Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer


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Australia requires skilled, talented and qualified people for their countries. Retail buyer selects, buys, goods for resale and in a retail establishment. There are various tasks performed by retail buyers. This occupation is quite interesting and challenging. You can even approach for Australian immigration services for retail buyers. There are many immigration service providers India.

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Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer

  1. 1. Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. I mmigration & V C isa onsultants
  2. 2. Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer Australia requires many professional who are skilled, talented and qualified in their occupation. Retail buyer is one of the most demanded occupations in Australia. Retail buyers select, and buy goods for resale in a retail establishment. This occupation requires level of skills with experience and qualification in Australia of AQF certificate III which includes at least 2 years of job training or AQF certificate IV. Minimum 3 years of relevant experience can replace formal some cases job training or work experience may require along with the formal qualification.
  3. 3. Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer There are various tasks which are performed under this occupation which are as follows• To monitor stock level and sales data and studying trade, market and manufactures’ information so as to keep inform of changing market condition. • To negotiate purchase, supply and promotion arrangement with suppliers. • To design and implementing marketing, promotional, display and pricing strategies. • To liaising with management on sales promotion and long term planning. • To establish working plans according to budget and seasonal problems • To anticipate consumer trends and also determine quality, quantity and style goods to be purchased. • To inspect, compare, select, value wool by determining yield colour, length and micron. • To inspect and buy wool at auction, in wool brokers’ store, and in farm shed • To receive samples from scoured exchange. • To visit freezing work to buy slipe wool.
  4. 4. Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer These are some of the tasks performed by the retail buyers. This occupation is quite challenging and interesting. The numbers of tasks make this occupation more important for sellers and buyers. They help sellers by informing them about the trends demanded by the buyers in the market. Applicants under this occupation are eligible for skilled migration under ENS, RSMS, point based skilled migration, temporary business (long stay) (sublclass457). Before migrating to Australia as skilled migrant it is essential for one to get assessed his/her skills from a relevant national assessing authority. The assessment authority for this occupation is VETASSESS.
  5. 5. Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer Under skill assessment, your skills such as qualification, experience, age, language ability etc., are assessed and points are awarded according to it. Skill assessment assesses applicant in every aspect and make sure that person migrating to Australia is qualified and eligible for the occupation. It is essential for one to show that he/she can support himself/herself in Australia financially. Beside this there are many other things which are checked while immigration process. You can seek help from immigration consultant as immigration process is quite difficult.
  6. 6. Australia Immigration Services for 639211 Retail Buyer The processing of visa depends upon the visa category you have applied for. There are many visa options through which one can apply for Australian immigration. The demand for professional, skilled and talented people is very high in Australia. There are various Australian immigration services for 639211 Retail Buyer in India. For selecting appropriate one you are required to search a bit. Immigration consultant will help you in skill assessment, selecting appropriate visa category for your occupation etc. They are expert and specialized in immigration process. Before approaching to them make sure that they are certified and registered by government authority.
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