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Introduction to AMQP Messaging with RabbitMQ


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I used these slides during my recent AMQP/RabbitMQ talk at a big web technology company in Chicago.

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  • What a great slide! We're looking at message broker solutions right now ... RabbitMQ is a top candidate!

    One question: does it support 'Once and Only Once' semantics yet? In this video one of your developers mentions this as a topic of some contention between you and RedHat:
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Introduction to AMQP Messaging with RabbitMQ

  1. 1. Introduction to AMQP Messaging with RabbitMQ Dmitriy Samovskiy, CohesiveFT
  2. 2. Why Messaging? ● Get data from point A to point B ● Decouple publishers and consumers ● Queueing for later delivery ● Asynchronous ● Load balancing and scalability
  3. 3. RabbitMQ ● RabbitMQ is an AMQP messaging broker ● Developed and maintained by Rabbit Technologies Ltd, ● Joint venture between Cohesive Flexible Technologies ( and LShift ( ● Core development team in London, UK ● Rabbit is a part of AMQP Working Group