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Endangered species cloning


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T.Dubbs and A.Choi period6

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Endangered species cloning

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Basic Principles of Genetics<br /><ul><li>Genes are controlled by recessive and dominant alleles.
  3. 3. Dominant alleles mask recessive alleles.
  4. 4. Recessive traits only show if there are two recessive alleles.
  5. 5. Dominant traits always show if there is a dominant allele.
  6. 6. Co-Dominant alleles are neither recessive alleles nor dominant alleles.</li></li></ul><li>Human Genome Project<br /><ul><li>The Human Genome project started in 1990.
  7. 7. The goals were to identify 20,000-25000 genes in human DNA, to determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, store this info in to data bases.
  8. 8. Today some potential applications of genome research is cloning humans and animals.
  9. 9. We can not clone celebrity DNA. </li></li></ul><li>Genetic Disorders<br />Down syndrome and Autism are similar because they are both effect the mental part of a human. Autism is a disorder that causes impaired social interaction and communication. Down syndrome is a disorder where you have the wrong amount of chromosomes. It lowers the IQ of the person. A person with down syndrome has an IQ of 50 while a normal person has an IQ of 100. People with Down syndrome have a deformed karyotype because they have an extra chromosome. You can use a pedigree to see if your baby could carry or have a genetic disorder. <br />
  10. 10. Cloning Endangered Species<br />Cloning endangered species is a good idea because you are not changing the food chain or harming any other animals. You are simply increasing the number of animals that are dying of so they do not become extinct. For example, the polar bear is endangered because its environment has become too hot. <br />
  11. 11. Cloning Endangered Species 2<br />I also think it is good to clone endangered species. Why would you not want anymore tigers or any other endangered animal in the world? Its one thing if the animal can’t live in an environment today. An extinct animal wouldn’t do well in today's environment. People are sometimes going out of there way to save endangered species and they wouldn’t have to worry anymore.<br />
  12. 12. Cloning Endangered Species 3<br />Cloning endangered species could be a bad thing because it could lead to different type of experiments. Scientist would be encouraged to genetically alter animals or to clone humans and genetically alter them as well. If we don't clone them then they will die but that would be better than changing the life cycle. Cloning animals could lead to cloning extinct species too. Dinosaurs could be walking around in the future. Things would become too dangerous if we try to clone animals.<br />
  13. 13. Cloning Endangered Species 4<br />Cloning endangered species could have negative affects too. The animal can be very different. Something can go wrong during the cloning process. I think the scientist or whoever is cloning the animal would have to make sure it eats the same food as the animal that is being cloned, and everything else that the animal does like its natural instinct. You never know what could happen.<br />
  14. 14. Conclusion<br />In conclusion, cloning species is probably a good idea. I think scientist should react quick though, because once the amount of the animal has dropped, then there wont be many animals they can clone, and it would be too late. There are some funds like WWF, the World wildlife fund that tries to help save endangered species.<br />
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