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Catch's First inning in Social Media with a Brand New Web 2.0 engrossing Website with integrated Community Building Features covering Social, Web and Mobile.

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Catch digital

  1. 1. Catch Goes Digital
  2. 2. Campaign Objectiveü  Brand Humanization through Community building on Website & Social Media Platforms.ü  High Brand Recall through Constant Community Engagement.ü  Brand promotion through whispering in ear than shouting out loud.ü  Positioning catch as a distinguished Brand for the Smarter Race, and yet at low cost. ‘Taste mein awesome aur price bhi kam’ü  Promoting Catch Sprinklers as Dining essentials with campaigns like ‘Catch Sprinkle kiya kya?’
  3. 3. Catch’s Digital DestinationsW S M OWeb Social Mobile Offline
  4. 4. Web Website 3.0
  5. 5. Web Main Features Appearance ü  Uncluttered Homepage with App like tabs for Primary Navigation ü  All Company info Packed under one head ü  More Customer Centric than Company Centric Engagement ü  Integrated Community Building Kitchen Queen Club ü  Health, Beauty & Cooking Tips Flow. ü  Webinars with the chef on Recipes & Cooking ü  Real Time Social Plug-ins for a seamless integration of on page & off page activities ü  Picture & Video Gallery comprising of content from company & the community both. ü  Audio, Video & Text-cum-Picture Blogs Convenience ü  Facebook Login & a quick conventional sign up for members. ü  Easy & User Friendly Tour de Site Navigation. ü  Well Knit structure to increase the ATS (Average Time Spent)
  6. 6. Web User Experience ü  More User Focused ü  Convenient to navigate ü  Uncomplicated Sign Up ü  One sign up for all activities ü  Community Videos & Photos for unmatched Virality ü  Social Share Bar for quick Sharing ü  Relevant & Dynamic content
  7. 7. Web Kitchen Queen Club
  8. 8. Web KQC - Woman’s Paradise Key Features ü  Recipe Sharing with a user friendly Interface ü  ‘Comment’ & ‘Delicious’ Buttons to facilitate inter-community communication ü  Webinars with Expert Chef & Community ü  Chat archives (instead of Conventional FAQs) ü  Chef Grading (for excellent ego boost) ü  Recipe of the month- To be shared on all social platforms & Video of the same to feature on official YouTube Channel ü  Gift a Recipe- Miniature Packs of measured ingredients Gratification ü  Chef Grades- Chef :: Super Chef :: Master Chef ü  Recipe Episodes with Community Members ü  Webinar with ‘Kitchen Queen’ ü  Community Pictures & Videos
  9. 9. Web Integrated Networking
  10. 10. Web Health, Beauty & Cooking Tips Ticker
  11. 11. Web Website Key Deliverables ü  High Traffic on Website & related digital Destinations ü  Community Building through Engaging features ü  Snowball effect due to networking plug-Ins ü  High Brand Recall & Loyalty ü  High Brand Image due to contemporary look ü  Higher Brand dependability due to heritage showcase ü  High page rank & Search friendliness due to dynamic original Content ü  Excellent CRM
  12. 12. Web Online Reputation Management People are talking about Catch anyway online
  13. 13. Web SEO ü  40 Keyword Optimization ü  High Page Rank ü  Keywords-rich SEF URLs ü  Automatic Metadata Related ü  Sitemap (HTML & XML) Keywords ü  Tags for all components ü  Internal Links ü  On & Off Page optimization ü  250 ext. for 3rd party components ü  100% modular structure
  14. 14. Web PPC | Google AdWord ü  Relevant Critical Keywords can be bought ü  Auto optimizer option available with AdWord Low agency Cost PPC ü  Low Bidding Rate Campaign guaranteed ü  Unmatched Visibility ü  High precision Search
  15. 15. Social Social PlatformsProduct & Company Promotion Community Building & CRM High SEO Value Traffic on Main Website MicroSite Blogs Forums
  16. 16. Social Facebook Journey of the brand with key milestones KQ Club App Integration Tips Ticker on Facebook with the page Product Showcase Social Media Integration
  17. 17. Social Key Engagement Ideas ü  Recipes received on website will be shared on Facebook page as well with the name of person who has submitted ü  Health, Beauty & Cooking Tips in the form of Picture to be shared everyday. ü  Nostalgia triggering Images & Moments ü  Gift A Recipe : Where the whole recipe will be packed in miniature packs in the measured quantity and will be packed in a box ü  Food Trolls ü  ‘Zara sa Catch moments’ Crowdsourced by the community ü  Contests Like Kitchen Queen can be run on Facebook & can be integrated with the website as well ü  Fashion & Smart Homemaking Tips ü  Content from other Social Media Platforms can be replicated
  18. 18. Social Parallel Facebook Page on Sprinkler
  19. 19. Social Key Features ü  Page will not be named after the Product and will be a Named like ‘Smart Women, Smart Choices’ or ‘Dine in Style’ ü  Page will be made in order to build a community who fall in the precise TG of Catch Sprinklers ü  Page will largely talk about the smart cooking/dining/homemaking rather than the product, product will be subtly promoted ü  Page will be integrated with an app to enhance awareness about the product ü  Page will have its own Distinct MICROSITE to support the campaign
  20. 20. Social App For Sprinkler Page App Will seek Permission from the user to post on their behalf & will trigger a Viral effect for the page
  21. 21. Twitter
  22. 22. Key Engagement Ideasü  Health, Beauty & Cooking Tips to be Shared with relevant Hashtagsü  Food One Liners & Quotesü  Retweeting the influencers’ Tweetsü  URLs of Blogs & Various other components of website & actvities on other social media platforms can be sharedü  Live Tweets during the key Television Shows about food & cookingü  Conversations with Influencers with a Common Hashtag
  23. 23. LinkedIn
  24. 24. Social Kitchen Tips for Working Women ü  Smart Cooking tips ü  Dedicated Blogs on Cooking for working women ü  Group on ‘Cooking made easy’ To form a community & Promote products ü  Links of One minute Recipes Video to be posted on LinkedIn ü  Webinar with Chef can be arranged every week for working women ü  Health & beauty tips for the busy lot ü  Microwave Based recipes can be shared
  25. 25. Social YouTube
  26. 26. Social Video Based Content ü  One Minute Recipe/Cooking Gigs ü  Interviews with Chef & Easy to make Dishes ü  A YouTube Episode can be shot FortNightly with the winner of Kitchen Queen Winner ü  Archived TVCs can be published ü  Journey of Catch in a Video ü  Motion Graphic Video to showcase product range of Catch ü  Video of Catch’s LTG technology to show USP of catch in the form of Video. ü  Video of Production Unit to show the Hygiene exercised in Grinding Spices
  27. 27. Social Pinterest
  28. 28. Social Pinterest- Heaven for Women ü  Various Boards Like Recipes, Products, Saviour, Dining in style, Cook easy etc can be created ü  Pinning Pictures of Recipes, Ingredients, Products, Cookware, Tips etc. ü  Repinning the pins of influencers ü  Integration with facebook & website ü  Photo-Blogging
  29. 29. Social Google +
  30. 30. Social Be Seen ü  Regular Updates Replicated from other Social Media Networks ü  Influencers can be added in the Circles ü  Hangouts with the chef ü  Hangout with the winner of Kitchen queen Contest
  31. 31. Mobile Mobile- The Next Big Thing ü  Mobile Website to be created ü  Auto redirect to ü  Will be Mobile & Tablet Friendly ü  Lightening Speed Loading of the website
  32. 32. Mobile Mobile App ü  App to carry all the functionalities as the main website ü  App will Have all the integrated social plugIns to enhance social interaction ü  App will work as a platform to promote products ü  App can be updated according the the varying Digital Strategy ü  App can be used to advertise new TVCs or Any other Campaign
  33. 33. Mobile Mobile Banner Ads ü  Media Planning to be done for mobile Banner Ads ü  Motion Canvas Ads can be created ü  Women Centric Ads to be Targeted ü  Ads to redirect to M site of Catch ü  Easy to buy Mobile Media is the Future of Digital Advertisement
  34. 34. Outdoor Guerilla Marketing ü  Guerilla Marketing to help Catch Stand unique in the crowd of Conventional Branding at Low cost ü  Important to Announce Digital Media Entry
  35. 35. Outdoor Tweetathons in Kitty ü  Social Media integration can be kicked start in the most unique way ü  High Adrenaline marketing result in the most lasting Brand Recall
  36. 36. Forums | Blogs | Q&Aü  Participation in various relevant forums and seedings can boost the traffic both on website as well as microsite.ü  Blogs can be instrumental in the making the campaign viral as blogs are accepted as the most preferred tool for content marketing.ü  Planting Questions and answering at Yahoo answers and Wiki Answers is the fastest way to get noticed amongst the netizensü  Threads related to food & nutrition and healthy eating habits can be started and third party seeding can be done to facilitate conversation amongst members.ü  Video Blogs by chefs can get viral easily
  37. 37. How We Manage Your Campaign Sentiment Analysis Brand Audit Develop StrategyEdit or Revise Strategy (if needed) Seek ApprovalExecute Strategy Monitor & Moderate Insight Reports & Feedback
  38. 38. How it Works! Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step FiveGet your Brand Choose the right Opt for a 15 days Kick start your Get Monthly Scan and Package or get Pilot Project* Digital Media insights on Sentiment one designed Marketing progress and Analysis Done & exclusively for Campaign Enjoy watching Get a complete you your Business report grow.
  39. 39. Bird’s Eye View of Client’s Experience
  40. 40. What Goes in Delivering a Campaign
  41. 41. Preferred Tools in our Kit Analysis l Management l Monitoring
  42. 42. Dedicated team of Content Writers, Social Media Strategists, Graphic Designer, Web Developers, Video Editors & Moderators to look after your campaign24x7x365 monitoring to keep you stay Up & Live alwaysAmazingly Functional Ecosystem of Training & Client ServicingSavings cost of Hiring & Training, Outsource at 10% priceDetailed Monthly insights & Reports on ProgressUse of Ultra Sophisticated Web tools to manage Online Reputation & Digital Campaigns Save Time for your core business & leave your CRM on us!Dedicated personalised Client support & coordination.
  43. 43. Somesh Jagga Business Head- Client Servicing & Training +91 99110 32000 l Buzzooka InfoMedia Private Limited#402 Jackson Crown Heights Crowne Plaza Rohini Delhi-85 |