MPub 600: Defining Your Audience


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Principles of effective communication messages.
1. Know your audience
2. Tell an authentically true story
3. Positive in tone
4. Minimalist
5. Contrasts the status quo vs. the reward is the call to action is taken

* How Jane Goodall became the woman who redefined Man.

* How technology changed how businesses interact online.

* What neuroscience and the study of chimps can tell us about behaviour, motivations and persuasion.
* Class dates and general overview

* Readings

* Publishing process and marketing communications touchpoints

* Assignment details

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MPub 600: Defining Your Audience

  1. 1. What Monkeys Can Teach Us About Marketing60 min: Introduction15 min: break90 min: In-class assignmentPresented September 5, 2012Pub 600 1 of 4
  2. 2. photo by Jussi Mononen
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. Raincoast Is Against the Right to Read Under T hreatHuman Rights JK Rowling Seeks Inju nction
  5. 5. Audience.
  6. 6. Truth.
  7. 7. 164,000 Google results for “Enbridge removes islands”
  8. 8. s Are Dead Six P ublisher tureThe Big cal Factors for the Fu 6 Criti Sadly, the six big houses of traditional publishing are fatally wounded, but have yet to realize they are the living dead. Inertia will drive them forward until the life force leaves them and they become dust. Their history will reside with the buggy whip maker, the horse drawn carriage manufacturer, and the outhouse builder. Unfortunately, their glorious names will only live in the pantheon of companies like Packard and Polaroid. Why are these companies the living dead? They lack leadership.
  9. 9. photo by Netzanette
  10. 10. 1. Audience2. Truth3. Positive Tone4. Minimalist
  11. 11. Welcome to Pub 600
  12. 12. Do me one favour
  13. 13. Pub 600: Marketing1. Sept 5: Defining Your Audience (Persona)2. Sept 12: Marketing Playbook (Mini-Plan)3. Sept 18: Measuring Success (KPIs)4. Sept 25: Wrap-Up (Test) * Class is not always in this room.
  14. 14. Read before Next Class Wed, Sept 12• The Cluetrain Manifesto: Just read homepage, in particular the 95 Theses• Eloqua Social Media Playbook: It’s not the tools, it’s how you use them. Some are outdated (2009), read it anyway. Eloqua_Social_Media_Playbook_Public.pdf• Boxcar Marketing, "Defining Your Target Audience with Personas," audience-with-personas/
  15. 15. Questions?Contact InfoMonique Sherrettmonique@boxcarmarkting.com778-837-9012
  16. 16. Friday: Technology• Room TBC• Is everyone ok walking?• If yes, bring comfortable walking shoes and a camera
  17. 17. Ok, Part II
  18. 18. Marketing Trade Books S Author Publisher Community
  19. 19. If yes, then ... Reviewed by Agent/Publisher Reviewed by Media, Stores Reviewed by Editorial Board Presented to Sales & Marketing Reviewed by Readers: GoodReads, Amazon, www MS b/w ED and AU Reviewed by Award Boards MS to DesignCover & Layout to ED, AU, Sales & Marketing WOM (Author to Reader, Reader to Reader, Bookstore to Reader, Book Clubs, SMM, Email) Cover & Layout, Catalogue Copy presented to Reps, Key Buyers Recommendation Engines Cover, cat copy to vendors, pub www Galleys or review copies to Sales & Community Discussion, UGC, FanFiction Marketing, Key Buyers, Media Final book to Stores S
  20. 20. Marketing Is ... I just read this great book ... What makes it great? Do I like that? Do we share the same tastes? Do I like this enough to do X?
  21. 21. Principles of an Effective Communications Message1. Audience2. Truth3. Positive Tone4. Minimalist5.Contrast (What is, What could be)
  22. 22. Planning Your Marketing Message I just read this great book ...1. Audience: Who is it for?2. Hook: What makes it great? (elevator pitch)3. So What: Why should people care?4. Goals: Will they care enough to do X? S5. Strategy: How will I nudge them to do X?6. Tools: What tactics, technology or tools will I use?7. Metrics: How will I know if it is working?
  23. 23. Assignments: email to monique@boxcarmarketing.com1. In groups: Review the persona worksheet and create a persona for Louise Penny’s new novel The Beautiful Mystery. to look at the copy for this title and Louise Penny’s website. DUE end of class3.Individually: Based on your persona worksheet, a) pitch this title to Monique at Imagine I do not already know about this book, but have read A Trick of Light, the previous title in this series. b) Provide a list of 5 other Canadian literary bloggers who you’d pitch. Include their website, URL and 1 sentence about how you’d pitch them, what’s the angle? Why should they check out this title? DUE 5 pm Sunday