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Direct Healthcare Access Provides Lab Testing for Medical Concerns such as Bio-Chemcial Balancing, Lab Testing, Dna Testing , Drug Testing


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This is a full Description of Direct Health Care Access is a full service Medical Programs to help with all your testing needs from A-Z

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Direct Healthcare Access Provides Lab Testing for Medical Concerns such as Bio-Chemcial Balancing, Lab Testing, Dna Testing , Drug Testing

  1. 1. Overview Bio-chemical Balancing and Wellness Screening Direct Healthcare Access is a distributor of medical laboratory services including drug Direct Healthcare Access is a CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory. We specialize in testing testing, laboratory testing, DNA testing, and other types of specialty programs available to our that is used in the diagnosis of biochemical imbalances frequently identified in autism spectrum corporate, clinic, physician, and individual customers. The company is fully certified and accredited disorders, asperger syndrome, AD(H)D, bi-polar, depression, schizophrenia, violent/ aggressive under CLIA and operates under defined state and federal guidelines and the principle has over 30 behavior, and other mental and emotional conditions. Our laboratory offers a large variety of years of experience providing testing. testing. -Kryptopyrrole Quantitive Urine Test: Pyrole disorder/ pyroluria is diagnosed by finding elevated Drug Testing kryptopyrole in the urine. When elevated in the urine, it represents a marker for defeciencies in Direct Healthcare Access II Inc., is an industry leader with over twenty-five years of vitamin B6 and Zinc. Symptoms include: poor tolerance of physical and emotional stress, poor experience when it comes to drug testing. We deliver the product you need, rapid turn around times anger control, emontional mood swings, depression ,and anxiety. and award winning customer service. We provide accurate timely and cost effective testing with Used to make initial diagnosis and follow-up testing is used to monitor the efffectiveness of customized programs to fit the needs of our client. Contact us at replacement therapy. Advantages of Working With DHA -Whole Blood Histamine: Influences mood, appetite, sleep, and thought. When elevated, clinical - Guaranteed lowest pricing features include depression, Obessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D), perfectionism. When the level - CLIA licensed laboratory is too low, there is a tendency for high anxiety, panic disorders, depression, chemical and food - Outstanding customer service sensitivities. - Fast Turn Around Times -Serum Copper: Essential trace element. Excessive levels are toxic to the body and can interfere - On-site drug tesing at your facility. with the processes compromising the brain’s access to its major source of fuel, leaving the brain - Over 1000 Nationwide collection service centers starved for energy. Has been implicated in attention and hyperactivity disorders, learning problems, temper tantrums, depression, agitation, post-partum depression, and autism spectrum Reasons For Testing Types Of Programs disorders. Contact us at - Pre-employment - Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) - Random - Corporate DNA - Reasonable Suspicion Direct Healthcare Access also specializes in legal DNA testing and is a certified collection - Post Accident - Clincal site for all aspects of collection and testing. We provide pre-natal paternity testing, paternity - Return to duty - Personal testing, viability testing, maternity testing, grandparentage, reconstruction, siblingship, twin - Follow-up zygosity, Y-STR testing, mtDNA profiling, DNA profiling, and DNA banking. Drug Testing Panels - Legally Admissable results Contact Information - Unique Dual Process Direct Healthcare Access II Inc. Five Drug Panel Seven Drug Panel Nine Drug Panel - Testing up to 24 loci with identifiler and DDCPlex 350 W Kensington Road Suite 107 Amphetamines Amphetamines Amphetamines Mount Prospect IL. 60056 - Results in as fast as 1 day Cannabinoids (THC) Barbituates Barbituates Phone - Affordable testing options Cocaine Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepines 847-222-9546 - Fully accredited by: AABB, ISO, CLIA Opiates Cannabinoids (THC) Cannabinoids (THC) Fax Contact us at Phencyclidine Cocaine Cocaine 847-222-9547 Opiates Opiates Phencyclidine Phencyclidine Methadone Standard and Customized Drug Panels Confirmation on Positive Drugs Propoxyphene Medical Review Officer (MRO)