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Immigration to Denmark from Delhi


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Denmark is becoming popular among people around the world for migration. The kingdom of Denmark is not only becoming popular among businessman and workers but among students too. Denmark is an ideal option for those who want to work as well as reside there. Like other countries Denmark also follows point based system.

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Immigration to Denmark from Delhi

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  2. 2. IMMIGRATION TO DENMARK FROM DELHI  If you are thinking to migrate one of the most beautiful then Denmark is the right option for you. This country is for every purpose study, work, business, or resident. Denmark which has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world is becoming popular destination for immigration.
  3. 3.  Whether you are a businessman, investor, student, or worker and are interested to boost his/her career while simultaneously residing one of the most successful and advanced nation across the globe then this is the best option. With the demand of trained and skilled manpower, self employed people, and industrialist/capitalist the kingdom of Denmark has created opportunities for people from different level, skills, occupation and field.
  4. 4.  Denmark required skilled and talented people who can adopt Denmark market well and can support the country’s economy at their best. Due to this reason people in large number are attracted towards this beautiful country.
  5. 5.  Denmark, one of the most flourishing economies is offering higher level of opportunities for everyone. One can easily migrate to Denmark. Now you must be thinking how? So here is the answer- if you want to work in Denmark then you must hold resident or work permit in work permit in order to work or reside in Denmark.
  6. 6.  Like every other country Denmark also follows point based system. Point based system assesses applicant on every aspect. This system makes sure that applicant is qualified, skilled and capable of performing his/her job well
  7. 7.  Work or resident permit depends upon the qualification you have and if you already hold Danish residence permit based upon asylum or reunification or hold a residence permit on humanitarian ground the you do need any work permit in order to work in Denmark.
  8. 8.  After qualification the second most important factor is language. Applicant must know Denmark’s official language. The language skill of applicant is judged on the basis of official Danish language proficiency test. This test is especially meant for overseas workers.
  9. 9.  Some relevant year of experience can help you a lot. This factor can help you to gain extra marks in point based system. Points are awarded according to the number of years worked in a specific field under the occupation category you are applying for. At least 5 years of experience is required.
  10. 10.  Age is another important factor. Under this points are awarded on the basis of the age at the time of the application. • 35-40 years - 10 points  • 34 years or younger-15 points 
  11. 11.  One can easily apply for immigration to Denmark from Delhi. One can also approach to immigration consultant for help in immigration process. Immigration process need expert help as it is bit complex for one to complete. Delhi consist one of the best immigration consultants in India. The capital city of India provides consultancy survives very well. Make sure that immigration consultant you are approaching are qualified and specialized in consultancy services regarding Denmark.  If you are willing to migrate to Denmark and required documents and qualification then what are you waiting?
  12. 12. Email : Thank You! 