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Select Kansas City advertising agency information (2007).

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Kansas City Advertising

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  5. 5. We’ve been growing. Within these walls, you’ll find lots of things growing without bounds—from campaigns to brands, from individuals to entire markets. And in our experience, these things grow best in bright sunlight with regular applications of collaboration. So, we’ve created an environment that promotes growth. One that serves as a constant reminder of what we’re all about. Welcome to Meers. Philosophy Meers Advertising
  6. 6. Offers No. of Employees Advertising, brand message development, broadcast production, collateral production, direct marketing, graphic design, media planning/buying, point of sale, research/account planning, sales promotion, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web development 8 Annual Capitalized Billings $10 Million Meers Advertising  250 Richards Rd. Kansas City, MO meers.com
  7. 7. Meers Advertising Clientele (A to Z) Axcet HR Solutions Children ’ s Mercy Hospital Generali USA GSI Hosting Haake Insurance Habitat for Humanity Kansas City Hillcrest Bank Massage Therapy Training Institute McCownGordon Construction MHM Resources New Directions Behavioral Health Polsinelli Crazy Mountain Imports Union Station Kansas City Wink
  8. 8. Meers Advertising Outside
  9. 9. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink Philosophy Be collaborative. Be curious. Be Odd. Be Passionate. Be Critical. Be Smart. Be pure of heart.
  10. 10. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink  2000 Central Kansas City, MO wehatesheep.com Offers No. of Employees Other (field) offices Business to business, business to consumer, business to government, creative, media planning/buying, PR, etc. National 104 Annual Capitalized Billings $95 Million
  11. 11. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink Clientele (A to Z) American Sensory Baldwin Aviation Cargill Meat Solutions Cessna Caravan Cessna Citation Cessna Single-Engine Enturi Hinkle Elkouri Kansas Health Foundation Loveland Properties Pizza Hut Shatto Milk
  12. 12. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink Clientele (A to Z) Spirit Aerosystems Support Services Sutherlands ValuePlace Westar Energy
  13. 13. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink Inside and Out
  14. 14. Philosophy Barkley Every idea has an expiration date. Pour water into a glass and it takes the shape of a glass. Pour it into a pitcher and it takes the shape of the pitcher. Water can take any form, but it ユ s still water.Truly great ideas work this way. They are fluid. They seamlessly flow from one channel to another. When great ideas happen, the message and the medium become one. Now, that's what we call refreshing.
  15. 15. Barkley 300 National  1740 Main Street Kansas City, MO Annual Capitalized Billings $468 Million Advertising, cause branding, design, media planning & buying, motion graphics, public relations, relationship marketing, research and interactive marketing, sponsorships & events, barkleyus.com Offers No. of Employees Other (field) offices
  16. 16. Clientele (A to Z) 24 Hour Fitness Retail/Fitness American Jazz Museum Fine Arts Big O Tires, Inc. Retail/Automotive Service Products Blue Bunny Ice Cream Consumer Packaged Goods/Ice Cream Breast Cancer 3-Day Cause Marketing Build-A-Bear Workshop Retail/Entertainment Cellular One Telecommunications Eastman Kodak Company Consumer Photography Embarq Telecommunications Entertainment Industry Foundation Charitable/Non-profit Entertainment Properties Trust Real Estate Investment Services Family Violence Prevention Fund Charitable/Non-profit Barkley
  17. 17. FilmFest KC Fine Arts First National Bank Financial Services Florida Crystals Sugar Processor General Electric Financial Services Helzberg Diamonds Retail/Jewelry Hostess Consumer Packaged Goods/Snacks Kansas Lottery State Lottery Lee Jeans Retail/Fashion March of Dimes Charitable/Non-profit MGM Grand Entertainment Minute Rice Consumer Packaged Goods/Rice Mystery Books Retai l Clientele (A to Z) Barkley
  18. 18. Clientele (A to Z) NASCAR Entertainment/Professional Sports Original Juan Consumer Packaged Goods/Hot Sauce Red Blue Project Non-profit Political Shibuya Restaurant/Upscale Sonic Drive-In Restaurant/Quick-service Success Rice Consumer Packaged Goods/Rice The Coca-Cola Company Consumer Packaged Goods/Soft drinks UMB Financial Corporation Financial Services Barkley
  19. 19. Barkley Inside and Out
  20. 20. Philosophy Bernstein-Rein Be real.
  21. 21. Bernstein-Rein 350 National  4600 Madison Kansas City, MO Annual Capitalized Billings $564 Million Account planning, creative, database, digital imaging, direct, interactive, media, research, yellow pages bernstein-rein.com Offers No. of Employees Other (field) offices
  22. 22. Bernstein-Rein Clientele (A to Z) Bayer Animal Health Pet Care Beauty Brands Salon/Spa/Retail Superstore Blockbuster Video Rentable Home Entertainment Busch Entertainment Amusement and Theme Parks Capital One Financial Services Christopher Elbow Chocolates Artisinal Services Commerce Bank Financial Services Cook’s Ham Packaged Meat Dell Computer Technology Epic Wake Boats Boat Manufacturer Farmland Foods Processed Meats HealthFair Mobile Health Screening Interstate Bakeries Corporation Hostess Snack Cakes
  23. 23. Bernstein-Rein Clientele (A to Z) Janus Funds Financial Services Jarden Consumer Solutions Consumer Products Kansas City Zoo Travel/Tourism Kasil Denim Fashion Apparel McDonald’s Restaurant/Quick-service QC Holdings Consumer Financial Services Stiletto Brands Distilled Spirits SunCom Wireless Wireless Telephone Service T.Rowe Price Investment Management Ubisoft Video Game Publisher United Online Internet Service Provider USAA Military Financial Services
  24. 24. Bernstein-Rein Inside and Out
  25. 25. Philosophy Our focus is the development of innovative marketing solutions that best represent passion for the travel and hospitality industry. MMG Worldwide
  26. 26. MMG Worldwide  4601 Madison Kansas City, MO mmgworldwide.com Offers No. of Employees Other (field) offices Advertising, creative, customer relationship management, field marketing, production, public relations, research, strategic planning, web development National 100 Annual Capitalized Billings $100 Million
  27. 27. Philosophy Deliver integrated business solutions at the point where marketing and technology intersect. VML
  28. 28. VML  250 Richards Rd. Kansas City, MO vml.com Offers No. of Employees Other (field) offices Advertising, design, experience planning, marketing systems integration, media planning & buying, research, traditional and interactive marketing, technical development and implementation Global 400 Annual Capitalized Billings $170 Million
  29. 29. VML Clientele (A to Z) 360 Architecture Architectural Services Adidas Retail/Fashion AMC Theatres Entertainment/Food ATP Entertainment/Professional Sports Bluetooth Technology BP/Castrol Retail/Automotive Service Products Burger King Corporation Restaurant/Quick-service Colgate-Palmolive Consumer Packaged Goods/Health & Beauty Head for the Cure Charitable/Non-profit Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. Retail/Pet Intuit Financial Services Jarden Consumer Solutions Consumer Products
  30. 30. Clientele (A to Z) KCCVA Visitor and Convention Services Microsoft Communications/Entertainment/Technology Shure Technology Sprint Telecommunications Xerox Production/Corporate, Office and Print Yellow Transportation Automotive/Transportation VML
  31. 31. Inside and Out VML
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