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Dha and vitamin opportunity


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Dha and vitamin opportunity

  1. 1. Direct Healthcare Access II LLC<br />Proposal to: Outline of opportunity<br />Direct Healthcare Access II LLC is a specialized medical laboratory with a practice of treatment for patients that are trying to better their healthcare positions. DHAs first mission is to provide such specialized tests as Krypotopyrole, Histamine, and copper, zinc, Hair Analysis, Drug Testing, Chemistry panels and any other test that can help patients treat their needs. Direct Healthcare Access is a complexed licensed laboratory with specialized trained physicians that treat patients in the Nutritional Bio balancing of patients with issues such as: ADD, ADHD, Autisium, Behavioral issues, Nutritional deficiencies and the such. After the testing is completed described by the patient’s medical issues the testing makes it clear what Vitamins and Diet, Life Style changes should be made by the patients.<br />The key contributor to the company’s success is the need of patients across the USA and globally to look into new interventions of treatment such as the specialized testing and treatments.<br />The company uses its proprietary testing and its special laboratory and physician relationships to leverage its position in the US market and the global markets for these types of tests and treatments. Since a relationship with a National Lab is negotiated by being a reference lab we have the ability to make a margin on testing we provide and testing we sub contract. Cost efficiencies are achieved through the company’s strategic alliance with select manufactures, laboratories with draw stations around the USA.<br />Direct Healthcare Access II LLC currently provides services to patients within the USA and Global opportunities around the world.<br />The opportunity is as follows:<br /><ul><li>Sell Vitamins to Patients treated by Direct Healthcare Access’s Physicians Treatment plans
  2. 2. Sell other products such as Books, Food Items and other items.
  3. 3. Allow DHA the ability to distribute all testing to certain walk in customers such as Drug, DNA and Medical Lab Testing along with consultation and treatment plan to patients if needed. DHA will create point of sale testing items for store location with point of sale information for customers.
  4. 4. From time to time DHA will perform in store special programs to educate customer.
  5. 5. Also can sell these service’s to other Doctors and benefit in a revenue share opportunity</li></ul>Based upon these service’s being performed or products being sold each company will allow the other company to receive financial benefit. These benefits will be defined after the costs of the products and services are disclosed and at that point the profit can be distributed based upon a contractual agreement.<br />Direct Healthcare Access is very much interested in creating a relationship with your organization and will allow all your Vitamin Products and any other products as long as the financial benefit is appropriate and agreed. We have also enclosed the current treatments and their vitamins that were ordered by the Physicians that treat DHA patients for your review.<br />Looking forward to meeting and creating this new relationship.<br />Sincerely,<br />Ellen Hanson Owner and Director <br />RJ Sommerfeld Vice President of Business Development<br />