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Pub355 How to Write a 7 Sentence Marketing Plan


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What I'm looking for in each sentence of the plan.

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Pub355 How to Write a 7 Sentence Marketing Plan

  1. 1. What Makes a Good 7-Sentence Plan PUB 355: April 1, 2011 by Monique Trottier You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing
  2. 2. Sentence 1: PurposeBe specific, make sure to include the measurable goals(actual numbers)Geist > Engagement (Arco Marketing)Go on to detail goals and specific numbers:Goal 1: Reach & Maintain Audience. Increase FB fans 2–4% a week, Twitter 2.5% a weekGoal 2: Get constituents to talk to each other: # RTs, comments, photo submissionsGoal 3: Increase subscribers overall by 5–10%; double digital edition from 1500–3000 twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  3. 3. Sentence 2: Will accomplish by...Make a clear connection to stated goals in #1. Summarize whatyou’re going to do to accomplish the goal, and what businessobjective the goal meets. Sentence #5 is an extension of #1 & 2and provides more specific details. Repetition is ok.Ardea > Lead Gen (Dynamite)Goal #2: recruit new customers – 3 new customers to come into the store per week(MT: Measure store traffic. Measure referral through promo activities.)In order to recruit new customers, we will target them through several different channels.• Coupons to customers attending events if they “refer a friend”, i.e., bring a friend to the next book club meeting or author reading. This will help promote both our brand as well as get a new person into the physical space of the store where we can interact with them and/or encourage impulse buying.• Collaborating with other local shops (coffee shops for example) to offer incentives (coupons) to visit our store/theirs. This gives us the potential to reach a new audience. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  4. 4. Sentence 3: AudienceClearly identified audience groups and provided persona foreach. I need/want statements relevant to goals, purpose, tactics.Ardea > Engagement (Cellar Door)Goal: The purpose of our marketing plan is to engage more deeply with Ardea customersin an online setting in order to increase brand visibility and exposure through socialmedia. Our focus will be on increasing Ardea’s online audience and subscribers with theintention of applying different stages of customer engagement and building a list whichcan be used for future marketing opportunities.Barbara, Community PlannerBasics: Late 40’s, female, and serves on the board of directors of the University of BritishColumbia (UBC) campus as a community planner. She is committed to building a sustainableand secure campus where students and families can live and study. She has worked for UBCfor the past 20 years and her position requires her to develop short and long term plans for therevitalization of the community.Barbara takes pleasure keeping up to date with modern day technologies and understandsthat the online world is rapidly expanding and pertaining a significant role. However shedoesn’t exactly know how to use social media and only dabbles a little for quick information.Professional and personal background:Barbara is from Vancouver and generally lives and works in the municipality of Point Grey.Barbara is quite creative, smart and looks for outlets that let her exercise these traits. She isinterested in art, blogging, gardening, watching movies, sharing coffee with friends, and thinks monique@boxcarmarketing.comone can never read enough books! twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  5. 5. Sentence 3: AudienceQuote:“I understand the times are evolving into an online world, but I am old fashioned. I don’t strayfar from my neighbourhood and I like to spend my money where people know my name and Iam affiliated with a group. I don’t try to keep up with new media and since I never needed itbefore, I don’t see why I need it now.”Technological background:For someone who works on many deadlines, Barbara does not care to spend her time ormoney using complicated technologies and hard to source websites. Barbara does not realizethe easy way to keep track of bookmarking her favourite websites that are available on theInternet. Barbara just reads websites and blogs for quick information. She also uses an e-mailaccount and has a profile on Facebook. However, she is not very active on Facebook or anyother social media sites and only uses it to view photos of her friends.Barbara views the following websites for quick information:- twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  6. 6. Sentence 3: AudienceGoals:- How do I know which books would interest me?- How does local news relate to your store?- I don’t know how to deal with confusing websites, tell me what I should know.I need/I want:- I want a knowledgeable source- I want trustworthy recommendations for future books- I want the process to be easy and fast- I want to learn at my own convenience- I need to see the importance of how this applies to me- I want to be involved in my community- I want to see value in where I spend my money(MT: Acts as a guide for content that will resonate, indicates promotions that buildreputation and make a clear connection to the community. Checkpoint for whetheractivities suggested in #5 will be acted upon by this audience. Indicates what metricsshould be considered and if goals in #1/2 are attainable.) twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  7. 7. Sentence 4: NicheIf I was a journalist writing a story about the client / contest /promo, what info do you want me to include in my article? Whatis the story angle? S.P.H.E.R.E. “so what”, “personality”, “ego”, “relevancy”, “effort”So what?Why do your consumers care about the brand?What is interesting about this project?What makes you different from your competitors.Why do consumers pick you vs. another product/service?PersonalityWhat are the adjectives that describe the brand. What are the adjectives that describe your consumers?Do you have a spokesperson? Are there fans/advocates for your brand?EgoWhy do your consumers want to engage with you? What’s in it for them? RelevancyThere is a relevancy between the audiences’ motivations and the brand? The project?EffortDo not underestimate the amount of effort in creating an effective community. What effort doyou need to put into this campaign in order to keep people long-term? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  8. 8. Sentence 4: NicheGeist > Lead GeneratorsGoal: To get more kits into the classroom and increase awareness among CDN high schoolinstructors that these kits are available. We will measure success by the number of FREE kitsbeing requested by teachers. In return, we will collect their contact information including theiraddress and email.Characteristics of the audience● High school teachers who are tired of their routine-based classes and are in a need to beinspired in terms of how they can create assignments that can excite their students. Due to thebudget cuts in many schools around the globe teachers are limited with resources, and are inturn limited in what they can do creatively with their students.Why audiences care● Audiences will gain respect for the brand and in turn, care about Geist because they willcome to realize that we are there to help them.● Considering that the material is free, teachers have nothing to lose. In exchange formagazines, our company will gain recognition and as a result, more people would explorewhat the company has to offer. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  9. 9. Sentence 4: NicheHow will Geist benefit Sarah (a persona identified in #3)?Poetry section:According to Sarah the poetry section is often use as a way to unleash student’s creative mindand increase students’ ability to understand poetry. For example, from issue 78 a poem nameTenement Song written by Gillian Jerome was given. In the beginning of English class, Sarahwill put the poem on overhead and the whole class will read it over together. Next, studentswill be split into groups and brainstorm together to come up with the possible meaning andconnotations of the poem. In the end, groups will exchange their ideas with the whole classand see what different interpretations they come up with. Sarah felt that by doing this, it notonly makes the poetry more interesting it also creates a bond between students. Additionally, iteducates students to respect one another’s creative work.Connect the audience with Geist’s business identity/ how does Geist reflect theirpersonalities and interest?Geist reflects on its audience’s creative ability through their postcard contest while satisfyingits consumer’s need for some “fun” through their crossword puzzles.After looking at the FB group, we saw pictures of individuals who seem to have an “edge” tothem. For example, participants wore t-shirts that says “Geist kicks ass”* Audiences need to understand that our brand is one that is fun and interesting* Students will connect with the brand if they realize that the people associated with Geist areone’s that they would want to be around and relate to. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  10. 10. Sentence 4: NicheCompetitor Info• Include info on the types of promotions your competitors undertake and how/why your campaign will stand out• Be clear in noting your competitive advantage• Identify your competitors Fan/Follower numbers so you have a baseline for your KPIsGeist > Engagement (Arco) twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  11. 11. Good Sample AnswerWhat is your niche?My Mini Club is a Facebook Page and a website that offers an online community to welcomecustomers, enthusiasts, and fans of the Fuji Instax Mini camera. The theme of My Mini Club is“Make your moment special” which implies that when a person visits the website, they will feelthe site is fun and memorable. It also implies that every time a person uses the camera, itcaptures that specific moment in time. My Mini Club offers an online community thatencourages interaction from its staff members to its users through the website. The customerservice staff is easily approachable for the users to answer questions, get stock updates, or toget help making a purchase decision of the products that they desire. My Mini Club’s productsalso have a lower price that is attractive to our target audience.So what?• Prospective customers want to learn more about the Fuji Instax Mini• Access to information about the use of this camera is not readily available at any brick and mortar places in North America and there is really limited content online.• My Mini Club offers good customer support and is easy going, friendly, and knowledgeable.Why do people need to care about this camera?• Fuji Instax Mini is not widely available in North America. It is an alternative to a Polaroid.• This camera offers a different style of photo taking that the target audience is interested in and fulfills a need in the market of the Lower Mainland for this type of photography.Personality• My Mini Club is a welcoming site for people to see the feedback and questions• For the types of personalities that use this camera, they like to show their photos physically, whether in their wallet, photo album, or a scrap book. They like to share their photos. Giving it to the person they want instantly instead of emailing the photo to them or printing it. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  12. 12. Good Sample AnswerHook• One of the main goals of My Mini Club is to attract people to go to their website or Facebook page by pulling people onto our space and hooking them on to the content.• Some things that they do well in this aspect are the up to date content that they post on the Facebook wall. They post attractive pictures or catchy subject lines from time to time to try to attract a new audience. For example, a recent post on their Facebook wall was “Guess how many packs of film there are”, with a picture of a “mountain” of film boxes.Ego• There is motivations on why people go to My Mini Club and decide to make a purchase. The audience wants to join the community that this site is creating.• They see their friends are using the camera, so they want to see what it is all about and see why they are enjoying it or not.• Most people in North America are use to using a regular camera and smart phones. The target audience wants something different and is unique.• My Mini Club can show them the advantages and functions of the camera. With enough motivation, this can create an interest on interacting on the site and even an interest in a purchase decision.Relevancy• There is a relevancy between the audiences’ motivations and what My Mini Club is asking them to do.• For example, the staff can post a YouTube video on the wall about a tip that customers can use the camera better to take better portrait shots in bad lighting. Not only does this offer a reason to hook someone to our content, but also be relevant to the audiences’ motivations because it can be something that they are looking for. My Mini Club can find out about what the audience is interested in and post relevant content on their Facebook Wall or discussions page or create new sections on the site. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  13. 13. Good Sample AnswerEffortMy Mini Club should not underestimate the amount of effort in creating an effective community.My Mini Club can continue to get people to talk more on the site and make the Facebook pagegrow as a community. Getting returning viewers and customers onto the site to contribute cancreate more of a community, as it creates more areas of interest. The more interest My MiniClub can get, the higher level of “word of mouth” would likely occur.Benefits and competitive advantageMy Mini Club provides tip, tricks and new ideas from turning vintage style cameras, such asthe Fuji Instax Mini, into modern day fun. Our friendliness and helpful tips provide a high levelof customer satisfaction for all current owners of the camera,Currently, there are very few suppliers in Canada that sell this similar product. My Mini Club’spricing is below all the major big box retailers and small businesses that sell the similarproducts. We provide in-person service for all transactions and at all the convenient pick-uplocations in the Lower Mainland. All taxes are included within the price listed on My Mini Club’swebsite and on the Facebook Page for easier accessibility.One of the competitive advantages that My Mini Club has is their customer service andinteraction on their Facebook page that creates an online community. They want to make thepeople feel welcomed to the site and if they like what they see, they can “like” their Facebookpage and become a fan. The staff is easily approachable because they can be seenanswering people’s questions very quickly. The users on the site like to post and share theirthoughts, questions, and their photos that they have taken with the Fuji Instax Mini cameras.Positioning statement for My Mini Club:For the young and instant camera loving people who wants to keep and share their instantmoments. My Mini Club is a fun and welcoming Facebook page that provides a fun andinteracting online community. Unlike main competitor sites like or big box retailersselling similar cameras, My Mini Club provides customers with a place to come together and monique@boxcarmarketing.comshare their photos, tips, thoughts, and experiences. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  14. 14. Sentence 5: Strategy & ToolsMake a very clear connection between goals in #1, how you will accomplish #2, andtactics in #5. Tie it into #7 for KPIs. Redundancy is ok. Each sentence builds on theprevious.Ardea > online / offline (Glasses & Mustaches) twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  15. 15. Sentence 6: Business IdentityGeist > Online / offline (Merkatiko6S)Goal: Draw in a larger audience by hosting a Geist writing career conference at SFU. Theobjective will be to get the Geist brand out there and to urge talented student writers to look atbecoming contributing members of the Canadian literature scene by submitting their work; if aconnection can be drawn between Geist and a future career, then many young graduates orsoon to be graduates will be drawn to what Geist offers.#6: The brand personality of Geist Magazine, in general, is intelligent, fun, humorous, literaryfocused and educating with user-friendly writing. These are characteristics that you dont seevery often in literary magazines, with each of the issue consisting of photography, comics,poetry, movie/books review and their “legendary” crossword puzzle.Geist encourages readers to summit their own work and share them on their magazine, hencecreating an interactive environment between the reader and the publisher. Anyone interestedin Geist is welcome to join this growing online community. In order to draw connection toGeist’s characteristic in our conferences context, we will define Geist based on twocharacteristics... twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  16. 16. Sentence 7: Budget / KPIIdentify all costs, hours, and KPIs. Make sure the KPIs are directly related to your goalsin #1. Ensure there is clear alignment between #1, 2, 5, & 7. Consider a grid that showsGoal > Actions (you want the customer to take) > Tactics (that you will employ) > KPIs(how you’ll measure success)See again Ardea > Online / Offline (Glasses & Mustaches) twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  17. 17. Understanding what to measureIn addition to the grid they provided in #5, they used #7 to talk about measurementsby platform.1. Facebook.Budgeted/Allocated Time: Facebook page maintenance will require about 3.5 hours overthe course of a week (30min a day). During campaigns it will require an additional 0.5hours per day for each day of the campaign (per question 5).To increase traffic to Ardea Book’s discussion page, we will be creating an online bookclub. Success will be measured by seeing an increase in post by customers. Our initialbaseline number is 25 posts per month.Part of our marketing campaign will be to engage customers to participate online todevelop the Ardea brand. Therefore, we will be increasing the number of photos andmember-photo involvement on Ardea’s Facebook page. We will be adding 25 photos permonth and, we aim to have 25% of these photos to include personal tags. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  18. 18. There are 2 things we like to measure: Things that lead to sales Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  19. 19. SalesGeist subscriptions Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  20. 20. Things that lead to sales Twitter Followers Customer Feedback RTs Facebook Fans Email OpensWebsite Visitors Press Mentions Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  21. 21. Things that lead to salesAcquisition Website Visitors, time on site Number of pageviews, repeat visits,Activation subscription (email, blog), account sign-up (profile data), Fan/Follower Email Opens, Click-throughs,Retention Repeat visits Press Mention, RT, Referral Refers 1+visitors to the site; Refers 1+ visitors who activate Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  22. 22. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road willget you there.Misquote from Alice in Wonderland Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  23. 23. A simple Contest • Reach a new audience or reinforce our connection to an existing audience Goal Lifecycle Marketing Tactic Customer Action Metrics @ / RT / Comment Response Visitors Acquire Subscriptions Reach a new Listen Visit to the site Activate (email/RSS) audience Introduce Subscribe Fan/Follower Retain Return Account sign-up Return Visits @ / RT / Comment Response Repeat visits Reinforce our Retain Talk Email opens Visit the site connection to Referral Pitch CTR / Goal Funnel Act Mentionsexisting audience Revenue Thank Refer Referrals Referrals who convert
  24. 24. A simple campaign to build Reputation • Use a blog to establish authority / expertise. • Focus on writing good content first and self-promotion second Goal Metrics Pagerank +Nth position in relation to competitors by a # inbound links from influential blogs certain date # bookmarks (Delicious) Google Position in Search Results Volume of organic traffic per month # inbound links from influential sites X% increase of traffic per month # email subscribers or fan/followers who can be directed to the site X$ per month attributable to Segment and Funnel: referrals from blog Traffic that converts to sales
  25. 25. A really simple campaign to increase Engagement• Be nice to customers who mention you on Twitter Goal Metrics # positive comments sent to customers per week w/in given timeframe Increase # positive conversations # of conversations that started from those comments # additional activation points
  26. 26. A simple campaign to increase In-Store Sales• Implement a promotion on social media.• Give participants a printable campaign voucher so you can track sales Goal Metrics Goal Funnel: Impressions, Download voucher Form Completion; Downloads $ monthly sales monthly sales % increase in store traffic over monthly store traffic pre-promo periodAttract an audience in a particular area traffic from particular area
  27. 27. A simple campaign to increase Online Sales• Use Twitter or Facebook to inform prospects about special promotions.• Exclusive, limited-customer/limited time offers. Goal MetricsIncrease monthly sales / subscriptions monthly sales attributable directly to SMM Segment & Funnel: new customersIncrease % value from new customers attributable directly to campaign Increase conversions from Segment & Funnel: monthly revenue Twitter traffic generated from customers from Twitter Repeat customers from that group Retain X% of new customers Unsubscribe rates
  28. 28. Social Media Measurements Content Platform Ratio of Posts to X Peak Conversion Resonance Opens Day Email Opens CTR Time of Day Unsubscribes RTs Day Twitter RTs @ Time of Day Recos Like Day Facebook Interactions Share Time of Day Comment Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  29. 29. Preparing Draft 3Ardea > Lead Generation#1 & 2: It’s ok how you’ve combined these because you have specific, measurable goalsand you identify the business reason behind these goals.#7 provides strong background information.#5 is a good list of the tools, but there needs to be a clearer connection between the toolchoice and how it’s used to meet the goals identified in #1 and 2.To improve #5, create a grid as discussed that pulls in information from #1, 2 and 7:Goals > Actions > Tactics > KPIsGoal = bullet points of goals identified in #1 and #2Actions = actions you want the customer to take to meet your goalsTactics = bullet points of activities that you will employ to motivate your audience to take the desired actionKPIs = how you’ll measure if your tactics are resulting in the desired actions that mean you are meeting your goals# 3 Audience: Review personas to make a connection between their motivations and yourmarketing activities. Add the I need/I want statements for each persona and make surethose motivations reflect the tactics you undertake in #5.#4 Niche: To refine your SPHERE section, imagine you are writing a press release aboutone of your marketing activities, perhaps the promotion of an in-store event. Write theheadline and summary, like our in-class exercise. This will help you refine the true media“hooks” and the “so what”—why people should care.#6 Identity: The competitor info here is good. Just consider how Ardea compares. See the monique@boxcarmarketing.comCompetitive Advantage section of the Sample for My Mini Club. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  30. 30. Preparing Draft 3Ardea > Engagement#1. Good info and summary of what you’ll measure. Just make sure you are taking intoaccount what your client is already doing. If they have a FB page already, what exactly areyou building that is different than what they have.#2. Good descriptive content in 1, 2, 5 and 7. But you would benefit from creating a gridthat outlines Goals > Actions > Tactics > KPIs. (Not a replacement for the existing content,just a way to provide a single view on what you’re suggesting.)Goal = bullet points of goals identified in #1 and #2Actions = actions you want the customer to take to meet your goalsTactics = bullet points of activities that you will employ to motivate your audience to take the desired actionKPIs = how you’ll measure if your tactics are resulting in the desired actions that mean you are meeting your goals#3. Great persona work. To take it to an A+ make the connection to what the audiencewants/needs and how you’ll establish Ardea as that knowledgeable, reputable, community-minded, trusted source for book info.#5. Good ideas here and samples of how you would execute these tactics. The grid willhelp align the goals > actions > tactics > KPIs in a single view. Ensure your metrics areconsistent throughout each section.Do some follow up research on FB Discussions and how to make that successful if it’s oneof your tactics. Same with the video newsletter. Both are good ideas but are hard toexecute. If you had some case studies or examples of successful implementation on othersites, then it would reinforce the credibility of these tactics. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  31. 31. Ardea > Online / Offline Preparing Draft 3#1 & 2. Great ideas all around. Your #5, which is broken down by platform, is actuallycloser to what you want for 1 and 2. You are creating a different view of that same info butgrouping it instead by overall business goal. To refine your answer, it’s just a matter ofshuffling around the information. #5 and #7 are working well together because they arebroken down by platform. Just re-jig #1 and 2.For #1 and 2, create a view that is Overall Goal > Desired Customer Actions > YourMarketing Tactics > KPIs.One approach is to merge what you define in #2 as a Result with what you identify in #1 asa goal. You could start with the grids in #2 and put in specific metrics, i.e., increase visits tothe website by X%. Then make the Results column your Goal column. Sort your goals intogroups of things that are Sales-related goals (things specific to $) and goals related toAwareness, Engagement and Reputation (soft goals, which influence sales, but have anon-financial impact).(In your # 2 grid Strategy = what you want to do. Actions = why you want to do it. Results =what you expect.)Next step, in order to better describe your business objectives (why you want to dosomething), refine the grid so that:Goal = Bullet point of overall business goal/result. i.e., Increase traffic to the website by X%Actions = What we want the customers to do: i.e., visit the website, visit the store, sign up for email news, come to Meet the staff.Tactics = A combo of your current Strategy+Action columns. How you’re going to get customers to take the above actions. i.e., create staff profiles and establish a relationship between staff & customers through online engagement and in- person “Meet the Staff” event.KPIs = All the things you can measure related to the desired customer actions, which monique@boxcarmarketing.comare also aligned with your goals. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  32. 32. Preparing Draft 3#3. Most of your tactics are for a local audience so I’d more the persona work on tourist toan appendix#5. Some samples of how you’d execute these tactics would move you to an A+.Blogger outreach list: Vancouver bloggers who could be pitched to write about Ardea. Seetips in separate email.Think about the other location-based tools that have been presented in class. GooglePlaces is a great example, but don’t forget the others. Actually getting them listed in allrelevant directories (Foursquare, Yelp, etc.) would be cost-effective, a great example ofonline-offline for local businesses, in particular for meeting the goal of getting people intothe store. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  33. 33. Preparing Draft 3Geist > Lead GenOverall great ideas. You need to group information into their relevant sections though.Can you reshuffle the content and let me view again? Take into consideration the feedbackfor the other groups and what content should be in each section.I’d like to see a clear grid like we’ve talked about with the other groups showingGoals > Actions > Tactics > KPIsGoal = bullet points of goals identified in #1 and #2Actions = actions you want the customer to take to meet your goalsTactics = bullet points of activities that you will employ to motivate your audience to take the desired actionKPIs = how you’ll measure if your tactics are resulting in the desired actions that mean you are meeting your goalsGreat insights into the persona and how the kits will benefit each persona.#7. If you can get the measurements for success outlined in 1, 2, and 5, then we can comeback to your cost breakdowns related to the tactics you want to use. I’m not clearlyunderstanding your calculations. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  34. 34. Preparing Draft 3Geist > Engagement#1. Fill in a couple of the blanks. If you mention a website, include the URL and the trafficnumbers (inbound links, twitter followers, etc.) that demonstrate relevance.#2, 4 and 5. Where noted, provide some samples of how you’d execute your tactics.Sample tweets, press release headline/summary,#3. Make a connection between persona’s motivations and how you’ll get them aligned todo what you want them to do (desired customer actions that mean success)#4. Competitor Numbers would be handy to include in the doc. See example MyMiniClubexample and think about how Geist stands out from these competitors. Or mention whatpromo activities these competitors engage in that Geist could adapt. Basically just answerhow Geist can stand out from the competition better.#5 & 7. Would love to see a grid Goals > Actions > Tactics > KPIs as discussed with othergroups.#6. Very good twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  35. 35. Preparing Draft 3Geist > Online / Offline#1. Great ideas and reasoning. Remember 1, 2, 5 and 7 work together. Provide a grid viewthat helps clearly outline your Goals > Actions > Tactics > KPIs.Goal = bullet points of goals identified in #1 and #2. Make sure you have specific #s.Actions = actions you want the customer to take to meet your goalsTactics = bullet points of activities that you will employ to motivate your audience to take the desired actionKPIs = how you’ll measure if your tactics are resulting in the desired actions that mean you are meeting your goals#2. Great descriptive content that shows you understand the business justification for whatyou’re proposing. Again, you just want to synthesize that info into a bulleted/grid formatwith some specific metrics.#3. Good job with personas. Just make the connection between the I need/I want and howthe conference meets those needs. See the MyMiniClub Ego example.#4. Provide a sample of how you’d execute your tactics. Write the event description forEventbrite or a press release Headline/Summary announcing the event. Provide 5 tweets. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  36. 36. Preparing Draft 3#5. Same issue as previous groups. You have the right grid format, but need to refine thecontent in the grid.Next step, in order to better describe your business objectives (why you want to dosomething), refine the grid so that:Goal = Bullet point of overall goal/result. i.e., Sell-out event (500 ppl paying $10)Actions = What we want the customers to do: i.e., visit event page, sign up for the event, share with othersTactics = A combo of your other columns. How you’re going to get customers to take the above actions. i.e., advertise event on FBKPIs = All the things you can measure related to the desired customer actions, which are also aligned with your goals. # attendees, # pageviews of event, # RTs/ Shares of event info#7. Good descriptive text. Make sure all your costs are listed. The #5 grid will help outlinethe KPIs. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  37. 37. Next Week: In-Class Test• Meet in Room 1325• I’ll explain the exercise• Who’s bringing a laptop?• What resources can you use during the test?• How to prepare• Draft 3 due April 15 You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing