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                             Biological Relationship Testing
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DNA Testing Description


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This platform defines the type of DNA TESTING we Perform at Direct Healthcare Access.

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DNA Testing Description

  1. 1. Fee Schedule Biological Relationship Testing Turn-around Fees DNA Testing Service Description Time Non- (Business Days) Chain Chain Standard Trio Paternity Mother, Child, and Alleged Father Motherless Paternity Child and Alleged Father Maternity Child and Mother Applies to Standard Trio, Motherless, 1-Day Express Testing and Maternity Mother, Child, and one Alleged Paternity and Maternity Father, with separate reports for paternity and maternity calculations Additional Child or Alleged Father in Additional Tested Party a paternity or other DNA test Prenatal Sample, Mother, and Alleged Prenatal Father Extended Testing Additional markers for related AFs Grandparentage Both Paternal Grandparents, Child, with Mother and Mother Grandparentage Both Paternal Grandparents and Child without Mother Full Siblingship Two Alleged Full Siblings with with Common Parent Common Parent Full Siblingship Test Two Alleged Full Siblings without without Common Parent Common Parent Half Siblingship Test Two Alleged Half Siblings with/without Common Parent Genetic Reconstruction Up to 5 individuals tested Avuncular (non-chain only) Child and Alleged Uncle/Aunt Y-STR Test Two or more males (ancestry test) Twin Zygosity Fraternal or Identical Twins Secure storage of DNA samples for 15 DNA Banking years DNA Profiling Individual DNA profile