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Networking is the barrier to Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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Networking is the barrier to Cloud

  1. 1. Network  is  the  barrier  to  Cloud   Somik  Behera   Twi6er:  @StrikesMe   Open  vSwitch  
  2. 2. Acknowledgements:   •  Mar>n  Casado,  Founder  &  CTO  –  Nicira  Inc/VMware  •  James  Hamilton,  VP  &  Dis>nguished  Engineer,  Amazon   Web  Services   Open  vSwitch  
  3. 3. Agenda  •  Datacenter  Economics  •  Cloud  Expecta>ons  •  You  would  ask  “Why  is  Network  the  barrier”?   –  Dynamics/Inflexibility  –  NW  aren’t  built  for  flexibility   –  Efficiency  –  Cloud  DC  economics     –  Scale  –  NW  scale  limits  cloud  scale.  •  The  only  Solu>on  –  Move  networking  to  edge.  •  Benefits  •  CloudStack  &  Network  Virtualiza>on   Open  vSwitch  
  4. 4. Cloud  Datacenter  Economics   Open  vSwitch  
  5. 5. Cloud  Expecta>ons   Dynamic  Environment  Dynamic   • VMs  come  and  go  anywhere  in  the  datacenter.   • Tenants  with  differing  network  requirements  come  and  go.   High  Efficiency  Efficient   • Cloud  ==  Cheaper  than  dedicated   • Cheaper  ==  High  infrastructure  u>liza>on.   Scalable  yet  performant  &  efficient  Scalable   • Single  cloud  across  many  physical  pods  or  even  datacenters.   • High  efficiency  and  high  performance  even  at  large  scale   Open  vSwitch  
  6. 6. Cloud  Dynamics  –  Network  is  the  barrier   •  Network  gear  weren’t  built  to  have  config   state.   •  Network  configura>on  is  a  mess   –  Manual  configura>on   –  CLI,  screen-­‐scaping  etc,  very  bri6le,  not  cloud   friendly.   •  No  support  for  IP  mobility   •  Today’s  NW  oversubscrip>on  limits  VM   placement.     Open  vSwitch  
  7. 7. Cloud  Dynamics  –  Network  is  the  barrier   Credit:  Borrowed  from  h6p://perspec>   Open  vSwitch  
  8. 8. Cloud  Expecta>ons   High  Efficiency  Efficient   • Cloud  ==  Cheaper  than  dedicated   • Cheaper  ==  High  infrastructure  u>liza>on.   Open  vSwitch  
  9. 9. Cloud  Efficiency  –  Network  is  the  barrier   •  Datacenter  Economics  -­‐  Network   –  8%  of  of  monthly  cost  -­‐  Network  gear   –  5.2%  of  power  –  Network  gear   •  Datacenter  Economics  –  Server   –  57%  of  monthly  cost  –  Server  gear   –  64%  of  power  cost  –  Server  gear   –  Server  u>liza>on  –  10-­‐30%  even  aler   virtualiza>on,  in  cloud  environments.   •  Network  HW  cost  not  the  dominant  factor.   Open  vSwitch  
  10. 10. Cloud  Efficiency  –  Network  is  the  barrier   •  Biggest  op>miza>on  opportunity  in  DC  cost   model.   –  Improve  server  u>liza>on!   •  Biggest  hurdle  to  improving  server  u>liza>on   in  cloud?   –  Find  out  in  Next  slide  ;)   Open  vSwitch  
  11. 11. Cloud  Efficiency  –  Network  is  the  barrier   Virtual  Machines   VM   VM   VM   VM   Physical  Server   Workloads  are  >ed  to  the  Network!   Open  vSwitch  
  12. 12. Cloud  Expecta>ons   Scalable  yet  performant  &  efficient  Scalable   • Single  cloud  across  many  physical  pods  or  even  datacenters.   • High  efficiency  and  high  performance  even  at  large  scale   Open  vSwitch  
  13. 13. Cloud  Scalability–  Network  is  the  barrier   •  Size  limita>on  of  a  single  broadcast  domain   –  Workload  mobility  &  placement  challenges   •  VLAN  Limita>on   –  Spec.  limita>on  -­‐  4096  limit   –  Implementa>on  -­‐  Server  CPU  u>liza>on  issues.   •  Scale  up  get  expensive  before  reliable   –  “Asympto>cally  approaches  unaffordable  but  never   gets  to  good  enough”  –  James  Hamilton   •  Tradi>onal  NW  management  &  opera>ons  tool   breakdown  –  can’t  run  a  cloud  without  ops!   Open  vSwitch  
  14. 14. Network  Sucks  -­‐  So…  what  do  we  do?  •  What  do  we  do   –  Pull  networking  to  the  edge  –  i.e.  Server/Hypervisor.  •  Benefits   –  Simplify  physical  Network  –  Cloud  NW  complexity  not   exposed  to  physical  network   –  Richer  seman>cs  at  edge   –  Distributed  –  less  aggregate  processing  at  a  single   point   –  Solware  is  more  flexible  than  hardware.   Open  vSwitch  
  15. 15. How  does  this  work?   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   Open  vSwitch   Physical  Network   Internet   Open  vSwitch  
  16. 16. Benefits  of  this  paradigm  shil  •  Flexible,  efficient  and  be6er  scalable  “cloud”  networks!  •  Network  Hardware  independent  and  non  disrup>ve.  •  Mul>-­‐hypervisor  support  •  Place  and  move  any  workload,  anywhere  •  Supports  both  physical  and  virtual  workloads  •  Programma>c  network  infrastructure  control  •  VLAN  and  MAC  scalability  •  Secure  tenant  isola>on  on  share  physical  infrastructure   Open  vSwitch  
  17. 17. This  new  world  and  CloudStack  •  CloudStack  has  a  pluggable  architecture.  •  CloudStack  offers  support  for  many  NW  models   –  Use  tradi>onal  physical  networking   –  Use  Network  Virtualiza>on  non  disrup>vely  •  Nicira  NVP  (  this  new  architecture)  is  a  fully   integrated  Network  Virtualiza>on  solu>on  for   CloudStack  •  Running  in  Produc=on  today  @  Schuberg-­‐Phillis   today!   Open  vSwitch  
  18. 18. Thanks!   Q&A  Its  >me  to  Virtualize  the  Network!   Open  vSwitch