Ad word comp.


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Ad word comp.

  1. 1. pre-campaign strategy reportPre-Campaign Strategy Report (30 points total, maximum four pages, submitted in one of these14 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese,Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Czech and Hindi.)In addition to Communication and Readability (5 points), the Pre-Campaign Strategy has two components.A Client Overview (12 points) describes your client business and helps your team craft and defend theProposed AdWords Strategy (13 points). Combined, both components should be a maximum of four pages.Ideally, you would gather client input in developing the Pre-Campaign Strategy. All groups must submit thePre-Campaign Strategy to their professor and to Google.Client Overview (12 points, about two pages)As a foundation for the proposed AdWords Strategy, this section provides a brief overview of the clientand its marketing,• Client profile (2 points, a few sentences including some of the following. Please note that clientsmay not want to share some information. You may note this in the report if this is the case) -Name, location - Sales and number of employees - Goods and services off ered - Key online marketing personnel - Age of the company - url, website age, website management - Company presence and sales via online and offl ine channels - Other relevant information• Market analysis (4 points, about a paragraph including some of the following) - Current and potential customers - Current and potential competitors - Overview of the industry (key characteristics, competitive/saturated/mature) - Projected and historical online spend for the industry - Market position/specialties - Unique selling points of the goods/services off ered - Seasonality of their goods/services or seasonality that the company has identifi ed - Other relevant market information• Current marketing (4 points, a couple of paragraphs including some of the following) - Website uses, e.g. sales, customer service - Website strengths and weaknesses - Website visibility, such as Google PageRank, incoming links, a few keyword search results,
  2. 2. online advertising, and offl ine promotion of the url. - If available, summary information from Google Analytics or other third party web tracking software - Email campaigns - Offl ine advertising - Other online or offl ine marketing• Conclusion on how the AdWords campaign should align with the client’s business(2 points, a few sentences)Proposed AdWords Strategy (13 points, about two pages including sample AdWords and keywords)Based on an analysis of the client, its website and marketing, each team should craft an appropriateAdWords Strategy and metrics for its campaign. The proposed strategy should include: Number of Ad Groups and the focus for each Ad Group. Keywords and negative keywords Text for at least two AdWords versions Daily and weekly plans for spending their campaign budget Network(s) for their AdWords ads Target audience settings Ad Serving options Keyword Bidding Geotargeting Goals for impressions, clicks, CPC and CTR Proposed success metrics Other relevant informationCommunication and readability (5 points)The Pre-Campaign Strategy should have a logical fl ow, be easy to follow, and avoid grammatical mistakes.
  3. 3. Pre Campaign strategy – Google Online Marketing ChallengeJUIN 16, 2011 JAIMIE NO COMMENTSClient OverviewClient profile: The client is an independent fashion designer specialized in handmade reversible and adjustable clothes, she islocated in Paris in France. Her name is Mrs Lucie Boé she’s an auto-entrepreneur. Her brand is “Lucie b”. She has no employeesand sells in average 2-3 items per month and has sold 8 items in the past 3 months on offsite only. The client goods and servicesoffered are in five categories of products: including dresses, set of clothes, tops, accessories and jackets. The price range is from100 Euros to 2000 Euros. There are no Key online marketing personnel.The URL of the website is launched in February 9th 2011. Regarding the website management,the website runs as a CMS the content is uploaded by her. The business is present on offline channels as it participates in fashionshowrooms and exhibitions during which she can sell and take special orders. On online channels, Internet is used forcommunication; the client has no resellers and it’s only possible to buy on the website or during external events.Current marketingThe business current marketing is based on her current e-commerce website. The platform helps to sell the company outfits.Since the launch of the website no sales has been made. Her customer service is meant to provide custom ideas to her customers.Website strengths : The website has a good structure, information is easy to find and buying process is well optimize, differentapplication forms are available to get in touch with the client regarding the visitors needs.Website weaknesses: The website is new, no FAQ section is available. Video of catwalk and previous shows she has done arenot integrated.Concerning the website visibility, the Page Rank is actually very low. The website loads in 0,15 seconds, 5 backlinks are countedand there are 1330 indexed page. For the past 3 months in Google analytics summary the website had registered 1631 visits,1194 unique visitors, 5200 page views, about 3 minutes time spent on site and 50% of bounce rate.The traffic overview is 38% from search engines, 20% from direct traffic and 44% from referring sites. Few queries such as“Lucie b”, “robe de soirée”, “robe bustier” bring to the website and pages are found between the 4 th & 10th page on Google searchresults. The main strategy for the moment is inlinks in order to gain in visibility. The website is listed in fashion directories,social media sites and other fashion blogs.The client online advertising relies on emailing (3 email campaigns were sent out recently) and on social media in order tomarket events and invite people to shows.Offline advertising helps drive people to the website, the client uses print material instreet marketing to promote events and introduce her business during trade shows with business cards, magazine, flyers andmedia posters. She participates in radio interviews and TV shows.For online marketing the business is present on online support such as online magazine, articles and also some videos of hershows on YouTube and Dailymotion channel. The company has a huge potential development and belongs to a competitivemarket. Statistics shows that the website has very low traffic. The aim of the company is to increase traffic and brand awarenessand sell through the website. To align with our client’s business we plan to take into account all her needs and objectives, so ourAdWord campaign will help gain in visibility and upgrade the business.Market analysisThe client creations could be assimilated to haute couture fashion. Her expensive outfits are high level and close toluxury. Potential customers are clients who can afford the price and know a little bit the fashion word and will recognize real
  4. 4. value for money of her work; mostly models, stars, celebrity and those who worked in event shows. Current customers arewomen from 18-50 years old, wealthy.Potential competitors are fashion designers, industrials selling dresses and set of clothes. Currentcompetitors are,,,, As an overview of theindustry, they are many competitors (designers or industrials) in this fashion design market industry divided into 2 kinds:cheap and expensive clothes. “Reversible” method allows wearing an outfit on both sides.No competitors are present in this specialty and it’s a niche market. Projected and historical online spend for the industry: NA.The company is positioned in the fashion designer market for women upscale fashion. Her business is specialized in originaland unique creations. Main products are dresses and she make revenues on external events. The target market is anyoneinterested and looking for dresses, corsets and designer handmade outfits in France. The unique selling point is the website.No seasonality for goods/services is identified for the business. Meanwhile, dresses, tops and set of clothes are more likely to besold during all seasons except in winter.Proposed AdWords StrategyOur AdWords strategy reflects our goals. We have establish 2 campaigns and 4AdGroups focused on the most interesting typesof products in terms of business and regarding the number of items available online.Campaign 1 is named “Robe”. Related to dresses, the aim is to address to women looking for dresses and depending on whatkeywords they wrote we will redirect them to each different categories of dresses we propose.The respective Adgroups are “robe longue”, “robe courte” and “Mode ethnique” which represents long dresses, short dresses andethnic outfits.Campaign 2 is named “ensemble vêtements glamour”. Related to set of clothes the aim is to address to people lookingafter special kind of clothes such as skirts, tops and corsets. The respective Adgroup is “ensembles” which represents set ofclothes.We have selected Best Keywords based on Google keyword tool results and by looking at competition and traffic search, wehave listed over 100 keywords covering from general details to specific ones with longtail keywords specific to each AdGroups.Here some examples: «Robe de soirée longue», «robe en dentelle», «robe longue en soie», «robe courte», «robe chic», «robe envlisco», «robe africaine», «robe ethnique», «bustier réversible», «jupe boule».As for Negative keywords we decided to include few of them such as “mauvaise qualité”, “moche” for which our ads should notappear.Here are some examples of text for at least two AdWords versions:Header: Bustiers Femme à -30% Corsets et tops réversibles uniques1st line :2nd line : Découvrez-vite le nouveau catalogueHeader: Belles robes de soirée1st line : A la recherche d’une robe unique ?2nd line : Contactez-vite la créatrice Lucie b