To explore the possibilities of take over of [autosaved]


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  • We need to find existing customer of home loan from other banks and switch them to SBI and also find potent customer for SBI.
  • It has been observed that approximately 47% correspondents are using the service of SBI for their daily transaction, around 33.5% of people are using the services of other PSUs (Mainly Bank of Baroda, PNB, Vijaya Bank, Corporation Bank) for their transaction and 17% of people are using HDFC, ICICI & other Private Bank service respectively in Lucknow. Only 1.5%people uses foreign banks.We can say that around 62% customers in Lucknow have the idea about the Home loan of SBI they know about the all current offers of in HOME LOANs, the rest 38% either don’t have the idea or they are not very much clear about the product they are using. In this 38% most of the people are from typically small shopkeeper and some govt. employee and Farmers.
  • According to my sample size 85% of people prefer SBI for loan product, but some people prefer ICICI, HDFC or OTHER Bank for loan because they are working with that bank & it is easier for them to get loan from their bank & it easier for them to pay the interest because it is less as compare to other bank because they are the employee of that bank.
  • From this it is clear that the service provide by SBI in its advance product is good in between the customer. All of them satisfy with the product provide by SBI. 55% of people said that the service provide by SBI is good & 43% said it is excellent & just 2% of people said that it is satisfactoryMost of the people like the attractive interest rate & longer repayment period. It’s easier for people to repay the whole loan amount with its interest with low interest rate and with longer repayment period.
  • Like during the time of Deepawali there is certain discount available in the processing fee but very few aware of thatLike phone verification by customer care that one customer is got their loan on time or not .It must be before a certain date so necessary steps can be taken.
  • To explore the possibilities of take over of [autosaved]

    1. 1. To explore possibilities of Take-over of Housing Loans at Lucknow Presented BySomendra Singh MBA-Marketing
    2. 2. Overview • State Bank of India was constituted on 1 July 1955. • It has 61.5% share of Central Govt. and work as Public sector Bank. • It has more than 15000 branch network and highest number of ATMs in all over India. • SBI has 14 directors who is headed by Chairman, currently Arundhati Bhattachhrya is the chairman of SBI. • Key Operations state Bank of India Corporate Bank National Bank Intertational Bank Treasury Operation Associate & Subsidiaries
    3. 3. Overview of Report Company State Bank of India Title of the report Find the possibilities of Take over of home loan in Lucknow Sector Financial Sector Industry Housing Finance Industry Location of the Summer Training Lucknow Region selected for Summer Training Dainik Jagaran Chauraha, Jopling Road, Rajendra Nagar, Indra Ngar and some other parts Target customer Families living in apartments Duration 8 Weeks
    4. 4. Objectives Primary Objective  First and foremost objective is to explore the possibilities of Housing loans in Lucknow  Generating leads of home loans from collected information through survey forms  Switch other bank’s Home Loan customer to the State Bank of India
    5. 5. Secondary Objectives  To place SBI Advance Product ahead of the competitors  To maintain good relationship with old customer and try to find out their satisfaction level  To know the competitor’s market share in Lucknow.  To know what kind of services competitor gives to their customers.  To make the customer aware of the benefits of the product and convince him to go for SBI Advance Product.
    6. 6. Research Methodology Sample Size :- Sample of 200 people was taken into study, and their data was collected. Sampling Technique :- To study the Project, convenience Sampling technique is used. Data Sources :1) Primary Data Sources :- data collected by visiting individual and apartments 2) Secondary Data Sources :- sells information Data real estate firm and data of loan of Maruti Suzuki.
    7. 7. Method :- Data is collected through questionnaire method, and personal interviewing and through calling. Statistical tools used for analysis :- Tools like percentage, ranking, averages etc. and after that data is represented graphically for further analysis.
    8. 8. Analysis of Data
    9. 9. Sales Customer’s dependence on SBI for their regular transaction CAN'T SAY 10% State Bank of India Other PSUs Any private Bank NO 28% YES 62% Customer’s awareness towards SBI various products Foreign Bank
    10. 10. Sales OTHER HDFC Customer’s preference for taking Loan in Lucknow 1% 2% ICICI 12% SBI 85% 0% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Sales [CATEGORY NAME] Nearby branch 10% Newspaper Medium through which customer get to know about the SBI Home Loan Services Holdings Electronic media 90%
    11. 11. 7% 4% 37% Customer ‘s perception towards the availing of services in SBI FEATURES LIKE BY CUSTOMER 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 52% Dissatisfactory Moderate Satisfactory Delighted Features like most by customers in Loan segments of SBI
    12. 12. Recommendations  Customer awareness program is required so that more people should attract towards advance product.  If there are any kind of hidden charges than that must disclose to customer before giving loan to them.  SBI must take some steps so that customers can get their loan in time.  Before deducting or charging any monetary charge SBI must consult with customer.  SBI should more focus on Retaining existing customers. and cross selling of the product.  SBI must take feedbacks of customers regarding features & services.  Agents/ Employees should be trained, well educated & proper trained to convince the people about different advance product.
    13. 13. Conclusion  From the analysis part it can be concluded that SBI has very good faith among customer and for any type of loan customer first prefer SBI and after getting – ve answer they switch to the other bank.  Heavy documentation and poor service are two big issue for SBI.  Most of the people are ready for the switch if SBI avail them better services.  SBI don’t provide loan for the property of society and also don’t customized their product.