Pub355 week6: 7 sentence marketing basics


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Pub355 week6: 7 sentence marketing basics

  1. 1. You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing Back to Basics: The 7 Sentence Marketing Plan PUB 355: October 22, 2010 by Monique Trottier
  2. 2. twitter: @boxcarmarketing 1. What is the purpose of your marketing? • You need specific, measurable goals: • If you are trying to increase members - what % increase are you aiming for? • If you’re trying to get contest entries - how many entries? • If you’re trying to increase traffic to the site - how many unique visits /month? • Your goals need to be measurable so that you can know if you’ve met them or not.
  3. 3. twitter: @boxcarmarketing • Clearly define the characteristics of your audience. Go back to your persona work - who are these people? • Go back to the conversation prism - where does your audience hang out online? What blogs do they read? What websites do they visit? • Be clear about the common/shared characteristics of your audience. You might want to group characteristics into affinity groups to show their cross-over association. 2. Who is Your Target Audience?
  4. 4. twitter: @boxcarmarketing • Think about the motivations behind online behaviour. Read Chapter 5 in Here Comes Everybody about why Shirky participates in wikipedia. • Also think about the different types of community affiliation: • Source: Harvard Business Review’s“Getting Brand Communities Right”
  5. 5. twitter: @boxcarmarketing 3. What is Your Niche in the Marketplace? • Be clear about why the audience cares. • In order to attract your target audience you need to answer“what is this”,“who is this for”and“why should I care”. • What attracts your audience? Why do they return? • Who are your competitors? What sets you apart? • Again, you should be thinking about OPEN vs CLOSED
  6. 6. twitter: @boxcarmarketing • Why should someone choose your product over your competitors’? • You need a strong elevator pitch - make advertisers say“Wow, why aren’t I advertising with them?” • Look at your competitors’“About Us”page for how they describe themselves. 4. What is Your Competitive Advantage?
  7. 7. twitter: @boxcarmarketing • What is your brand’s personality? • What adjectives describe it? • What are the feelings the company wants to evoke? • What brand attributes does it want to convey? • Go back and look at the brand attributes of OPEN companies. 5. What is Your Business Identity?
  8. 8. twitter: @boxcarmarketing 6. Marketing Weapons that I Plan to Employ: • Your marketing weapons need to: • Clearly explain what you will do. • Explain how your tactics are related to the purpose & goals from #1. • Do you plan to do blogger outreach? Which blogs would be good to pitch to? [include URLs]. • How are you going to increase your email list? • How will you implement Facebook Ads (what demographics/ psychographics/keywords? Remember, you can set up ads in Facebook without having to pay. It will give you an idea of potential
  9. 9. twitter: @boxcarmarketing • As a rule, estimate 2 hours per channel per week. • Double or triple that during a contest period. • You may want to cut down on the number of social media channels you’re using so that you can concentrate your efforts in a few channels in order to be more effective. 7. I Plan to Devote ($ or hrs) to marketing (or % of gross sales)
  10. 10. twitter: @boxcarmarketing Overall Comments • Make sure you’re thinking through each of the sentences and building on the lessons and presentations from the class. • Use the conversation prism to look at existing communities beyond twitter, facebook and youtube. • Follow your goals from #1 all the way through. • Ideas need to have clear, executable tactics associated with them. • Make sure to be clear in your focus and not distracted by bigger ideas of brand awareness. • If you haven’t already, read Friends With Benefits. In particular: Chapter 2, 3, 5, 6, 11 (those who are using video), 12 (those who are using Twitter) and 13.
  11. 11. You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing Create an EcoSystem