets, with price playing a fundamentalrole in Indian subscriber requirements. Subscribers in certain regions can acquire the handset atalmost no cost, thanks to the mass-market stage these technologies have reached internationally.The Indian consumer can buy a handset for $150 or less. This should lead to increasedsubscribership. This market is growing at an extremely fast pace and so is the competitionbetween the mobile service providers.With the presence of a number of mobile telephony services providers including market leaderslike Airtel, Reliance, Idea Cellular, Tata Indicom, Spice Communications etc who are providingeither of the two network technologies such as Global System for Mobile Communications(GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). In cellular service there are two maincompeting network technologies: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and CodeDivision Multiple Access (CDMA). Understanding the difference between GSM and CDMAwill allow the user to choose the preferable network technology for his needs. Global System forMobile Communications (GSM) is a new digital technology developed by the Europeancommunity to create a commonmobile standard around the world. It helps you achieve higher sall capacity and better speechquality and one can enjoy crystal clear reception on ones mobile phone. It automatically solvesthe problem of eavesdroping on ones calls.Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) describes a communication channel access principlethat employs spread spectrum technology and a special coding scheme (where each transmitter isassigned a code). It is a spread spectrum signaling, since the modulated coded signal has a muchhigher bandwidth than the data being communicated. CDMA is the current name for mobiletechnology and is characterized by high capacity and small cell radius. It has been used in manycommunication and navigation systems, including the Global Positioning System and theomnitracs satellite system for transportation logistics.The Company’s wireless network runs on a GSM technology. The mobile telephony servicesproviders Airtel, Vodafone (Formerly Hutch), have been competing aggressively for their marketshare with MTNL, Tata Indicom, Reliance and Idea Cellular entering into the foray, this tusslehas only become more tough. With major market share in the hands of the likes of Reliance, 1
  8. 8. Airtel, Vodafone (Formerly Hutch), Idea Cellular the others have been finding it difficult tocompete in the market.The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) has been playing an important role inkeeping a watch on these existing players and bringing new environment as well as policies andreforms for these Mobile Telephony Service Providers and permitting them to provide mobiletelephony services including permission to carry its own long distance traffic within their servicearea without seeking an additional license. TRAI’s mission is to create and nurture conditions forthe growth of telecommunications including broadcasting and cable services in the country in amanner and at a pace which will enable India to play a leading role in the emerging globalinformation society. The service providers are free to provide, in its service area of operation, alltypes of mobile services including voice and non-voice messages, data services and PCO’s. TheOperators would be required to pay a one-time entry fee. The basis for determining the entry feeand the basis for selection of additional operators would be recommended by the TRAI. Apartfrom the one time entry fee, operators would also be required to pay license fee based on arevenue share. It is proposed that the appropriate level of entry fee and percentage of revenueshare arrangement for different service areas would be recommended by TRAI in a time-boundmanner.1.2 Company ProfileTelecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. The businesses atBharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s)1) mobile services2) broadband and telephone services (B&T)3) enterprise servicesThe Mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles,while B&T business group provides broadband & telephone Services in 94 cities. The EnterpriseServices group has two sub-units –carriers (long distance services) and services top corporates.All these services are provided under the AirTel brand Airtel comes to you from Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited - a part of the biggest private integrated telecom conglomerate, Bharti 1
  9. 9. Enterprises. A consortium of giants in the telecommunication business. In its six years of pursuitof greater customer satisfaction, AirTel has redefined the business through marketinginnovations, continuous technological up gradation of the network, introduction of newgeneration value added services and the highest standard of customer care.Bharti is the leading cellular service provider, with an all India footprint covering all 23 telecomcircles of the country. It has over 25million satisfied customers.Cellular telephony was introduced in India during the early 1990s. At that time, there were onlytwo major private players, Bharti (Airtel) and Essar (Essar) and both these companies offeredonly post-paid services. Initially, the cellular services market registered limited growth.Moreover, these services were mostly restricted to the metros. Other factors such as lack ofawareness among people, lack of infrastructural facilities, low standard of living, andgovernment regulations were also responsible for the slow growth of cellular phone services inIndia.Although the cellular services market in India grew during the late 1990s (as the number ofplayers increased and tariffs and handset prices came down significantly) the growth was rathermarginal. This was because the cellular service providers offered only post-paid cellular services,which were still perceived to be very costly as compared to landline communications.Following this realization, the major cellular service providers in India, launched pre-paidcellular services in the late 1990s. The main purpose of these services was to target customersfrom all sections of society (unlike post-paid services, which were targeted only at the premiumsegment).The Airtel LogoThe Airtel logo is a strong, contemporary and confident symbol for a brand that is always aheadof the rest. It is a specially drawn wordmark.The Airtel Image style 1
  10. 10. It incorporates two solid, red rectangular forms whose counterform creates an open doorway.The Airtel Typographical styleThe title case lettering with its capital A was deliberately chosen to reinforce the brandsleadership position. The red dot on the letterform I cues Airtels focus on innovation.. The wordsExpress Yourself are very much part of the brand identity.Board of DirectorsThe board of directors of the Company has an optimum mix of executive and non-executivedirectors, which consists of two executive and thirteen nonexecutive directors. The Chairmanand Managing Director, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, is an Executive Director and the number ofIndependent Directors on the Board is 50% of the total board strength. The independence of adirector is determined on the basis that such director does not have any material pecuniaryrelationship with the Company, its promoters or its management, which may affect theindependence of the judgment of a Director. The board members possess requisite skills,experience and expertise required to take decisions, which are in the best interest of theCompany.The composition of the Board is as under:· Sunil Bharti Mitta l· Rajan Bharti Mitta l· Akhil Gupta· Rakesh Bharti Mitta l· Chua Sock Koong· N. Kumar· Kurt Hellstrom· Donald Cameron· Paul OSullivan· Pulak Chandan Prasad· Bashir Abdulla Currimjee 1
  11. 11. · Ajay La l· Arun Bharat Ram· Francis HengBharti’s VisionBy 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:· Loved by more customers· Targeted by top talent· Benchmarked by more businessesWe at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers andhow we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight thecustomer with a little bit moreBharti’s MissionTo be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers. 1
  12. 12. We will meet global standards for telecom services that delight customersthrough:• Customer Service Focus• Empowered Employees• Cost Efficiency• Unified Messaging Solutions• Innovative products and services• Error- free service deliveryNetwork of AirtelCellular ServiceAirtel Completes Its 23 Circle All India Footprint Airtel now connects India from the Indus tothe Indian Ocean and from Sabarmati to the Brahmaputra on a network of more than 10,000 basestations with cumulative investments of more than Rs. 16,000 crores.Internet infrastructureOur Internet backbone involves state of the art high-end routers and switches as maydeployed onthe best networks across the world to offer you reliable service of unmatchedquality. Three yearsback we had established satellite based gateway for internet access.This was the first gateway by a private operator. Now we have established our fibregateway onNetwork i2i, first private submarine cable owned by us and SingTel.Fixed line infrastructureOur high quality fibre-based, fixed line networks in Delhi, Haryana, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chahattisgarh ,intensively covers the mostprominentcommercial and business districts in the country. We provide the power of last milefixedline network to bring end-to-end voice and data solutions. 1
  13. 13. Long distance infrastructureOur 25,000 km advanced fibre-optic cable long distance network covers Indias top 200cities.And it powers the services of Indias leading private telecom service providers -cellular, fixedline and internet through Our Long Distance Services.Submarine cableWe have partnered with SingTel to create the worlds largest submarinecable system- Networki2i with 8.4 Tbps capacity. This 3200 km undersea cable structure stretches from Chennai toSingapore and thereon to Tier-1 carriers on SingTels capacity on 175,000 km of cables. Thehuge capacity on network i2i is distributed locally in India through our 25,000 km of advancedfibre-optic domestic long distance backbone, providing unprecedented capacity, speed &reliability.TechnologyIn no other service or business technology is such a major factor. Sales and marketing arefutilewithout a sound technological base. Hence we analyze AirTel on the basis of thisparameter.Technological facets in cellular services are explained and the level of expertise of bothplayersstated.Call set up timeThis is the time that it takes a user to get connected after the completion of the dialingprocess.Presently 8-30 seconds is considered normal set-up time.AirTels’ call set up time is generally within this range. 1
  14. 14. Capacity Call congestionThis is the quality of getting calls through even in high user density areas.AirTel provides better customer satisfaction.This will enable them to increase their customer base leading to increased revenues inthefuture.Voice Quality and CoverageIt is the clarity of transmission. In city centers this quality is not difficult to maintain.However itbecomes very important when the transmission is being directed to or fromunder groundlocations, from behind tall building and structures, narrow and congestedcity interiors.AirTel provides better quality in the above mentioned. The reason for this is thebetterinfrastructure and technology.AIRTEL BROADBANDBharti Televentures is the fixed line operator business of Airtel. In the recent branding exercise,all the services have been offered under the Airtel brand. Data is the next driver for growth. Thisis clear to the operators who have belatedly realized the implications for having a pie in all thesegments of telecommunications. Hence Bharti ventured in the broadband market.However, the main contention in the broadband market is the price offering which includes thebandwidth costs as well as the cost of laying down the copper wire. Typically, in the mentality ofthe profit making exercise, Airtel has so far focused only in those areas where it perceives that ahuge market is present. However, I still hold that their thrust should be in smaller towns andcities where BSNL would ultimately usurp their potential customer base. It seems that theirfancily paid MBAs haven’t really understood the success of BSNL who focused on the B and C 1
  15. 15. class cities where it has drawn unparalleled support despite the lousy customer experiences. Thisis because of the absence of any other operator.The current offerings by Airtel does not really enthuse a potential customer who is looking atsustained data transfer. It is the classic case of having something better than nothing. Add to thelousy customer care that Airtel is slowly perfecting, it is staffed with people who usually land upin their jobs with little idea of their job profile. The so-called Tech engineers have often beenunable to help a customer who is facing issues with the connectivity.Airtel Broadband is powered by DSL technologyDSL provides blazing-fast, secure Internet access and can be delivered to both homes and tobusinesses. Delivered right through a regular telephone line, data rates can vary from 128Kb to8Mb per second depending on the type and cost of the service.Instant AccessDigital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology provides instant Internet and network access at speedsup to 50 times faster than a 28.8Kbps modem on a standard analogue phone line. There are nodial-up delays, no busy signals. What used to take minutes or hours to download, will now takejust seconds or minutes.Experience MultimediaWith DSL Internet Service you can download graphics-heavy files, large documents, software,photos, email attachments, and more, instantly. Its perfect for real-time interactive multimedia,broadcast quality video, distance learning, and video-on-demand. And because DSL InternetService sends data and voice over the same line, you can talk on the phone while you are online.Never Wait!Its also a service that you dont have to dial into. Just turn on your PC, open a browser, andyoure ready to surf. (No more hearing those annoying beeps and tones, then waiting to beconnected. Youre always connected whenever you wish to!). Beyond Internet access, DSL alsohas the ability to carry additional phone lines and entertainment services using the same pair ofwires. High-speed Internet access through DSL, changes your Internet experience perceptibly.Services 1
  16. 16. Airtel brings you a host of exciting features ranging from facilities like Online tests, In touch andVideo Surveillance Solutions to trouble shooting devices like, Net Expert and Web Jockey.· Video Surveillance Solutions – Airtel allows you to control your business, 24x7. Observe youroffice, warehouse, shop and staff from your PC, from anywhere and all the time.· In touch – Airtel allows you to create and share your precious moments with your loved oneswith In Touch. It’s a great way to reach out to your loved ones who are far away.· NetXpert - NetXpert, India’s first ever automated Broadband caretechnology which provides immediate solutions for Internet connectivity related problems.· Online Tests - Airtel Broadband Services and TCY Online offer you online competitive testsfor GRE, GMAT, SAT and MBA, from the comfort of your home.· WiFi - Wifi is a wireless technology brand by the Wifii Alliance that gives you a host offantastic advantages ranging from reliability to security. The simple installation procedure givesyou access to unsurpassed performance instantly.Wireless InternetWireless Internet includes :1. Data Card2. Usb ModemData CardAirtel Data Card is the superior PC Data Card solution which delivers wireless internetcapabilities to laptops and notebooks, by providing EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PCCard package. On an EDGE network, Airtel Data Card enables connection to the Internet usingEGPRS. In areas where EDGE services are not available, the Airtel Data Card still enablesreliable and secure data connections over GPRS. Airtel Data Card opens up the true world ofwireless internet and is an ideal companion for a mobile professional, enabling Internet, Email,and Office applications with real-time secure VPN access to corporate applications whilst on themove. Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity!Features· Quad-band radio card suitable for use on EGRPS/GPRS/GSM networks worldwide PTCRBcompliant. 1
  17. 17. · Compatible with most notebooks providing a Type II PC-Card slot and utilizing MicrosoftWindows Operating Systems.· Supports IPSec client software for end-to-end secure corporate data exchange andsynchronization over VP.· NDIS compatible.Usb ModemAirtel USB Modem is the superior PC solution delivering wireless internet capability to laptopsand notebooks by providing EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PC Card Package.On an EDGE network. Airtel USB Modem enables connection to the Internet using EGPRS. Inareas where EDGE services are not available , the Airtel USB Modem enable reliable secure dataconnections over GPRS. Airtel USB Modem opens up the true world of mobile wireless internetand is the ideal companion for the mobile professional, enabling Internet and Email whilst on themove. Anytime- Anywhere Connectivity!Features· Suitable for use on EDGE/GPRS/GSM networks.· EDGE Class 12, GPRS Class 10· External Antennae· ETSIAT Command Interface· Compatible with Windows 2000, XP· Data Interface : USB 2.0· Data, Voice, SMS PhonebookBenefitsThis Remarkable service virtually converts the whole of India in Wirelesshot spot. 1
  18. 18. ORGANIZATION STRUCTUREPartnersThe company has a strategic alliance with SingTel. The investment made by SingTel is one ofthe largest investments made in the world outside Singapore, in the company. The company’smobile network equipment partners include Ericsson and Nokia. In the case of the broadbandand telephone services and enterprise services (carriers), equipment suppliers include Siemens,Nortel, Corning, among others. The Company also has an information technology alliancewith IBM for its group-wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call centertechnology requirements. The call center operations for the mobile services have beenoutsourced to IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teletech & Mphasis.Corporate Governance 1
  19. 19. Bharti Airtel Limited firmly believes in the principles of Corporate Governance and iscommitted to conduct its business in a manner, which will ensure sustainable, capital-efficientand long-term growth thereby maximising value for its shareholders, customers, employees andsociety at large. Company’s policies are in line with Corporate Governance guidelines prescribedunder Listing Agreement/s with Stock Exchanges and the Company ensures that variousdisclosures requirements are complied in ‘letter and spirit’ for effective Corporate Governance.During the financial year 2003-04, your Company was assigned highest Governance and ValueCreation (GVC) rating viz. ‘Level 1’ rating by CRISIL, which indicates that the company’scapability with respect to creating wealth for all its stakeholders is the highest, while adoptingsound Corporate Governance practices.This rating was re-affirmed by CRISIL on April 20,2006PROMOTIONAL STRATEGYAfter the liberalization of the Indian Telecom Sector in 1994, the Indian cellular marketwitnessed a surge in cellular services. By 2005, there were a total of 12 players in the marketwith the five major players being Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (Bharti), Bharat Sanchar NigamLimited (BSNL), Hutchinson-Essar limited (Hutch), Idea Cellular limited (Idea) and Reliance IndiaMobile (RIM) (Refer Exhibit I).All the players except RIM offered services based on the Global System for Mobile (GSM)technology. RIM provided services based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)technology as well as GSM. .As competition in the telecom arena intensified, service providers took new initiatives to woocustomers. Prominent among these were - celebrity endorsements, loyalty rewards, discountcoupons, business solutions and talk time schemes. The most important consumer segments inthe cellular industry were the youth segment and the business class segment. The youth segmentwas the largest and fastest growing segment and was therefore targeted most heavily by cellularservice providers.Bharti Tele-Ventures adopted celebrity endorsement as its chief promotional strategy. By 2004 itemerged the unprecedented leader commanding the largest market share in the cellular servicemarket. (Refer Exhibit II). Hutch implemented the celebrity endorsement strategy partially,relying primarily on its creative advertising for the promotion of its brand. BSNL, on the other 1
  20. 20. hand, attracted the consumer through its low cost schemes. Being a state owned player, BSNLcould cover rural areas, and this helped it increase its subscriber base. Reliance was anotherplayer that cashed on its innovative promotional strategies, which included celebrityendorsements and attractive talk time schemes. Idea, relied heavily on its creative mediaadvertising sans celebrities.AirTel: Appropriating the value of expressionOver the last couple of years, the market has grown considerably, with deeper penetration andwider usage of voice and data services, accompanied by much higher competitive intensity,"Atul Bindal, chief marketing officer, Bharti TeleVentures, expands on this. "In this context,differentiating merely on network, coverage and SMS is just not enough. You need to go beyondall the rational identifiers - which are prerequisites in any case - and connect at a deeper level.We needed a strong differentiator in an increasingly commoditized and crowded market. Wefound this differentiator in a core human truth that defines our category - which is that there aremoments when you need to make your point, when you need to be heard. Expressing andcommunicating are perhaps two of the most basic emotions. AirTel enables you to make yourpoint in the most expressive way, anytime, anywhere. The campaign is towards owning thisthrough Express yourself. We believe Express yourself allows us to connect at a deeperlevel and create a long-term platform for the brand." For AirTel, the challenge also lay inpresenting a unified face to the consumer. This assumes significance when viewed in the lightof the companys pre- and post-paid communication, which, in the past, had been treated verydifferently. Brand image, as a result, was being driven in two different dimensions. "BrandAirTel is a category leader straddling completely different market segments such as consumer,business and corporate, as well as different voice, data and payment platforms," says Bindal."Express yourself enables the brand to unify and connect across the entire base of our existingand prospective customers."One of the most obvious benefits of owning a property such ascandid expression (and Express yourself) is the expansive nature of the thought. "The momentyou have as broad a canvas as Express yourself, it becomes easy for anyone working on thebrand to come up with new ideas and executions. Thats what makes a good campaign idea,"observes Rediffs Prashant Godbole, who, along with creative partner Zarvan Patel, conceivedthe campaign. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, Patel adds. "We will be taking the 1
  21. 21. idea forward in many different ways in the forthcoming work," he informs. Patel also credits hiscreative team for "fleshing out the idea"In October 2002, Magic led the market, with 30% of the market share. Bharti claimed that itsstrategies were one of the most ambitious experiments ever in the Indian pre-paid cellulartelephony market. However, given the increasing competitive pressure, doubts were beingexpressed regarding the ability of Bhartis marketing initiatives to help Magic retain its Magic inthe futureAirTel launches VQE (Voice Quality Enhancer) for the first time in KolkataIntroducing VQE (Voice Quality Enhancer) for the first time in Kolkata. VQE is a revolutionarynew system that spectrally reduces background noise. It eliminates acoustic echo, adjusts speechlevels in both directions and does away with low or distorted speech so that every word of yourscan be heard clearly, wherever you may be speaking from.The VQE technology has been sourced from Tellabs of USA, world leaders in Voice Qualitytechnology. Some of the prominent GSM operators using Tellabs solution in the world areSingTel, Bell South, Telstra, BT Cell etc. The Tellabs noise reduction technology removes highbackground noise from the wireless side of the call thus delivering near wireline clear callquality on mobile phones. The Tellabs 3000 series of voice-quality enhancement echotechnology also eliminates the complexity of acoustic echo generated by digital mobiles and 1
  22. 22. hands free kits.So go ahead. Express yourself and feel the difference on Kolkatas only Non-Stop 2.5G NetworkAIRTEL NEWS • Bharti Airtel inks USD 400 million network expansion contract with NOKIA • Bharti Airtel limited: Q2 cash profit exceeds Rs. 1,600 crores, PBT crosses Rs. 1,000 crores. • Bharti Airtel is amongst India’s Most Admired Knowledge enterprises in 2006. • Sunil Bharti Mittal receives ‘The Honorary Fellowship’ from IETE. • Notice of postal ballot for seeking consent of the shareholders on scheme of amalgamation of Satcom Broadband Equipments Limited and Bharti Broadband Limited with Bharti Airtel Limited. • Bharti Airtel to Observe Silent period from October 1, 2006.RAHMAN TUNE CROSSES AIRTEL’S EXCLUSIVITY BARRIERCellular service provider AirTel seems to have hit the right note with its new commercialstarring musician A R Rahman. The commercial which is currently on air has a beat which alsodoubles up as a ringtone which is ostensibly available only to AirTel users. But the interestingpart is that the ringtone is being flaunted not just by AirTel customers but by customers of rivalservice providers like BPL, Orange and Dolphin as well!“We did expect the tune to catch up but this has really exceeded our expectations,” admits BhartiCellular’s chief marketing officer (western region) Pratik Pota. Overall, he explains, it is a greatadvertising product for AirTel and works like a “walking, talking brand ambassador.” 1
  23. 23. The ringtone which is also the jingle for AirTel’s TV commercial, is proving to be a potentadvertising tool for the company. It is not very clear what this means for the other cellularoperators. Cellular users have been “forwarding” the tune to one another, which according to MrPota, has given AirTel a chance to enter the “mind of the user” irrespective of which service heopts for.“It gives the user a chance to go back to the AirTel product and acts as a strong remindermedium,” he explains. Marketing professionals like Samsika Marketing Consultants’ managingdirector Jagdeep Kapoor point to the usage of an “audio celebrity” as something that issignificant.“The normal practice is to opt for film stars and sportsmen rather than an audio personality” hesays.Rivals, though seemingly unfazed by the phenomenon, seem to be doing their own homework onthis brand of advertising. While none of them commented on AirTel’s strategy and its impact ontheir own subscriber base, one advertising professional working with a rival service provideropines that the tune is “transient” and not likely to have any long term impact as a brand buildingtool.Being the latest entrant in the Mumbai circle, AirTel has had to find ways of cutting through theclutter. Says Mr Kapoor,” AirTel will have try to find ways to attract new customers and convertthe existing ones.” Explaining that the usage of an audio celebrity was more “strategic thantactical”, he adds that non-AirTel users will have the AirTel “brand experience” inspite of notusing the service.While Mr Pota highlights the fact that the usage of the tune by other operators means “freeadvertising” for AirTel and the users having a positive disposition towards the product, thenature of reaction from competition remains unclear.“Competition will not do well to adopt a knee jerk reaction and will have to come out withadvertising that is well thought out” explains Mr Kapoor. He anticipates a situation where thenew entrant (AirTel) will continue to be more aggressive. 1
  24. 24. MILESTONE OF COMPANY1 Mobile phone operator, Bharti Airtel, became the first Indian telecom company to serve 50 million customers last month, and is now the world’s tenth largest wireless carrier.2 Bharti has doubled its user base in the past 14 months alone, and hopes to reach 100 million subscribers by 2010, according to company executives.3 “Our next 50 million will largely come from rural India as our plan is to reach 5,200 census towns and over five lakh villages, covering 96 per cent of the Indian population,” said Bharti Airtel president and CEO, Manoj Kohli, at a news conference this week. 1
  25. 25. 4 Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecommunication services provider, today announced that it had crossed the 50 million customer mark. With this, Bharti Airtel has achieved the distinction of becoming the fastest private telecom company in world to achieve this landmark in a single country - within 143 months of start of operations. The 50 million customer base covers mobile as well as broadband & telephone customers.5 Commenting on this major global landmark, Mr. Akhil Gupta, Joint Managing Director, Bharti Airtel said, “We are delighted to have achieved this major landmark, which puts Bharti Airtel amongst the top telecom companies in the world. It underlines the strength of our unique business model and our vision to provide affordable services like lifetime prepaid to customers across the length and breadth of the country. I would like to thank our partners for having shared our vision. This milestone highlights the emergence of India as one of the top telecom markets in the world and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this growth. Going forward, we believe this growth momentum will remain intact and we are gearing towards the 100 million customers mark.”6 Bharti Airtel crossed the 10 million customer mark in November 2004. In July last year, it crossed the 25 million customer mark.7 The company added the next 25 million customers in just 14 months. This is amongst the fastest rate of customer additions by any telecom company in the world.8 Mr. Manoj Kohli, President & CEO, Bharti Airtel added, “This is a very proud moment for us and I would like to thank our 50 million customers for believing in Airtel. It is a tribute to our commitment to provide best-in-class services to our customers and lead the market with exciting innovations. We are committed to create a world-class organization and benchmark it with the best in the world. As the market gets ready for the next wave of growth, we are committed to expanding our telecom networks wider and deeper across the country and partner India’s growth story.”9 In the mobile business, Bharti Airtel plans to make considerable investments in Network expansion to establish presence in all census towns and over 500,000 villages across India by 2010, thereby covering 95% of the country’s total population. The company’s strategic 1
  26. 26. focus will be on further strengthening the Airtel brand through best-in-class customer service, which is backed by wide national distribution.10 In the Enterprise business, Bharti Airtel will invest substantially in the long distance business to achieve the scale of a global carrier within next 2-3 years. It is also strengthening the corporate business towards becoming a preferred managed services partner for the top 2000 corporations. In Broadband & Telephone SBU, Bharti Airtel will initiate large-scale deployments of broadband network infrastructure in 94 towns, with a sharp focus on the home and SME segments. It is readying to offer triple play to its customers with the launch of its IPTV service.AirTel has taken the lead on many occasions. It has been the first • To launch Cellular service in Delhi on November, 1995. • Operator to revolutionalize the concept of retailing with the inauguration of AirTel Connect (exclusive showrooms)in 1995. • To expand its network with the installation for second mobile switching center in April, 1997 and the first in Delhi to introduce the Intelligent Network Platform First to provide Roaming to its subscribers by forming an association called World 1 Network. • First to provide roaming facility in USA. AirTel has the largest automatic roaming service "SMART ROAM"- National in 400 cities in India and "SMART ROAM" - International in over 60 countries and 95 networks all over the world. • It is also the first company to export its products to the USA.AWARDS  Bharti airtel draws top honors at the mis asia It excellence awards 2006  Bharti airtel among the top 10 best performing Companies in the world according to Businessweek it 100 list. 1
  27. 27.  Sunil bharti mittal is the “ceo of the year” at The frost and sullivan asia pacific awards 2006 And bharti airtel bags “wireless service Provider of the year” and “competitve service Provider of the year”.  Bharti tele-ventures is the “best Indian Carrier” at the telecom asia awards 2006 1
  29. 29. Review of Literaturewhat is customer satisfaction?Customer satisfaction refers to how satisfied customers are with the products or services theyreceive from a particular agency. The level of satisfaction is determined not only by the qualityand type of customer experience but also by the customer’s expectations.Customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of any organization. Every organization triesto know the customer satisfaction about their products. So a study on customer satisfaction helpsthe organization as well as me to gain a vast knowledge over the real world tastes andpreferences of customerWhether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depends on the offers performance in relation to thebuyer’s expectations. In general satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointmentresulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations.As this definition makes clear, satisfaction is a function of perceived performance andexpectations. If the performance falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied. If theperformance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceedsexpectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. Many companies are aiming for high satisfaction because customers who are just satisfiedstill find it easy to switch when a better offer comes along. Those who are highly satisfied aremuch less ready to switch. High satisfaction or delight creates an emotional bond with the brand,not just a rational preference. The result is high customer loyalty.Why is it important?There are a number of reasons why customer satisfaction is important inAIRTEL: 1
  30. 30. • Meeting the needs of the customer is the underlying rationale for theexistence of community service organizations. Customers have a rightto quality services that deliver outcomes. • Organizations that strive beyond minimum standards and exceed theexpectations of their customers are likely to be leaders in their sector. • Customers are recognized as key partners in shaping servicedevelopment and assessing quality of service delivery.The process for measuring customer satisfaction and obtaining feedback on organizationalperformance are valuable tools for quality and continuous service improvement.Objectives 1
  31. 31. The main purpose and objective for this study is  To know whether the signal is good in their area  To find out if they are satisfied and aware of the services and offers provided  To recommend measures for improving the productLimitations  The study is restricted only to AIRTEL, Chennai respondents. The view of their other areas is not taken.  Few respondents answer was collected.  Respondents concentrated where the customers of AIRTEL only.  Since the researcher selected 50 sample size it is not sufficient to cover opinion of entire population.  Time duration in conducting the research is very low. 1
  32. 32. CHAPTER-3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY3.1 Research Methodology: 1
  33. 33. Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may beunderstand as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. Research Methodologyis a step by step study of a problem. Physical activities involved in the study are:  Developing the questionnaire regarding the customer satisfaction of the product  Optimum respondents as a sample size are chosen for the activity to resemble the entire population.  Get the questionnaire filled by the customers in the place through interview or personal interaction.  Analysis of data on computer with special market research statistical package called SPSS. In this research questionnaire is framed in such a way management wants to know howthe customers are taking things that they had done to them and to find out the expectation of thecustomers thus it will impact in policy making of the firm in the current fiscal year. The questionnaire designed had closed question to find the respondents actual feeling aswell as their opinion rating about the satisfaction regarding the product. The methodology followed for conducting the study includes the specification of researchdesign, sample design, questionnaire design, data collection and statistical tools used foranalyzing the collected data.RESEARCH DESIGN: 1
  34. 34. The research design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted. It constitutesthe blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data.Descriptive research This study is descriptive in nature where the data is collected through well structuredquestionnaire and from the information taken from the customers.Sampling Design/Techniques: Sampling is the process of selecting a sufficient number of elements from the population,so that a study of the sample and an understanding of its properties or characteristics would makeit possible for us to generalize such properties or characteristics to the population elements. Sampling design is to clearly define set of objects, technically called the universe to bestudied. The sampling design used in this study is probability sampling. Sampling technique usedis Simple Random sampling.Population: Population for this research is set as costumers who are using AIRTELSample size: The research was conducted in Chennai with 50 respondents.Data Collection Methods: 1
  35. 35. Collection of data includes both primary and secondary data. The researcher has collectedboth of the above data. The data collected constitutes both primary and secondary data.Primary data: Primary datum are collected through observation, direct communication with respondent,and finally by distributing questionnaire to the employees using Random sampling technique theemployees are selected to fill the questionnaire.Secondary Data Secondary datum is collected from the official record to obtain information’s regardingthe rate of absenteeism and the various reasons for absenteeism.Statistical Tools UsedThe main statistical tools used for the collection and analyses of data in thisProject are: • Questionnaire • Bar Diagrams 1
  36. 36. CHAPTER-4 ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATIONAnalysis & Interpretation: 1
  37. 37. The responses of the customers are valued in this analysis to find the satistaction of theproduct. The percentage analysis gives the percentage of the respondent’s satisfaction withregards to the various components which drives them to buy the product 1. Table showing the opinion on signaling at their area Frequency Percentage (%)Good signal 41 84Bad signal 9 16Total 50 100Chart showing the opinion on signal at their areaInterpretation:The table shows that 84% consumers feel that signal of AIRTEL at their area is good, remaining16% of them feel that signal is not good 2. Table showing the opinion on customer care services Frequency Percentage (%) 1
  38. 38. Satisfied 34 68Not satisfied 10 20Never used 6 12Total 50 100Chart showing the opinion on customer care servicesInterpretation:The table shows that 68% of the customers are satisfied with the customer care services, whereas 20% are not satisfied and the remaining 12% doesn’t use customer care services . 3. Table showing the opinion on customer care employee’s response to customers questions Frequency Percentage (%) 1
  39. 39. Good response 35 70Bad response 15 30Total 50 100Chart showing the opinion on customer care employee’s response to customer’squestionsInterpretation:The table shows that 70% of the customers say that customer care employees response is good,remaining 30% say that the employees response was bad and they were not satisfied 4. Table showing whether customers use INTERNET services Frequency Percentage (%)Using 26 65 1
  40. 40. Not using 14 35Total 50 100 Chart showing whether they are using INTERNET servicesInterpretation:The table shows that 65% of the customers use internet remaining 35% don’t use internetservices 5. Table showing opinion on INTERNET services Frequency Percentage (%)Satisfied 24 60Not satisfied 16 40Total 50 100 1
  41. 41. Chart showing opinion on INTERNET servicesInterpretation:The table shows that 60% of the customers are satisfied with internet services remaining 40% arenot satisfied with internet services 6. Table showing number of times customers log into internet Per day Frequency Percentage (%)Once 5 12Twice 7 18More 14 35 1Not even once 14 35Total 50 100
  42. 42. Chart showing number of times customers log into internet per dayInterpretation: The table shows that 35% of the customers are log into internet more than once per day,18%twice per day, 12% once per day and the remaining 35% do not use internet services 7. Table showing rating for internet speed Frequency Percentage (%) 5 12 13 32 9 23 3 8 10 25Total 1
  43. 43. Chart showing rating for internet speedInterpretation:The table shows that 12% rated 5-star, 32% rated 4-star, 23%rated 3-star,8% using 2-star and theremaining 25%rated 1-star 8. Table showing Maximum recharge per month Frequency Percentage10-100 6 12100-200 17 34200-300 8 16300-400 9 18400-500 5 10Above 500 5 10Total 50 100Chart showing Maximum recharge per month 1
  44. 44. Interpretation:The table shows that 34% use 10-100, 16%use 100-200, 16% use 200-300, 18% use 300-400,10% use 400-500 and 10% use above 500 9. Table showing whether offers are used by customers Frequency Percentage (%)Used 38 78Not used 11 22Total 50 100Chart showing whether offers are used by customers 1
  45. 45. Interpretation:The table shows that 78% of the respondent use offers where as the remaining 22% doesn’t use 10. Table showing offers used by customers Frequency PercentageSTD call cutter 10 20Local call cutter 11 22ISD call cutter 2 4Message offer 20 40Songs 5 10Others 2 4 1
  46. 46. Total 50 100Chart showing offers used by customersInterpretation:The table shows that 20 %are using STD call cutter, 22% is using local callcutter, 4% is using ISD call cutter, 40% are using message offer, 10% are using songs and theremaining 4% are using other offersTable showing opinion on offers used by customers Frequency Percentage (%)Satisfied 35 70Not satisfied 7 12Neutral 8 16Total 50 100Chart showing opinion on offers used by customers 1
  47. 47. Interpretation:The table shows that 70% are satisfied with offers, 12% are not satisfied and the remaining 16%is neutral 11. Table showing up to date with current offers Frequency Percentage (%)Up to date 27 54Not up to date 23 46Total 50 100Chart showing up to date with current offers 1
  48. 48. Interpretation:The table shows that 54 % are up to date with offers and the remaining 46% are not up to date 12. Table showing whether they used other network Connection other than AIRTEL Frequency Percentage (%)Used 29 58Not used 21 42Total 50 100Chart showing whether they used other network Connection other than AIRTEL 1
  49. 49. Interpretation:The table shows that 58% used other network connections and the remaining 48% did not use 13. Table showing opinion on AIRTEL compared to other connection Frequency Percentage (%)Better 27 54Not better 23 46Total 50 100 Chart showing opinion on AIRTEL compared to other connection 1
  50. 50. Interpretation:The table shows that 54% feel that AIRTEL is better compared to other network connectionwhere as the other 46% feel the opposite CHAPTER-5 FINDINGS, SUGGESSTIONS & CONCLUSION 1
  51. 51. FINDINGS: This chapter deals with the major findings of the study which are as follow  Most people fell that AIRTEL signal is good  Only half of the people are satisfied with the customer care services  30% of the people are not satisfied with the customer care employees response  More than half of the people are satisfied with the Internet services  Only very few people say that Internet speed is high 1
  52. 52.  A very large number of people get 100-200 recharge per month  Most people were aware of the offers provided and many of them are using more than one offer, and most of them are satisfied with the offers.  In the offers provided, most of them are using message offer in combination with other offer  Up to half of the people had used connections other than AIRTEL But most of the people find that AIRTEL is better than other networkSUGGESTIONS The main objective of every analysis is to find whether the customers are satisfied withthe services provided. Following are some of the suggestions given for the improvement of theproduct and services  Most the people are satisfied with the offers provided but still some of them suggested the following for betterment - Local and STD rates should be slashed down further 1
  53. 53. - 1 paisa per min offer should be introduced - Customers feel that compared to other network services offers provided are less - More slash in ISD rates  Regarding the internet connection customers feel that the wireless modem provided should be of more speed i.e., they want it to be as speed as the landline modem  Even though many people are satisfied with the Network range but people from remote areas of Chennai want improvement in the network connection  Customers suggested to improve the customer care services and the response given by the customer care employees should be improved  Some suggested that the dialer tune services should be increasedCONCLUSION: In the conclude note of my research I am confident to say that the study gave anopportunity to analyze various factors regarding customer satisfaction. The sample size is very low so it is very difficult concluding it by saying that it is theview of whole population. The time provided for the research is less. I have understood how a research study is to be conducted and prepare a comprehensivereport. So on and so forth the study has given me a lot of exposure like meeting and talking withdifferent people. 1
  54. 54. ANNEXURE QuestionnaireAIRTEL -- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 1. Name: 2. Sex : Female Male 3. Age : 15-25 25-35 35-45 45-55 55-65 Above 65 1
  55. 55. 4. Address: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________5. Profession: Student Business Pvt.employee Gvt.employee others6. Is AIRTEL’s signal at your area is good? Yes No7. Are you satisfied with our customer care services? Satisfied Not satisfied Never used8. Does our customer care employees respond well for your questions Good response Bad response Never used9. Do you use Internet services Yes No don’t know that internet connection was there If yes, are you satisfied with internet services: Yes No10. How many times do you login to internet per day Once twice more not even once11. Rate the internet speed12. Maximum recharge per month 10-100 100-200 200-300 300-400 400-500 Above 500 1
  56. 56. 13. Are you using any offers Yes No If yes, mark the offers you are using now STD call cutter Local call cutter ISD call cutter Message offer Songs others14. Are you satisfied with the offers Satisfied Not satisfied Never used15. Are you update with current offers Yes No16. Did you use any other network connection other than AIRTEL Yes No17. Do you feel AIRTEL is better than any other connections Better Not better18. Any suggestions:_______________________________________________ BIBLIOGRAPHY 1
  57. 57. BibliographyWeb sites:www.wikipedia.com 1
  58. 58. 1