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Franco Fiesta - 2016


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As part of the annual fest of St. Francis Xavier School, Kolkata.

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Franco Fiesta - 2016

  1. 1. Quiz Grand Finale
  2. 2. Format of the Quiz Round 1 : Mixed Bag Round 2 : A/V Round Round 3 : Choose Your Pick Round 4 : Buzzer Round
  3. 3. Round 1
  4. 4. • 8 questions. (Clockwise) • Traditional format. • Flat scoring of 10 points. • Half points, if any, is totally QM’s discretion.
  5. 5. It so happened that a quiz contest was aired on Doordarshan in which young participants could easily answer questions from the Greek mythology, but were unable to give an answer to the question ‘In the Ramayana, who was Rama’s mother?’. Feeling sad, a middle-aged gentleman who was watching the show, decided to do something which became a part of our childhood since 1967. What did he do? II 1
  6. 6. is….. .
  7. 7. Anant Pai founded Amar Chitra Katha II 1
  8. 8. Bhawana Kanth, daughter of an IOC officer, was versatile in extra curricular activities including swimming, sports and driving skills. Mohana Singh completed her B.Tech (Electronics) from GIMET, Amritsar and used to work for Cognizant for few years. Avani Chaturvedi, daughter of an homemaker- mother, used to idolise Kalpana Chawla. Why did these ‘three musketeers’ came into news recently? II 2
  9. 9. is…...
  10. 10. II 2 India's first women fighter pilots
  11. 11. According to some sources, these common human emotions were responsible : anger, pride, jealousy, happiness, sadness, fear, passion, selfishness, ambition and intellect. Some other sources said, 6 Shastras and 4 Vedas of Hindu religion were the reason. What popular depiction, since time immemorial, is being explained thus? II 3
  12. 12. is…...
  13. 13. Ten heads of Ravana II 3
  14. 14. These are all earlier and bigger versions of which item found very commonly inside a school bag? II 4
  15. 15. is…...
  16. 16. Pencil Sharpener II 4
  17. 17. It happened after 26 years. A contingent of 36 members of the Indian Army marched down Rajpath during the 67th Republic Day Parade in 2016. The troop, so far, has won :--- - 1 Shaurya Chakra, - 6 Sena Medals, - 143 Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Cards & - 6 Vice Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Cards. What is so special about this army troop? II 5
  18. 18. is…...
  19. 19. K-9 Unit / Dog Squad II 5
  20. 20. In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors, that is, the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself. (eg. 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14) Which is the smallest Perfect Number? II 6
  21. 21. is…...
  22. 22. Six (6) II 6
  23. 23. In the state of Odisha, July 30 has been designated as the ‘___ Dibasa’. The hashtags - #____Dibasa & #WeWontGiveItBack, created on the occasion, became huge hit among the Odiyas. Just fill in the blank with something-very-sweet for which the neighbouring states of WB and Odisha are fighting pretty bitterly for the last few years. II 7
  24. 24. is…...
  25. 25. Rosogolla II 7
  26. 26. History was made at 9.26 a.m. on 22nd June, 2016 when a 44-metre tall object, started it’s journey. Apart from helping the Indian government, it also served several international companies from Indonesia, Canada, Germany and the USA, including Google’s Terra Bella Division. What is being talked about? II 8
  27. 27. is…...
  28. 28. India’s PSLV blasts off with 20 satellites II 8
  29. 29. How do you connect both the gentlemen in the pic. with an arena for a particular sport, played in the traditional format? II Aud
  30. 30. is…...
  31. 31. Dangal II Aud
  32. 32. Scores Please!!!!!
  33. 33. Round 2
  34. 34. • 8 questions. (Anti-Clockwise) • Traditional format. • Flat scoring of 10 points. • Half points, if any, is totally QM’s discretion.
  35. 35. The song titled ‘Black Superman’, released in 1975, is a tribute to whom? II 1
  36. 36. is…...
  37. 37. Md. Ali II 1
  38. 38. As of June 2016, over 106 million copies had been sold, thereby making it the best-selling PC game to date. Just name it. II 2
  39. 39. is…...
  40. 40. Minecraft II 2
  41. 41. This is Blake Shelton singing live his hit country song - ‘Friends’. Where have you recently ‘seen’ this song? II 3
  42. 42. is…...
  43. 43. The Angry Birds Movie II 3
  44. 44. This particular scene from the movie Har Har Byomkesh is a tribute to another very popular bengali movie of yesteryears. Identify the earlier movie. II 4
  45. 45. is…...
  46. 46. Joy Baba Felunath II 4
  47. 47. Why did this horrific accident, which took place more than 40 years ago, came into news in the recent months? II 5
  48. 48. is…...
  49. 49. II 5 The Gerua-Plane in the movie Dilwale
  50. 50. This popular 5-a-side game is said to be the Twenty20 version of football. Name the game. II 6
  51. 51. is…...
  52. 52. Futsal II 6
  53. 53. Identify the singer of this song from the 2015 movie ‘Meeruthia Gangster’. (This non-singer, who is very popular in some other field, agreed to sing this song because of his deep rooted connection with Meerut.) II 7
  54. 54. is…...
  55. 55. Suresh Raina II 7
  56. 56. Match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the ICC U-19 World Cup, 2016…..something strange happened just 3 balls later in that same over. What? II 8
  57. 57. is…...
  58. 58. Left-handed bowler Kamindu Mendis started to bowl right handed in the same over II 8
  59. 59. Whom was Sonu Nigam impersonating? II Aud
  60. 60. is…...
  61. 61. Kumar Sanu II Aud
  62. 62. Scores Please!!!!!
  63. 63. Round 3
  64. 64. II Topics Internet Kolkata Heritage Complete The List Controversy Chronology Sports Popular Culture Geography Sid’s Choice
  65. 65. Find a connection between these two 2016-google doodles. II Second Sunday of May Third Sunday of June “Internet”
  66. 66. is…...
  67. 67. Mother’s Day & Father’s Day II “Internet”
  68. 68. Which recent ‘appointment’ ellicited such vicious response from the netizens? II “Controversy”
  69. 69. is…...
  70. 70. Former Indian cricketer Chetan Chauhan was appointed as the Chairman of NIFT II “Controversy”
  71. 71. Noted palaentologist Mary Anning contributed greatly to the study of prehistoric zoological species. She was usually seen around the seashores collecting specimens. How is she remembered in the popular culture? (vis – next slide) II “Popular Culture”
  72. 72. II “Popular Culture”
  73. 73. is…...
  74. 74. She Sells Sea Shells….. II “Popular Culture”
  75. 75. What is being explained by this chronological progression? II b X “Chronology”
  76. 76. is…...
  77. 77. Naming of Mt. Everest II “Chronology”
  78. 78. During the IPL-2016 matches involving Mumbai Indians, the on-field umpires carried an extra bail for a particular reason. Though it was not needed in all the MI matches, it helped immensely to protect the costly LED bails, when used. For what apparently-strange but practical reason, umpires carried that extra bail? II “Sports”
  79. 79. is…...
  80. 80. K. Pollard used to mark his crease with that bail II “Sports”
  81. 81. As the Mayor of Calcutta Corporation, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose originally planned the ‘Congress House’ and the foundation stone was laid by Rabindranath Tagore. But, disappearance of Netaji stopped the construction work and after independence Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy had to step in to complete the construction. How do we presently know this building better? II “Kolkata Heritage”
  82. 82. is…...
  83. 83. Mahajati Sadan II “Kolkata Heritage”
  84. 84. According to meteorologists, two ‘kids’ – a little boy and a little girl, are majorly influencing the weather patterns all across the globe, including India. Which ‘kids’ are being talked about? II “Geography”
  85. 85. is…...
  86. 86. El Nino & La Nina II
  87. 87. Next in line is Kyant, followed by Nada, Vardah and Asiri. Which is the last one, till date, in this dreaded list? II “Complete the List”
  88. 88. is…...
  89. 89. Roanu II “Complete the List”
  90. 90. LIVE question II “Sid’s Choice”
  91. 91. is…...
  92. 92. Jacket II “Sid’s Choice”
  93. 93. Scores Please!!!!!
  94. 94. Round 4
  95. 95. • 9 questions. • Follow the ESPERANZA while answering. The first answer will start with E, 2nd with S and so on. • Flat scoring of +10/-5 points.
  96. 96. Created by a Polish ophthalmologist, which internationally recognised language literally means ‘one who hopes’? II
  97. 97. is…...
  98. 98. Esperanto II
  99. 99. The great Scottish king Robert Bruce was once defeated by the English and driven out of his kingdom. The heartbroken king sought refuge in a small dark cave. The incidents, which happened thereafter, filled him with new hope and courage. ‘Who’ taught him a valuable lesson of life that eventually motivated him to win the battle? II
  100. 100. is…...
  101. 101. Spider II
  102. 102. The ‘new hope’ of Indian gymnastics, Dipa Karmakar is one of the five gymnasts ever to perform this ‘vault of death’ successfully. What is the name of this ‘vault’? II
  103. 103. is…...
  104. 104. Produnova Vault / Produnova II
  105. 105. This particular experiment was conducted in the hope of breaking new grounds in the study of physics. What has been discovered as a result of this experiment? II
  106. 106. is…...
  107. 107. Electron II
  108. 108. As a ‘symbol of hope’, International Olympic Committee has decided to introduce a new team in Rio-2016 comprising 10 athletes, chosen from more than hundreds of hopeful candidates. What is so special about this new team which has athletes from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Congo and Syria? (vis – next slide) II
  109. 109. II
  110. 110. is…...
  111. 111. Refugee II
  112. 112. This pic. symbolically represents the title of the autobiography of a person who always inspired others to scale newer heights and reach for the sky. Who? II
  113. 113. is…...
  114. 114. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam II
  115. 115. This former model became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime award for bravery - the Ashok Chakra, because of her inspirational activities in a foreign land just two days before her 23rd birthday in 1986. Just name her. (vis – next slide) II
  116. 116. II
  117. 117. is…...
  118. 118. Neerja Bhanot / Neerja II
  119. 119. In 1948, what was introduced for the first time by the concerned authority, in a hope to tackle high no. of injuries and deaths of people, especially the children and the older generation? II
  120. 120. is…...
  121. 121. Zebra Crossing II
  122. 122. The female singer of this Indo-Aussie melodious venture is somewhat connected with the theme of Franco Fiesta 2016. Identify her. II
  123. 123. is…...
  124. 124. Asha Bhonsle II