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Employee Motivation : How to kill a employee's morale in 5 steps! - By Owais Mukhtar


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Employee Motivation : How to kill a employee's morale in 5 steps! - By Owais Mukhtar

  1. 1. Background
  2. 2. How to kill employee morale in5 STEPS
  3. 3. Motivation• Confidence• Determination• A feeling of certainty• Interested(Oxford Dictionary, 1994)
  4. 4. More about it• Motivation is to provide a motive, so that aperson can act in that way.
  5. 5. Why we need morale/motivation• If a person is motivated he will be moreproductive• Can it be vice versa• If a person is more productive he will be moremotivated and high morale
  6. 6. The answer to our previous questionis…• Yes• “Productive people are happy people:learning, development, achievement, andsuccess pave the path to high morale.”– Rick TateSenior Managing Partner, Impact Achievement Group
  7. 7. Step 5• Make Empty Promises• During orientation of new employees, emptypromises are the first step in killing morale.There’s nothing worst than being disappointed.By providing these new employees with dreamsof promotions and promises of better benefits inthe future, moral will begin to drop soon afterthey will realize their dream will never be. Manyof them leave good jobs because they feel asthough they were mislead, or the job wasn’t asthey thought it would be.
  8. 8. • Maslow (1954) described about the needbased theory of motivation, there are somelevels of needs,• physiological (food, water, reproduction)• safety (shelter, healthy work environment, money)• belonging (social, friendship, affection)• esteem (status recognition, positive regard)• self actualization (desire for achievement, personal growth,development, autonomy)
  9. 9. Step 4• Promote Favoritism• One definite way to kill employee morale is topromote an environment of favoritism.• By doing this you are telling your employee thatonly few will be successful, and it will be thosewhom upper management likes, regardless of theactual job performance.• Imagine the distraction to employee performanceif they feel that their bosses does not like them?Paying favorites is the surefire way to loweremployee morale & performance
  10. 10. • Individuals are motivated when they perceivethat they are treated equitably in comparisonto others within the organization (Adams,1963)
  11. 11. Step 3• Never give any feedback• Performance reviews? Who needs then when youare trying to drive employee morale into theground• Entrepreneurship Magazine: In order to keep highthe morale, employee needs to know 2 things:– Expectation of the employer– How well the employee doing to meet employer’sstandards• Without this info he will either Overwork inexhaustion or Under perform
  12. 12. • An organizaiton without the culture offeedback will develop a culture of uncertaintyand worry
  13. 13. Step 2• Encourage Micromanagement• Leaving no stone unturned• Nitpicking at every action is a perfect way tolower morale of employee• Not only it demoralize & pressurize him but alsocauses the employee to become distant• They will lose confident when you bombard themwith commands & constantly looking over theirshoulder
  14. 14. Control Freaks!• By feeling less restricted and moreempowered, staff will be less stressed andemployee morale should remain high. In thissituation, the incentives you originally putforward will have their desired effect and yoursales staff should become a more productive,cohesive team.2007 Mandy Leonard
  15. 15. Step 1• Devalue your employees.• Making workers feel that they are replaceable,will not only destroy morale but also makethem disloyal• Everyone needs respect and thus a employeealso needs it• Remember the famous Quote: treat otherslike you want yourself to be treated!