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Zinc Plasma Enhances resistance to stress and helps maintain intellectual function, memory, and
mood levels. Deficiency ca...
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Direct healthcare access ii agenda


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Direct healthcare access ii agenda

  1. 1. DIRECT HEALTHCARE ACCESS II INC. 350 W. KENSINGTON ROAD SUITE 107 MOUNT PROSPECT IL 60056 847-222-9546 FAX 847-222-9547 August 19th 2010 TO: Potential Patients in need of Service’s for Better Health FROM: Ellen Hanson CLT(HHS) MLT(ASCP) President Robert J. Sommerfeld Vice President of Marketing/Sales Direct Healthcare is a CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory. We specialize in testing that is used in the diagnosis of biochemical imbalances frequently identified in autism spectrum disorders, asperger syndrome, AD(H)D, bi-polar, depression, schizophrenia, violent/aggressive behavior, and other mental and emotional conditions. Some women in menopause may have metabolic conditions that impact the nutrient supply available to their brain and body. Klinghardt, MD, PhD found kryptopyrrole is found in up to 80% of Lymes patients. When kryptopyrrole is correctly diagnosed and the recommended substitution of supplements is included in the treatment of any chronic illness, outcome can be dramatically improved. We have been providing testing for the Pfeiffer Treatment Center for over 25 years. Some of our other clients include: Dr. Phillip C. DeMio, Chief Medical Officer for the U.S. Autism and Aspergers Association, Adoptbiomed (a group for parents of adopted children), as well as numerous practitioners and individual patients across the United States, Canada, and Norway. Kryptopyrrole Quantitative Urine Test: Pyrrole disorder/pyroluria is diagnosed by finding elevated kryptopyrrole in the urine. When elevated in the urine, it represents a marker for functional deficiencies of Vitamin B6 and Zinc. Symptoms include: poor tolerance of physical and emotional stress, poor anger control, emotional mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Used to make the initial diagnosis and follow-up testing is used to monitor the effectiveness of replacement therapy. Whole Blood Histamine: Influences mood, appetite, sleep, and thought. When elevated, clinical features include depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), perfectionism. When the level is too low, there is a tendency for high anxiety, panic disorders, depression, chemical and food sensitivities. Serum Copper: Essential trace element. Excessive levels are toxic to the body and can interfere with processes compromising the brain’s access to its major source of fuel, leaving the brain starved for energy. Has been implicated in attention and hyperactivity disorders, learning problems, temper tantrums, depression, agitation, post-partum depression, and autism spectrum disorders.
  2. 2. Zinc Plasma Enhances resistance to stress and helps maintain intellectual function, memory, and mood levels. Deficiency can lead to headaches, lethargy, amnesia, and other memory impairment, irritability, behavior disorders, and paranoia. DHA's mission is to provide specialized testing to patients and practitioners that believe in biochemical individuality and nutrition. For practitioners that order testing through our laboratory they will receive at “no charge” a clinical consultation regarding the test results and their interpretation. For patients Illinois state law dictates a practitioner must authorize the order and receive the test results for some of the testing we perform. The patient can purchase a clinical consultation for $125.00. An MD will place their order, review their health history and laboratory results, provide a telephone consultation making recommendations and suggestions to include supplements, provide a written report and receipt for services rendered. In addition to the tests listed above we provide CLIA waived testing, hair analysis, drug testing, DNA testing and other tests as required by patients and practitioners. The key contributor to the company's success is the need of patients and practitioners across the USA and globally to look into new intervention of treatments. The company uses its proprietary testing and its special laboratory and physician relationships to leverage its position in the US market and global market for these type of tests and treatments. Since a relationship with a national laboratory is negotiated by being a reference lab we have the ability to make a margin on testing we provide and testing we sub contract. Cost efficiencies are achieved through the company's strategic alliance with select manufacturers and laboratories with draw stations around the USA. The DHA Mission is too ; 1. To allow Patients to receive Specialized Testing for their On-Line Clinical Consultation and allow them to receive the proper Nutritional Bio-Chemical Balancing thru Vitamin Suppliments. 2. Reduce Healthcare cost by time savings, decreased medical costs and Natural Vitamin Treatments 3. DHA Provide’s special programs/speakers to educate and promote and Educate the Patient /Consumer of services and Products. 4. DHA will provide the best possible outcomes at a reduced cost to the patients we serve. In Closing Direct Healthcare Access is a combination of Lab Testing, Nutrional Consulting performed by MD’s and a Health benfit program that treats the Whole Patient for Nutritional Value without your Perscription Medications.