Cosequin DS for Dogs - Is Nutramax Cosequin DS What Your Dog Need?


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Does Cosequin DS really help in prevent and eliminate joint pains in your dog? Exclusive Nutramax Cosequin DS review will show you the truth!

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Cosequin DS for Dogs - Is Nutramax Cosequin DS What Your Dog Need?

  1. 1. Cosequin DS for Dogs - Is Nutramax Cosequin DS What Your Dog Need? >>>Click Here to See If You Qualify for 19% OFF and Free Shipping <<< Or Visit for details
  2. 2. Nutramax Cosequin DS Double-Strength Chewable Tablets Will Erase Out Joint Pains from Your Dog Cosequin DS for Dogs is a good friend for your old dogs and cats, a food and vitamin supplement to keep its joints healthy, which is nicknamed as “Pet’s joints lubricator”. A prominent problem your pets like dogs and cats face when they get old is joints pains, or arthritis. They stop running and jumping or making any other movement, and sometimes screaming too, with pain. It is a common problem almost every dog and cat face due to losing flexibility of its joints, with the age especially when they are well grown above 25 lbs. This affects its entire life style & all day to day activities and in most of the cases confines into one place. What is the point if your dog sleeps without any movement to do his duties as a security watcher? On the other hand, can you just wait and keep watching the poor animal, your close friend who can’t tell you anything about its illness, suffering in a big pain through the rest of his life? Is it a nice and wise thing to keep a sick dog in your home? How To Use Cosequin DS? Cosequin DS double strength chewable tablets (also coming as capsules) are easy to feed as dogs and cats love it. It can be given either directly or pulverized and mixed with food. And since it is a nutritional supplement, and since it is not just a drug, there is hardly any side-effect or allergy effect reported so far. So you can give it without any problem having no fear. Cosequin DS double strength is the #1 preference of any Veterinarian today for joint pain and arthritis. It is recommended to start Nutramax Cosequin DS double strength with a shock dose for initial six weeks period and then to reduce down to sustaining level to continue. Cosequin DS administration: Initial 6 week period For dogs between 10 - 25kg 2 tabs in the morning & 1 tab in the evening For dogs between 25 - 50kg 3 tabs in the morning & 1 tab in the evening From 7th week onwards the dosage can be reduced by ½ to 1 a tab or cap at a time and monitor your dog’s health for at least one month with each reduction. But remember, you can re-increase the dosage at any time you want, if the situation goes on the other way How Can Nutramax Cosequin Ds Help? Nutramax Cosequin DS double strength chewable tablets start working in your dog’s body instantly. The effect won’t be observed overnight as Nutramax Cosequin DS is slow and steady. You will have to keep continuing nutramax cosequin DS on regular basis as the older dogs’ body itself can’t produce the required hormone internally, which makes lubricant for the joints. Each Nutramax Cosequin DS double strength chewable tablets contains
  3. 3. 500 mg Glucosamine Hcl, 400 mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 6.4mg Manganese Sulphate This formulation helps to sustain a great joint functioning. It can protect your dog’s existing articular cartilage healthily while producing new articular cartilage to replenish wear and tare. What Do Customers Say About Cosequin DS for Dogs Nutramax Cosequin DS Double-Strength Chewable Tablets for Dogs has 91 customrer reviews and has reached the top rating possible to obtain. Cosequin DS has reached 5 star out of 5, this means that close to 90 people who where kind enough to give their comments consider this a great product that is helping their dogs, and let me tell you, that score is very, but very hard to get. that's why we decided to start a review about this product. Below you can see just few comments of real customers: My Dog Can Climb Stairs Again "I've been using this product for a few years now. Before using it I was afraid my Sheltie had hip displasia. He was no longer able to get up the three steps into our house without difficulty, just getting up from the floor was becoming a struggle, nor could he hop into the back of our van. Our vet recommended the Nutramax Cosequin tablets. She said they were the only brand that had been thoroughly tested by veterinarians for effectiveness..." (Gary Weil, Tucker, GA United States) Great Product! "Our 7.5 yr old golden retriever was much more active within a week of taking this product. We are very pleased!" (Kelly W, OK, USA) Our Vet Recommends This Product! "I called out Vet this morning before ordering this supplement for our four year old Jack Russell Terrier. He's currently on another medication which is much more expensive and I wanted their opionion before buying this joint supplement. The Vet said it was "an excellent product" and they used to sell it..." (Lorna Loomis, Ottawa, Canada)
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